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  1. Not expecting it but worth noting that this guy leaked the 11th June date for PS5 event.
  2. Black Cat's suit is amazing in the game.
  3. Record cases today in both US and world. US has nearly 9% hit rate with tests. Amazing how people acted as if we beat the virus and the virus be like...
  4. Its alright when someone gives low score and then backs it up by fair criticism (like Karak). But all AJ did in his stream was complain about SJWs ruining the story and women taking over the Last of Us universe. He was furious that the 3 main characters in the game are all females. I'm not even one bit surprised that he was recently accused of being a sexual predator, then lawyered up and sent his angry army on twitter after the victim.
  5. The ones that go around your head and neck are difficult to pull down and keep on your chin, maybe they should make those mandatory.
  6. Ooh they're gonna pull Sonic the movie thing.
  7. Tbh sometimes its really difficult to keep your mask up during heat. If its cold then the mask is the most comfortable thing, but not in a scorching heat. Masks being compared to gagging yourself from speaking out and giving up freedom of speech, only in America.
  8. Bruh, you should watch some female sports. Some football players have their quads as swole as Messi and Ronaldo.
  9. Y'all making people who paid 8k-12k a year thinking they got the best deal feel bad.
  10. Batman vs a boss fight against the greatest assassin in the world (Deathstroke). Imagine all the good talented people at Rocksteady brainstorming the ideas, and the best one they come up with is to put both of them in tanks and go boom boom against each other
  11. Spotify has been in a ditch for 14 years. They made some profit last year after aggressive cost cutting and not paying fair royalties to music labels, but they went back into that ditch again this year.
  12. Wow Fry Cry 1 remaster packed in as a bonus.
  13. Careful, you might be labelled as a corporate shill for stating the obvious way the business works.
  14. Its not that difficult to be all inclusive, respect people from different genders, casts and races, and just be a decent human being. But Rowling had to eat sh*t and then double down on eating sh*t.
  15. Maybe it'll be their breakout game like how Arkham was for Rocksteady. No one thought the developer of a crappy PS2 shooter will make a great Batman game.
  16. The one owned by WB, so different Avalanche.
  17. Avalanche open world licensed game
  18. I want the replica of that mask for Covid-19 when going outside.
  19. My medical insurance guy called me asking if I want to pay the annual premium. Dude never asked me once in 7 years, but now they want to know if I want to continue during a pandemic
  20. If it launches officially then it'll be between 40k-50k, if not then grey market will run wild with the price. Could be 70k-80k, who knows? When Switch launched it was going for 55k. Even official retailers like like Mcube tried to scalp people with Switch Lite (25k).
  21. I know the combat in Arkham is loosely based on old Spidey games, but I find it hilarious how they gave him Bat-sense in combat like how Spidey had his Spidey sense in those games. Like, what's the lore behind Batman having Spidey like superpower?
  22. I'm still in day one, but its incredible how they made some of these levels just for you to rummage and pass through, and for world building. Every time I enter such area, I see lots of hiding places, open line of sights and waist high cover, I get ready for some kind of firefight. Years of playing games triggers that instinct when you know sh*t is about to go down or if there's a boss fight incoming. But then nothing happens. All this effort went into level design just for the sake of immersion.
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