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  1. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Everything is skippable. Just press start and skip. You can unload cargo, recycle stuff, go to private room, do your things and get out in few seconds by just spamming start->skip. Also you can hit R3 to switch shoulder view. I use view over left shoulder when passing through BT area.
  2. The review embargo lifts exactly on the dot when the game unlocks in US, which is the last country to unlock it. Aus/Japan would be halfway through the game by the time reviews come out. EA said its because of spoilers and totally not because of the fear of low scores, and now we have crap ton of spoilers leaking on reddit
  3. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Thanks for the heart attack, random HZD fan.
  4. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    Whisper used to be so good, a true Godkiller weapon. Its one of the saddest nerfs in Destiny history, makes that amazing dungeon totally irrelevant.
  5. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    But look what I found And what I did :p
  6. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Blink and you'll miss it in the shower scene.
  7. Its definitely not going to be 7 hours short.
  8. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    She actually does, both T&A. What do you think this is some low flying western game?
  9. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    Izanagi cat isn't necessary though. You get plenty of DPS with just base weapon. Plus it has one huge advantage over Whisper, it uses special ammo instead of heavy. And you almost never run out of special ammo in current meta.
  10. That's not true, I've used it at least twice now. And again last month it offered me 50rs for one month.
  11. Someone on reddit has the game and they say it could be 20+ hours.
  12. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    17 hrs and still in chapter 3 unlocking sh*t. The game must've thrown like a dozen gadgets, upgrades and weapons in this chapter. And there's like what, 13-14 chapters? How did people finish this in under 40 hours?
  13. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Yeah it starts going into Metal Gear category in chapter 3.
  14. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    BTs ate my trike :/ But you'll get one again later, plus the ability to craft your own anywhere.
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