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  1. Please tell me he's not flying that jet all by himself.
  2. The best part about the snap, it wiped all traces of that godawful E3.
  3. Considering the top cover of Pro can be removed relatively easily without voiding warranty, it had so much potential for custom covers and stuff.
  4. Wow looks like the person who designed special edition consoles at Sony finally got entry into an art school.
  5. Yeah got really bored halfway through. This is like the Thor 2 of Marvel sequels.
  6. Mamma Mia 2 delayed until August here. Typical
  7. PSN India store has always been overpriced piece of garbage. I bet new digital games would've been 5000rs if the retail was not capped at 4k.
  8. Nah Wahlberg from Ted could've been amazing as Drake.
  9. Dirt Rally makes me want to throw my controller in rage.
  10. CarbonCore

    Far Cry 5

    I should grab that season pass. EDIT: or not
  11. Imma stick with track experience for now
  12. Put UK address in and use a UK VPN. Nobody will let you buy digital items from another country if you use real address.
  13. Its better because Chloe and silenced pistol.
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