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  1. That's not how it works in terms of rendering. Just like how it takes 4x times less processing to render 1080p compared to 4K, its takes 68% less GPU when you go from 4K to 1800p. The reduction in individual horizonal and vertical axis has no meaning when finding out required spec power. I don't know who wrote that PC guide but its totally wrong. You don't render stuff on just one axis.
  2. The game is locked at 30, could be running at 38-45 etc. Plus 60fps doesn't hold all the time. Also 1800p is 68% of 4K.
  3. Always thought DF's 1296p was too low when the game ran at full 4K in quality mode. 30 to 60 doesn't tank resolution by nearly 4 times. Hell the Pro runs at higher res but at 30fps. Good to see NXG correcting the mistake again.
  4. Mattrick beat Sony, posted Xbox profits for the first time and almost reached 100M. He made one mistake and was out. Imagine if he had a string of fk ups like Xbone 2015-19
  5. I don't mind Perfect Dark by CD, unlike others I actually liked Avengers and two of the three TR reboots.
  6. Its a fighting game, where else would it be besides PS and PC
  7. Did people actually believe "for the players" slogan?
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