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  1. I'm predicting 85, but then you add 7 bonus points for Sony AAA and 3 bonus points for SJW pandering and it can reach 95. Add couple of more points if they bribed the reviewers again.
  2. How is Brazil posting so many numbers? Are they actually testing that many people every day to have 30k+ infected?
  3. P4 was such a downgrade going from P3 FES that even though Golden fixed some of the issues it will forever live in the shadow of FES. It also has the least likable cast of them all. Its claim to fame was being the only good game on a dead platform This is why when people talk about 4th Persona game, they always talk about Golden and not P4. Its a forgettable game that was sort of patched up by Golden. Lets not bring in P5 here, that's on a whole another planet.
  4. Expecting $499. The consoles have almost never done half step $50 price at launch, so either 399 or 499.
  5. Everything is black when the lights are turned off. Its white, just watch the video lol.
  6. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    RIP Destiny 3
  7. Then bunch of fking salty bots attacked him so he deleted it and posted this instead Fking fanboys. They'll run back to Spencer again begging him to make games like these and he'll be like "just wait, they're coming"
  8. Carbon was badass, I made my XBL gamertag while playing that game which stuck till today The 1v1 boss battles were some of the best in the series. Been playing Heat for last 3 days and its a big step up from Payback. The only thing I hate is how they changed the way you initiate drift. Other than that its been pretty good.
  9. People predicting alien invasion or asteroid impact on 10th, STFU
  10. Still need to finish it. I think I was in an abandoned mall at the very beginning and heard a clicker go clicktttrrrrk and noped the fk out.
  11. Youtube is also running the ad, all that's left is official tweet announcement.
  12. Its now shifted to "f**k the police"
  13. The facial animations are just insane. Despite knowing what happens to Joe, its still going to hit like a truck when it happens while you're playing the game.
  14. CarbonCore

    God of War

    The thing about previous GoW games is that your most used combo, square-square-triangle and square-square-square-square-slowmo-triangle is available right off the bat. New Gow is pretty much bares bones for first couple of hours.
  15. Someone's gonna take that bait
  16. The right stick aiming feels very loose, like if you go back and play one of those PS2 shooters. There's a large deadzone in the middle where nothing happens, and once you move your stick into active zone, the acceleration is fked up so the cursor jumps wildly in that direction. Honestly its a struggle playing GTAV/RDR1 with stick aiming. I don't know how they managed to have amazing tight controls with MP3 and then went backwards with GTAV.
  17. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    The game will basically guide you. Just remember to spend as much time with confidants as you can. There's also specific requirements to unlock 3rd semester in Royal, you need to complete them before certain time or you'll not get to play DLC chapter. You can google how to unlock 3rd semester.
  18. I played with full aim assist because the curve is weird PS2 era sh*t and the animation is not responsive at all. Maybe one day they'll make a compelling third person action/shooter that isn't Max Payne.
  19. I see they're adopting the scorched-earth strategy from the Russians against the virus.
  20. Couple of families in my building also kept insisting on bringing in maids. Fkers think they live Downton Abbey. Washing your plates and cloths yourself for few weeks isn't going to kill you.
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