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  1. I faced the same issue. Tried CITI, ICICI, AMEX, HDFC. All failed. Ended up buying Gold for 749 directly. Not bad regardless.
  2. Campaign progress counts for everybody, not just the host The lobby shows the cumulative progress of everybody in the fireteam, meaning, you can switch on modifiers someone else in your fireteam has but you don't. This applies to almost everything from missions to collectibles etc. Getting into and out of co-op is seamless -- co-op progress counts towards SP as even when you're in co-op the story plays out like you're playing alone They've submitted the preview build for review and it should be available today/tomorrow/soon.
  3. Plus, it's done much better (technically speaking) that all other Halos before it. There will definitely be some cons to the approach they've taken but it's mostly looking great. Kudos, 343!
  4. I think he meant average in terms of skill, not game collection.
  5. Nope. I quite enjoyed that video. Have already seen it. Plus, I already understand the ranking system since I play the game occasionally. Which reminds me that this has already been fixed but I guess that's not important for you as you only deal in half-truths. So, my point still stands. If you knew right from wrong, nobody would have to deal with the sh*t you dole out on a daily basis. Next time you want people to read an article, do them the courtesy of actually posting (at the very least) a link to the article and not to some random's tweet.
  6. It is bait because you didn't actually post a link to the article but instead you posted a random tweet. Your intention is quite obvious. Also, not sure if you've been sleeping or not but this has already been discussed before.
  7. And your reason for posting a random tweet for a quote from an article (more than) half a year old? The article is titled "How Microsoft’s Halo Infinite Went From Disaster to Triumph". If this tweet isn't bait, not sure what is.
  8. Yes, they both require semiconductor. Reasons... More demand for PS5 More supply for XSX|S
  9. Why don't you take your own advice that you keep dishing out in every page? You didn't like Redfall in the games thread, yet decided to post the exact same sh*t in the VS thread just to cause a stir. When people reacted, you started playing the victim card and asked them to move on. Either you move on yourself or stop asking others to do it.
  10. I doubt it. There's been no mention of it AFAIK.
  11. Optic is sooo good yet they end up choking on LAN.
  12. Honestly, it looks pretty interesting if you have friends to play with. Co-op looks damn fun!
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