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  1. BC, this Nidec fan on my PS5 is doing my head in. It has gotten louder. With winters and no fan running, it's audible during quieter moments in-game. Takes you out of experience. Soch raha hu fan tod ke bhej du replacement ke liye, but agar fir se Nidec wala replacement PS5 mil gaya tab kat jayega
  2. I already placed an order for them, now looking for this smart charger. If it's in stock anywhere.
  3. They only deliver bhaajis and biscuits to my area, no electronic stuff
  4. Bc, Big Basket don't deliver to my area. Gazab chutiyapa hai
  5. Which one, first or 2nd? First one is not available in India. I can order Smart one via Bigbasket, just hope it's legit. Eneloops Pro are already ordered via Amazon
  6. There's also this https://www.panasonic.com/my/consumer/battery-torchlight/battery/rechargeable-battery/k-kj55hcc40m.specs.html Pro charger, but not sure, if I can find it anywhere. Smart&quick charger is OOS on Amazon. Found it on Bigbasket of all places https://www.bigbasket.com/pd/40217150/panasonic-smart-quick-charger-1-pc/ Is this legit?
  7. Oh man, I was looking for these. Eneloop charger, that is. I found the pro batteries but not the charger. I take it, there is no pro charger? It's terrible, genuinely feels it's from a gen ago. It's not about HDR or IQ tbh, it's more that it looks VERY cluttered. Everything in tiles, and no variation between separate groups for example, games/store/settings. It looks like menu from Windows 8 and that's not a good thing. It's also a lot slower to manoeuver, compared to PS5. I don't like UIs which put everything together.
  8. Well, it finally arrived today. I was being paranoid for no reason, status updated early in the morning. And, I went to the main office to pick it up. Early impressions 1. Build quality is excellent across the board, console is very small and whisper quiet 2. Controller hasn't changed much, but it feels small compared to Dualsense. This will take getting used to, as PlayStation controllers always felt small compared to Xbox 3. Setup was a breeze via mobile, it got up and running within a minute 4. UI is quite bad, legit feels like its years behind. Outputs at 1080p too 5. Download speeds via Wi-fi were terrible, basically 0.5% of my network capacity. Had to dig out a LAN cable, it's a lot better but no where near to maxing out 6. Batteries on a controller in 2021. Legit searched the box for few minutes, trying to find a USB cable till I realized play and charge kit is extra. Annoying Overall, happy to have gotten the console. Now, I don't have to constantly search if it's in stock or not. A pic of the console as always!
  9. I did, paid 4k extra but it's not too bad. You should find a buyer soon. I'll DM a friend, he was looking for one. If he doesn't have one by now, he can pick it up. I actually picked it up myself in the morning!
  10. Well, the scalper only received Xbox on Thursday, as delivery was delayed from FK end. So, game got shipped early (and separately) The packaging etc. looked solid from pics, I'm just hoping it starts moving or I get some sort of status update by tomorrow. I am excited, yes. But, I thought I'd get it by this weekend and would be able to play for a bit. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Although, I'd just take it arriving here right now lol
  11. From Delhi hub to Kanpur hub, this was last updated on Friday 11:00 PM. I cannot create a ticket, because I get an automated response that "Estimated delivery is on track" and it just shares last status which I already know. Customer Care only work from Monday to Saturday, so out of luck there as well. Hoping that is the case personally, but I am quite anxious about this whole ordeal. Here are pics of updates, first one is for Xbox, the second one is for Deathloop which I ordered from same person.
  12. So, my Xbox was finally shipped on Thursday 14th Oct. Scalper shared the picture of Xbox, later packaging, with label and all. But, the transit updates have stopped since evening of 15th. It's been now almost 48 hours since last update, and I am panicking a bit. I bought Deathloop off the same guy, and by this time, it was already delivered. Both were shipped via DTDC, from same place to same address. I also paid extra for air shipping, so it reaches on time, but right now, I'm wondering if the 54k I spent are goosed. Long long way back, a RAM module I ordered was misplaced via DTDC, and I seem to remember transit updates going AWOL mid-way through that as well. This feeling of having the money in a hole absolutely sucks
  13. Kushagra

    FIFA 22

    To not have cross-play with cross-gen consoles was a bad idea Match making is really slow, and this is on weekend. I need one win to make it to Div 5 and no matches found for last 30 mins Can't even imagine what it'll be like in higher divisions, since they'll be even less populated
  14. Thank you. I think issue might be at their end. But, Rush said he could buy so it's confusing. Anyways, good that direct subscription worked. Almost 3 years of GP for that price is crazy, I paid almost 6k for FIFA 22 alone this year!
  15. I just kept subscribing to them one by one, and they all went through. Don't know why gift card start giving error after first time. Well, finally it worked. 32 months of Game Pass Ultimate for ~Rs.2400! Now, I just gotta patiently wait for console to arrive
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