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  1. Trying to run Max Payne on Geforce 4 MX AGP card and AMD Athlon processor and hitting 10 fps when you enable snow and bullet slow-mo effects
  2. Get in line no 3, beyond people selling kidneys line and people selling their firstborn line.
  3. Put a high quality thickboy thermal pad that covers all chips properly and also touches the top plate. The ones in Pro are so hilariously bad that once you replace those with good ones the fan stops taking off on its own ( without even a repaste).
  4. CarbonCore


    Don't immediately go for the attack when his health is below 10%
  5. BC even performance gains are coming in the future I dunno what Spencer and his team was doing for 6-7 years. Late on GDK, late on manufacturing, late on dev kits, superlate on games. Every time he gets caught with his chaddi down at the start of new gen.
  6. Its basically excuse after excuse. The teraflops are so drilled into people's minds that they refuse to accept the fact that maybe architecture difference, custom hardware and low level access can give you upper hand.
  7. Brazil eshop games are still in English, but they locked it down to their own Aadhar number system and selling them dirt cheap. Physical is still mad expensive.
  8. I've had RotK on the VHS in 4x3 format, then on DVD again in 4x3 format, then the whole trilogy extended edition on BR, and now it'll be in 4K UHD format.
  9. That's mostly from 3rd parties and 30% cut from MTX. First parties only make like 15-20% of the software money, and yet they continue to not put MTX in SP games like Ubisoft.
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