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  1. Imagine sending someone to protect the ninja predator terminator who's also immune to the virus
  2. If the virus is truly airborne then we're f**ked, but I doubt it is. Luckily very few viruses actually survive dry particles they need to sit on to be airborne and travel long distances. Most just die out as soon as the water droplet evaporates (like Covid-19).
  3. That cinematic camera ripped straight from RDR2, except it looks so funny
  4. CarbonCore

    Hyper Scape

    Could've been PoP or Splinter Cell, even a medium/low budget AA effort, but nope. It had to be another BR with new gimmick that Ubi hopes will stick to the next-gen wall.
  5. Lot of rumors about Lockhart being 20-24 CUs at 1.6Ghz, 10GB memory, cheaper cooling and single board instead of two (like SX). Same CPU but SSD maybe half size, and no disk drive. They can very well squeeze it under $299. If they can't maybe take initial hit on profit.
  6. I actually bought Old Hunter from wrong region and had to rebuy it. So game+dlc cost me $100 total.
  7. I actually haven't paid more than 1.5k thanks to cheap codes and game sharing with one other dude. Would be great if it showed up on subscription day one but it doesn't so what can you do?
  8. Stalkers are the worst, completely destroys the gameplay loop. I just turned on slow-mo aiming because fk it, can't handle jump scare enemies that rush you in groups. I don't use listen mode so them not showing up is not an issue, but for some reason they know exactly where you are all the time. And the fkers tiptoe like Scooby Doo so you can't hear them rushing you from the side or behind.
  9. It alright, its been compared to Sekiro, NiOH, AC Odyssey etc and somehow failed in every test before its even out.
  10. Yeah Kassandra is GOAT, it feels like they made the game with her and suddenly remembered 'hey we need to give gender option for our dudes too', called in the voice actor and did all the lines in 2 days.
  11. Meh, after 20hrs I dropped it and went n read the books instead (still on 2nd book). Cutting through all the bloat and going straight for the good stuff
  12. I sometimes purposely break stealth just to run in circles and see how the AI reacts with hide and seek dynamic. Love how the stealth is re-activated as soon as you're out of sight of everyone. I think SC Conviction did it with last know position, but in that game everyone knew your last known position. Here only the guy chasing you knows where you were last seen while everyone else starts searching nearby area. This is why playing on Survivor AI is most fun because the advantage is titled so much in favor of Ellie otherwise.
  13. I hope its not a Japani Witcher 3 beyond just visuals. Don't want a boring-a*s combat for 30+ hrs.
  14. CarbonCore

    God of War

    The thing is, auto aim f**ks up your aim by drawing it towards body instead of head so you're constantly fighting with right stick. Even normal aim assist is not good because it interferes too much with actual aiming. Not that anyone playing on very easy would care since he'd have plenty of ammo to waste
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