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  1. Subscription pricing and mentality is going to fk over a lot of developers that make specific type of non-gaas AAA games. Like Capcom for eg who makes 10-12 hours SP only games. Imagine if RE8 is 10 hours long, costs $70 and nobody buys it because lol who buys games anyway? RIP Resident Evil & DMC, welcome more Monster Hunter.
  2. SSDs and RAM don't really have a big markup here like other computer parts. Dunno what the logistic is but a $150 SSD should cost maybe $160 here. Different story with proprietary drives though.
  3. They have multiple shows, one on Saturday for Monhun and one on Sunday for RE8 and DMC5. https://www.asia.capcom.com/tgs/en/
  4. We only know what they showed in that 2 min trailer. There'll be a big list of features and QoL changes and gameplay tweaks, and Capcom loves going over all of that. Anyway they already said that they're dedicating 30-35 min each to both those games. I wasn't speculating
  5. Y'all complaining about buying full priced games should come to Nintendoland where Doom is still $60 (yeah the first one)
  6. Oh they can fill up the entire show with showing off all the changes to DMC5 SE, if previous special editions are any indication.
  7. Looking forward to Capcom showcase. 30 min of RE8 plus 30 min of DMC5 SE.
  8. I think people are pissed more because there's no direct path to upgrade, you have to buy $70 MM ultimate edition to get it. This is like 505 charging $40 wholesale for Control instead of giving option to pay for upgrade.
  9. You know how long that 20GB 360 drive held its ridiculous $130 price?
  10. I will pay $100 for a PC version in a heartbeat.
  11. They're all going to be $70 eventually. Don't make the mistake Tropicalrajput did convincing people in 2014 that Xbox games are cheaper because you can region hop. That sh*t got patched asap. I don't know how people managed to convince themselves that only Sony 1st party will be $70.
  12. If there's a free res/fps bump version with faster loading for free then it would not be a harder pill to swallow. The remastered supposedly has new Peter Parker model they'll be using in Spidey 2.
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