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  1. Will this get a physical release here?
  2. So what's the cheapest way to get GP sub? Mine is up in June
  3. Cancel it now bro. What a waste of time, f**k Sony India.
  4. SM upgrade was $20, hence 1000. But I seem to remember paying 700 for DS Directors Cut upgrade. That was $10.
  5. No brother, keep waiting I'll buy and play the game in mean time, but want the Collectors regardless even if they take more time
  6. Itna incompetence dekh ke kucch government ke departments sharma jaye. I still hold hope it arrives, but andar se feeling aa rahi katega ganda
  7. Australia are safe. NZ ka mushkil hai because their game is likely gonna be washed out, meaning if Pakistan beat England it's them in the semis... Mujeeb ne sab gadbad kar dia aaj catch chor ke, or Afghanistan had a shot
  8. Hunting for older models is pretty hard, searched for last year OLEDs from Sony/LG/Samsung in Gurgaon and it was pretty hard to find. Finally settled for Samsung S90C at 1.52L for 65", paid 17k for 2 years additional warranty too. Bought from Vijay Sales.
  9. Collectors ship hua kya bhai kisi ka Amazon se
  10. IVG bros coming through once again I can finally stop looking for one!
  11. Which Adidas stores are offering printing, this one looks same as official font on players jersey. I saw few which are being sold on fancode and the font/size is not the same as yours.
  12. There is a group who play, some of them are in my list but they haven't responded there or here. So, I guess it's a closed group!
  13. Bro please, I've been looking for this for months now
  14. Koi khelta hai ki sab Ultimate team wale hai yaha pe bhi? I am interested if anyone has a spot open!
  15. Kiske kiske book hue tickets aaj ki sale me
  16. 3k tha, it is ~35% hike across the board. I don't think ek saal bhi hua hai since they brought out tiered subs, and that in itself raised the price by 40%. Gazab loot hai.
  17. agar random hike ho gayi 12 baje ke baad to gadar mach jayega I have some money in the wallet extend karne ke liye, but ab gamble hi karunga ki na badhe aur aage discount pe extend kar lu
  18. Katega lag raha isme bhi
  19. At least, 35-40% price hike hai to it should reflect here as well. Best thing to do is hunt for PSN Wallet ~10% discount and renew for 2 years at 9k. Isse kam to nahi hi milega. Even next year pe jab sale aayegi for 25% tab bhi 5k se upar padega with new pricing.
  20. Base game is 5.9k on PSN, such a shame!
  21. I hope I'm able to get Collectors. Let's hope there's a restock again!
  22. Do you mean Collectors, or Special Edition Console? Because, former is OOS everywhere and for latter (including covers/controllers) Sony India haven't updated the retailers yet.
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