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  1. I've made this playlist of low carb sweet recipes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL95z9TMxng-13dpHVDhnS_uY4jkiMJzVJ For sweetner I use either this or this. Stevia is 1/4th of sugar substitute but has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Erythritol is 1:1 and closest you'll find that tastes like sugar. Also dark chocolate and almond flour. You can also use 90% Lindt.
  2. Not that hard if you make your own stuff with sugar substitutes like Erythritol or Stevia. Grab a cheap OTG oven, some almond/coconut flour, eggs, cream cheese and some dark chocolate and you'll be making sweet a*s stuff that you can eat for days with no sugar guilt. I've been on a sugar/carb free diet for over a year and the sweet craving has actually disappeared completely. I just make sugar free cheese cakes and chocolates bars with coconut ganache at home so I don't feel like eating the sugary sh*t they sell in stores.
  3. About 2k a month should be good value, but it really depends on your needs. For eg the gym I go to is right next to my building, so I don't need shower or locker or change of cloths, and the gym doesn't have those anyway so it costs like 1.5k a months. If you go to the gym with those facilities plus sauna etc, and if they have bunch of machines so you don't have to wait even at peak hours, you might have to shell out 4k or more. They're usually cheaper if you go for 3/6/12 month memberships, but you have to commit for that long. Otherwise its even bigger waste of money. Here's a little tip to tell the trainers to not bother you without being rude, wear headphone/earbuds, play something loud and completely zone out. Nobody bothers a guy in the gym with headphones and starring into a void while doing reps.
  4. Like I said, if you want to correct your running stance, you should run barefoot. Preferably on a track or soft grass so you don't cut yourself. Treadmill is the safest for barefoot running. You absolutely can not run on heels when barefoot because the impact is super painful, so it'll automatically correct your posture. It'll also strengthen your shins and Achilles tendons.
  5. If you want to run on your toes you need special shoes with minimal sole design or run bare foot on a flat grass, because most running shoes are designed to hit the heel first. If you try to tiptoe with them you'll eventually trip and fall. This is not an issue in treadmill though, only if you're running outdoor. So if you're prone to injuries, run barefoot on a treadmill with a small incline.
  6. Yooka Laylee and Impossible Lair free https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/yooka-laylee-and-the-impossible-lair/home#
  7. Happy new decade y'all. This is the one where we finally get flying cars and perpetual energy source, I can feel it.
  8. Mandalorian finale was great. Also glad none of the stupid fan theories that tried to tie it to Rise of Skywalker came true, like baby Yoda being used to resurrect Palpatine etc. Waititi as IG Hunter was the true MvP.
  9. Yeah my ISP gave me static IP but charged some 2k for one year. But it did drop the NAT from strict to open, and as a bonus, unblocked all porn sites again.
  10. You need to change your Amazon devices location to US, otherwise it'll show not available. This is what it shows to me..
  11. No need, most international credit/debit cards work directly on eShop, just use any fake local address. But if you want some eShop cards you can buy them from Amazon US same way as PSN cards.
  12. Celeste free on Epic store. Its also DRM free so people bitching about the store can download and then add shortcut to their favorite launcher.
  13. No matter how good or intense the movie is, I can't list it if I can't watch it more than twice, hence no Whiplash, Black Swan or BR2049. Also Blue Jasmine is great, one of the better Woody Allen movies.
  14. Out of the ones I've seen 1. Fury Road 2. Inception 3. Winter Soldier 4. Django Unchained 5. John Wick (all three) 6. Gravity 7. La La Land 8. Interstellar 9. Nightcrawler 10. Wolf of Wall Street There's quite a few more, but these I've seen more than 3-4 times, and even now if they show up while channel surfing I'll stop and watch them till the end.
  15. The entire YT comment section in Henry Cavill interview is basically..
  16. CarbonCore

    Gears 5

    This thread took a solid left turn after initial impressions
  17. Best game of the decade? I'll narrow it down to three Bloodborne: As someone who didn't give sh*t about Souls games much, Bloodborne was a revelation. Just a few small adjustments like sidestepping, low stamina consumption, weapon transformation etc made a huge difference. Easy GotG. Breadth of the Wild: Best Zelda game and one of the best open world games. GTAV: The other best open world game. Don't think R* will ever top this one. Worst game of the decade? Dunno, never played worst games Biggest disappointment of the decade? Ninja Gaiden 3. Holy fk what happened? Have never been let down by a game more. Game that changed gaming of the decade? Destiny. Everything is a GaaS now. Game that you played the most? Destiny 1 and 2, about 4000 hrs between the two. Could've learned a foreign language or perfected guitar/violin. Instead I have 3 characters with shitty loot. Soundtrack of the decade? Since SotC got remake this decade, its SotC. Story of the decade? Can't remember. Most videogame stories are forgettable anyway. Game that you will continue to play during next decade? Destiny 2 and Mario Maker 2.
  18. Broiler in India is stuffed with steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and worst of all, estrogen. The broiler strain itself is harmless and just designed for meat production, but then these people have to go extra mile out of greed because 3 months to go from egg to full fat chicken is not short enough.
  19. On the contrary, it is the best version of Souls especially if you care about interconnected levels and shortcuts and a proper hub world. Playing DS after DeS makes it feel lose and unfocused in terms of level design. Its like going from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City.
  20. LOL no wonder Gameloot's used X1X at 22k is sitting there for over 2 months.
  21. I remember my grandpa used to say that wheat chapati was once in a month kinda deal, like eating biryani on special occasions instead of plain rice. Chapati and refined sugar were the food of the rich and normal people ate jawar roti and used jaggery for sweetening.
  22. Dude was amazing in Blackkklansman. Double hyped.
  23. Just download and use their app from https://www.modpass.ca/mod-central The individual game packs are part of annual sub but the free basic pack is good enough for most games. There's a reason why no one gave a sh*t about that HZD rumor or MLG going multiplatform here on IVG. Except for one guy going all
  24. It does way more than that, lie auto sprint based on how far you push the left stick, turbo function, additional deadzone calibration for sticks etc. I honestly can't play shooters like Destiny 2 without it.
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