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  1. The OG Gamecube version is genuinely a hard game. They lowered the difficulty for later ports, but still it is one of the first games to have dynamic difficulty, and it always swung opposite and not in favor of the player.
  2. I want that jacket but its $1500
  3. This is why competition is good. Once MS buys T2 and EA, you might even see free cloud saves on PS.
  4. Exactly my thought. The movies he lists at 1:10, you can now add JW4 to it. The goose bump adrenaline rush I had was like watching the first chase scene in Fury Road 8 years ago. I'm just glad they still make movies like this.
  5. Yeah the one above normal.
  6. There is easy mode that has auto-aim, health regen and plenty of ammo pickup.
  7. What no, I mean in the OG game.
  8. Village part didn't have much soundtrack tbh, only castle had continuous ominous music, and it goes mental in island section.
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