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  1. yes, not cancelling either one for now. Will cancel FK order if I get Disc version from amazon tomorrow.
  2. no, this is all that I can see in order details. https://imgur.com/a/y1IqSnn If I click on product itself, it says page not available. I guess it is disc edition as I can see disc tray in thumbnail.
  3. Guys, I've somehow got extra lucky and managed to grab digital edition from FK and another one from amazon. There was no mention of digital or disc edition in amazon product details. The seller is Electronics Bazaar Store and price was 49,990. The product page is not available anymore. Just want to confirm if this is disc edition so that I can cancel FK order. Can someone please confirm this. Also, looks like e2zstore still have some stock left for anyone interested: https://e2zstore.com/category/playstation-console/
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