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  1. Even though I'm currently a Samsung user, I swear by OnePlus. I've owned most of their phones and they've never given me any major issues. If you ask me, 1+ still makes the best Android phones.
  2. I have too much respect for my car and the bikers to do anything like this. I'd probably just spout something colorful and be on my way in a non-road-rashy way.
  3. Fat pigeons might be pregnant. Have some heart.
  4. Jokes apart, the pigeons in my area must have diarrhea because my balcony is always filled with sh*t.
  5. Do they usually do such long demos? I'm expecting a shorter demo with a post-event show with more gameplay and deep dive.
  6. They did something similar last time as well I think? But nice!

    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah, not even sure what that is supposed to mean. NG plays perfectly well on the XSX controller. I mean, I'm curious to know which gamer is thinking, "Damn, if I had a different controller, I'd enjoy this game more."
  8. f**k off! I'll take ES over AH any day! Edit: Oh wait, I see what you did there.
  9. CC posted a warning in the thread; you can keep using the original thread. Plus, there's no guarantee that the new thread won't turn into something similar so why have two threads to begin with? If you don't think people are following the rules of the said thread, report them maybe?
  10. True. Delays are inevitable regardless of the parent company but when it comes to MS, they f**k up more than anyone else. Their processes aren't as tight as Sony/Nintendo. They need to make gigantic improvements before they get there.
  11. That as well, yeah. I was hoping more for a Fable remake but whatever.
  12. Let me just check the crystal ball. :| Nobody really knows. They've managed to keep the details to themselves this time around. Maybe Scorn?
  13. The first time I played it, it was on the OG Xbox. The game was so hard and frustrating that I ended up breaking the disc. I bought it during the pandemic and boy is it still the same. Thanks to digital, I can't break this once. Having said that, it's such a good game! Also, soooo long! I've played through the majority of it but still have to finish it. I was playing it on one of the harder levels though. Don't know why I didn't just drop the difficulty this time around.
  14. "Xbox Xbox Xbox...sexbox sexbox sexbox...games"
  15. I'm not sure what it is about this game but I'm really looking forward to it. I really hope it's good.
  16. Without the original source code, I'd assume it's impossible to remake/remaster anything at all.
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