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  1. I finished RDR2 (GamePass) on the last day. I underestimated how long the game would be.

    Forza Motorsport

    I was a bit skeptical when they said that. Are you sure they didn't mean for replay or something?
  3. Lol, can you be more condescending with your statements.
  4. Yep. Shows you how desperate these hardcore fanboys can be. From petitions to questioning relationships.
  5. Same thoughts. Story was pretty meh but Kojima knows how to do gameplay!
  6. Yep. For me, that was the true showstopper! Can't wait to play it on GP.
  7. I don't know man. I really enjoyed it. But then I also think Deathloop looks amazing so...
  8. That or I'd put my money on something like Crackdown but actually good because.
  9. For some titles, it did say Xbox One at the end so maybe that was an indication? No idea though.
  10. I doubt every game there will make the cut for 12 months. It is what it is, I guess.
  11. "Sample size is small" is an understatement. Dude, all I was trying to say there is that these polls are stupid AF. Applying the same logic, everybody in my sample size is 100% vaccinated which is also not accurate. You could be right or wrong but that poll is pretty useless.
  12. It says 25 voters. Wut? I personally know more than 25 people living in the US (friends and relatives) and they're all vaccinated and boosted.
  13. TRMNTR


  14. Yeah, that's what I'm looking to forward to the most. Really hope they show some gameplay.
  15. I have completed it. It's tough AF but I absolutely loved it!
  16. I don't really get the arguments here. It's as simple as this: This looks like a really well done remake but they shouldn't have charged full price for it.
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