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  1. Dude is walking out like a king. He could've gone to jail, instead he is walking away with cool half a billion dollars and share options. He can buy a villa in Barbados and spend the rest of his life scuba diving and parasailing.
  2. Yeah directly from the company, not twitter insiders etc. The fact that Mochi said they were stopping PS4 production in 2021 was idiotic to begin with considering they made PS2s till 2012 and PS3s till 2017.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/sony-denies-increasing-ps4-production-033801732.html?guccounter=1 Another fraud article by Mochizuki/Bloomberg debunked.
  4. https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/netflix-stock-plunges-as-subscriber-growth-worries-deepen-1.5748398 "Netflix delivered its latest quarter of disappointing subscriber growth during the final three months of last year, a trend that management foresees continuing into the new year as tougher competition is undercutting the video streaming leader. The Los Gatos, Calif., company added 8.3 million worldwide subscribers during the October-December period, about 200,000 fewer than management had forecast. Besides releasing its fourth-quarter results Thursday, Netflix also projected an increase of 2.5 million subscribers during the first three months of this year, well below analysts' expectations for a gain of 4 million, according to FactSet Research. The disappointing news caused Netflix's stock price to plunge by about 20% in extended trading after the numbers came out, deepening a steep decline during the past two months Investors, though, are getting more worried that Netflix may be nearing its peak in popularity. Those concerns have caused Netflix's stock price to plummet by more than 40% from its peak of roughly US$700 reached in mid-November."
  5. I don't need to, he said the exact same thing when Bethesda was acquired via another dupe account and was banned by Snake. Dude isn't very bright
  6. Look who decided to show up and send group DMs Bots man, I swear
  7. They say these things to fly under the DoJ radar, same as with Bethesda buyout.
  8. Imagine if they announce Modern Warfare 2 in the SoP
  9. Why would they when they barely keep up with the current demand. They'll cross PS4 numbers by the end of this year, and that's a massive install base to sell your next Mario/MK/AC. They figured out a long time ago that the only way to win against the other two is to not play the game
  10. Its not that people don't want to watch these movies, its that once/if they miss the theatre run, they're just conditioned to wait for it to show up on OTT. DVD sales are dead, and the idea of buying a copy of movie outright is also dead. That's why there was a backlash to buying BW on Disney+. There is no "second launch", if your movie dies in theatre its dead forever. No one wants to pay $15-$20 for individual movies anymore. This is why Scorsese had to shop around for Irishman for so long. Fking Scorsese. If it was the 90s the studios would be lining up to fund it instead.
  11. At least in India GFN has better latency that Xcloud, at least until MS gets off their a*s and launches Xcloud here natively.
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