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  1. Says more about you that the rest of us. Most of us can manage work and play -- can't say the same for you I guess.
  2. Ever wonder why IVG is slow and where your comments get lost when you hit Submit Reply? Well here's your answer. They end up in the black hole only to emerge years later.
  3. Are you implying that people who play/finish games like Starfield don't have jobs/responsibilities? Or don't work as hard as someone like Cory? Man, way to assume such stupid sh*t. We're all busy in our own ways and yet some of us do find the time to finish games regardless. Your designation/position in the company doesn't determine how much free time you have. I, personally, might not finish Starfield but that doesn't mean that someone much busier than me in their work life can't. It's about priorities and passion.
  4. It is, indeed. Player haemorrhaging is mostly a result of slow updates and lack of content. The core experience is top notch though -- the gameplay is beautiful. Personally, (maps aside) Infinite is the best MP experience out of all the Halos till date.
  5. Both H5 and Infinite have one of the best multiplayers of any Halo. Not sure why you would judge the MC score based on just the SP...
  6. Same. Doesn't compare to the original but still liked it a lot.
  7. It's a fire and forget approach that offloads this process and let's you forget that you need to pre-load the game in the first place. It's immensely helpful for me since I've never had to pre-load games I care about and they're always available to play on launch day. It's akin to a bot which auto-adds PS5/XSX to your cart.
  8. Fair enough. Ignorant question then considering a Lead Character Artist would know way more about game development than any of use laymen regardless of whether they're a "dev" or not. I'm not trying to be condescending here (sorry if it came across like that) but you're not alone. A lot of people take "developers" in the literal sense of it.
  9. No offence but that's a pretty ignorant statement to make. Developer is a very general term and generally refers to everyone that's involved in developing the game. Not just the programmers. This.
  10. Senior Games Analyst Jokes aside, @SaiKO how much impact do you think will something like UE5 have in terms of speedy development?
  11. Sure, post it in the Xbox thread, no problem. But I guess the reason @Krazyniks called him out is because he's been crapping all the threads with his BS. Just look at his random post on the top of the last page itself - this was after he was already "warned" in some other thread. And it's only happening 'cause the VS thread is locked. PS - I'm personally not against (negative) posts which are related to the topic.
  12. Yep, I was about to post the same thing yesterday. Even after being told to f**k off from the thread on account of it not being the VS thread, he continued to sh*t elsewhere. Can't blame him though; diarrhea does tend to spill everywhere.
  13. Probably because you're new to it. You'll get used to it in time and eventually realise that it's more intuitive that it feels at the moment.
  14. Love it! Easily the most fun weapon. It's comparatively easier to use though.
  15. Like @BK__317 said, Fortnite achieves high FPS on UE5 because it's a port and doesn't use any notable features that make up UE5. Sure, but what's the point of speculation? Currently, we can only talk about the present state of UE5 and that was my point. With some compromises devs can maybe probably get to 60fps right now but 120fps is far-fetched.
  16. UE5 is indeed very taxing. Getting 60fps on console is looking to be a task right now, let alone 120fps. Of course, devs could turn off things like Lumen to reduce the burden However, for high frame rates, devs may need to look elsewhere.
  17. There is no logic in subjectivity. I have the XSX but I've never, even once, played with RT on. Why? I don't care about it outside of DF videos. I'd rather play on a higher FPS. The thing with humans is that every one of them has their preference. You may not think the XSS is nextgen, someone else may think it is -- to each his own.
  18. Someone please change his title to "Mr. Neutral".
  19. You're only unbiased if you call out both sides and we all know your expertise in that area.
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