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  1. Kushagra

    Death Stranding

    Link please? I might save it for future buys.
  2. Kushagra

    Death Stranding

    400 and yeah that's the vibe I am getting from them. They shipped the game today but of course it's not through express delivery so no DS for me at the weekend. I'm pissed but a valuable lesson learned.
  3. Kushagra

    Death Stranding

    Amazon still haven't shipped it, bunch of wankers Looks like I'm ordering everything from GTS from here on even if that means losing out on some discounts.
  4. Kushagra

    Death Stranding

    Thanks for the laughs but it still sucks to not play it on release date/a day later despite pre-ordering! I actually got it for 3.6k from Amazon as they were running some promo tied to a bank. Not sure if I should cancel it now and place it from GTS instead? I can't quite recall if it was them who ship it a day or 2 before release date.
  5. Kushagra

    Death Stranding

    My most anticipated title of the year and it sucks that companies STILL don't ship pre-ordered games before release date here. I hope to get it by weekend but Amazon shows expected delivery date between 9-11 Nov
  6. Is there anyway to buy Astro A40 TR in India without paying an exorbitant price? Websites who ship from US to India are quoting me 31k for a $250 product!
  7. This set is going into my parents room, considering they watch so much of cable. I worry Colors logo will be permanently burned in an OLED TV in a couple of years time. I went through my Q7FN order, should arrive in next 4-5 days!
  8. https://paytmmall.com/samsung-139-7-cm-55-inch-55q7fn-4k-ultra-hd-qled-smart-tv-LARSAMSUNG-139-APPL2120866EA04103-pdp?product_id=237663007&src=search-grid&sid=7f4a9196-3c88-43d3-9800-f22c5717d60f&cid=24843&tracker=organic|24843|samsung q7fn|grid|Search_experimentName%3Dnew_ranking||2|new_ranking&get_review_id=236218279&site_id=2&child_site_id=6 Been eying this TV for a while, should I take the plunge? Total cost is coming at 1.23L. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Forgive me if this has already been answered before but how do I use HDFC CC/DC on Amazon. I mean will the discount be instantaneous at checkout or will I get a cashback few days down the line?
  10. Ebay would spam me non-stop with their coupons, now that after a while I need one to work. Nothing works, typical
  11. Kushagra

    FIFA 18

    Shifted 6 Ox's for 3k since yesterday, pretty happy with that. Quite boring this way to trade though, requires a lot of patience and time to re-list them. Wonder if I should invest in couple of IF Fellainis? Going for 50k right now, surely he'll go up once out of packs? IF Kane price has also dropped a lot, going for 245k right now. Tempted to pick him up. EDIT: Bought 1 for 240k, hopefully this doesn't backfire
  12. Kushagra

    FIFA 18

    Thanks guys, I made a mistake of buying 12 Cahill, Coleman and Ox yesterday. Coleman and Ox didn't shift at all, whereas I was able to shift 3 Cahills for 8.5k after multiple re-lists. Clearly the key is finding out which players sell, will try again today and see how it goes.
  13. Kushagra

    FIFA 18

    This is always posted in FIFA threads but I don't understand why it doesn't work for me. The guide says buy at least 12 of the same card and list them all at double price, whereas few pages later folks are saying buy a 1 card of different players and list them at double price.
  14. Kushagra

    FIFA 18

    For f**k's sake, last year I bought it off Amazon and they had a huge mess up while Flipkart delivered on time. This time I order from FK and now this happens. Also bought it during the sale at a discounted price, urgh!
  15. Kushagra

    FIFA 18

    So, I got a temporary ban for trading on Web App yesterday. Didn't do anything except do some SBCs and traded bunch of lower rated Golds, any idea how long this ban will last?
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