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  1. If you're not bothered by used laptops you can get a 3080 one for under 1L. I personally bought one with 3070 for 80k and was honestly blown away by how far gaming laptops have come in terms of performance, especially with DLSS/FSR tech. In most games my laptop runs circles around PS5 versions unless the game is really badly optimized. Just make sure to check the max GPU watts, do not buy those 80 or 100 watt 3070/3080 laptops.
  2. So Capcom finally gave in and jacked up the local prices too. 4.4k on both PSN and Steam
  3. If RE4's VR mode was coming out earlier it would've been 5 out of 5.
  4. He's been doing it for longer than he has been a youtuber. He was also in Spidey 2 and GoW Ragnarok btw.
  5. No ones gonna vote for Mirage Might as well replace it with Mario Wonder.
  6. Yeah I got fed up with the Windows store GP sh*t and said fk it, I'll buy it on steam, saw both Starfield and Halo Infinite campaign were 5k (imagine paying 5k for one game on PC ), ultimately decided to go with option number 3. Luckily their DRM is made by the same guy who does Windows activation keys
  7. Not sure about that but last month I bought A80J from amazon for about 1L with card discounts etc. Its not a new model but for 55 inch Bravia OLED panel I think it was a fair price. OLED tech hasn't progressed much beyond making them more and more bright, and since my room is almost always dimly lit, I don't need 3000 nit panels lol.
  8. There's 8k too. When lady bits are right up in your face in VR, they have to make sure its extremely high quality
  9. Yeah pretty good, although I'd suggest getting at least 2TB version. Its more GBs per rupee. Mostly 6k VR porn, gotta use PSVR2 for something since it has no games 😆
  10. "Unauthorized third party accessories" In the meantime on my PS5
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