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  1. Finally here, outer box is bit banged up but to be expected I guess Will set it up later
  2. Well, a friend also ordered from him and he shipped his bundle in the evening. I don't think he got the stock he initially hoped for, he will probably cancel my order tomorrow
  3. Candy was quoting 63k for only VR headset initially, that's why I contacted Kishor. Aaj he dropped the price, agar kal nahi karta to I'll contact Candy. I transferred 12.5k only. And, I didn't know about him not being able to meet the deadline. Otherwise, doosri jageh se kar deta. Not worried about getting scammed, I have a cousin who knows him well. Just frustrated ki abhi tak headset nahi mila, I had couple of days free iss week me.
  4. Very frustrating experience dealing with Kishor Games. Initially promised delivery over the weekend, then shifted to Tuesday. Didn't respond to my call/texts today, had to ask a cousin to get in touch with him to get an update. Now, he is saying he'll ship by tomorrow evening, if not he'll refund. Pehle bata deta to I'd have ordered from someplace else
  5. Ye to nahi pata, I'll have to see. But bana lenge, itni kaun si badi baat hai
  6. I know but it explains the discrepancy in pricing. Iska reasoning de rah tha aur kucch nahi
  7. Isiliye I bought, India me 60k ke niche nahi launch hoga Oh and there was room too for negotiations. He got down to 62k, but it had to be shipped. If you are picking up locally 61k tak maan jayega
  8. 62.5 shipped to Allahabad Yes, I got the bundle only I asked Kishor and he is importing from Australia, hence cheaper. Candy is importing from Dubai
  9. It is not Kishor Games, someone else named Candy in that WhatsApp group
  10. Yeah, few resellers are offering imported VR2 headset from Dubai. I got in touch with one who'll ship on Friday Very tempted as pricing is reasonable considering it cost $550
  11. Gna doesn't have as wide a moveset as Sigrun had, more so aerially as Sigrun had a lot of them. Maybe it is recency bias but I think Gna on GMGOW was harder than Sigrun on GMGOW, in fact towards the final phase of her fight she moved and chained attacks as Sigrun was doing in NG+. Can't even imagine what she will be like on NG+ in this game. What'd be interesting if someone beat Gna first and then fought Sigrun for the first time, who'd they find tougher. Gna seems easier because we've been accustomed to many of Sigrun moves, but she was still pretty hard on GMGOW. Took me time to find the right build for her. King seemed much easier for me, I hope you fight both of them in GMGOW next
  12. I degened two weekends in a row, almost got in 45 hours on them
  13. Wait till you fight the Queen, King asaan lagne lagega Aaj mai share karunga the way I died to Queen last night, such BS with less than 1% HP left on her. Gonna try again today to get her down and secure that platinum.
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