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  1. There was a forced 70k bundle just last week which had extra controller, headset and HFW at 5k lol. I was looking for PS5 for a friend and bailed out when I saw the bundle.
  2. You know sh*t is serious when alts start dropping in and abusing people Next step is sending spoilers for Stranger Things in mass DMs.
  3. He's not Ank. Ank's ban has been extended for a year on his request, he isn't coming back for a while.
  4. Considering who Atrius really is, he was always a non-binary.
  5. Lets...not talk about PC mods for female led games. I know what are the top downloaded mods are for Aloy, Lara Croft, RE2 and RE3 remakes
  6. Don't care about Horizon, haven't played it yet. I just simp for Aloy
  7. Must be one hell of a multiplayer to offset a shitty campaign. I haven't played Infinite MP, only hear about it when it shows up in news about player haemorrhaging.
  8. I played through Infinite SP and it had me scratching my head how it has 88 MC. But then I saw Halo 5 score and that piece of turd has 84 MC, soo..
  9. PS Plus yes, PS Extra no. You'll get a lock when title is removed from Extra.
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