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  1. Man I would've dropped the money on the spot if it had TV out. What a way to drop the ball Nintendo.
  2. Mine is a mostly sealed room so dust is a non issue. Plus popping off the top cover and blowing in the fan with air spray makes it lot more cleaner than a Pro that hasn't been opened and cleaned in over a year. I once pulled a proper dust bunny out of a friend's PS4 while doing a repaste. The poor console was being choked to death.
  3. I used to play with the Pro top off Although after repasting it with liquid metal paste changing cooling pads on the memory chips it hasn't been an issue. Runs as quiet as my old Macbook.
  4. Now I feel even more stupid funding the Kickstarter for Switch version.
  5. Good sh*t Nintendo. Fourth game in 3 months with 88 meta.
  6. Oh I remember the tripe that was FM5, bought the whole console just to play that game. Man what a downgrade it was going from FM4. On top of having barebones content, it had a $30 season pass, but that didn't include cars so you had to buy $25 car pass, but the cars still cost too much money in game so you could buy VIP pass for additional discounts. And the car pass didn't include Ultimate edition bonus cars so you had to buy that sh*t separately. And some of the cars in the game cost more than the fking game And T10's response was "we wanted to make these cars feel special and worth the price". It was basically their "pride and accomplishment" moment. What a chor game that was and basically set the precedent for the rest of the gen.
  7. Man Ubi is deleting XP farm missions with a fervour. All farm missions saved in my story collection last week are banned now
  8. CarbonCore

    Borderlands 3

    Wouldn't hold my breadth. BL2 continued to be the shitshow on PS3 forever.
  9. This is a pretty slow memory, you will bottleneck your system especially Ryzen.
  10. CarbonCore

    Gears 5

    Its not 23k because they fumbled with Gear 4 numbers with which it was compared to. Its actually 16k and includes console bundles.
  11. I just did the user made XP/currency farm missions for some 4 hours to get to lvl 40 and then bee-lined through the main story. People (aka ERA) said the side missions were interesting and fun, but all I saw was fetch quests with paper thin plots.
  12. CarbonCore

    Borderlands 3

    X version is straight up base Xbone version with higher resolution, and both Pro and X jump straight to 1800p like early Pro ports from 2016 with no dynamic resolution and total disregard to framerate. Its a lazy hack job, glad to have dodged the bullet on this one.
  13. CarbonCore


    Ashtray Maze is probably one of my top 3 gaming moments this gen right next to getting the blades in God of War. The level design, the music, the atmosphere, everything is peak Remedy.
  14. CarbonCore

    Borderlands 3

    Looks like PS4 version is also using EPIC launcher
  15. CarbonCore


    What the fk? Where does he say massive launch? He straight up says don't expect enormous launch and Remedy should be happy with the sale.
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