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  1. Won't stop your AI buddy from running head first into a clicker nest.
  2. Ultimately its a business decision. MS is also releasing their games exclusively to their ecosystem, they're not putting Halo and Forza on PS4. Every platform owner has exclusives because they add value to their platform. Holding content hostage to your store/platform has been a tried and tested strategy for as long as trade business has existed.
  3. https://www.gameinformer.com/preview/2020/06/01/15-things-i-learned-from-two-hours-playing-the-last-of-us-part-ii The accessibility options are insane. Like in SotR you can individually set difficulty options, like more/less health, how smart the AI is, the extent of lack of resources etc.
  4. Both Ghost and LoU2 have been sold out for a while.
  5. All good. Welcome back to the madhouse
  6. Digital, will be playing on 18th midnight.
  7. So basically disappeared. Amazing how half of your 50 games announced at E3 prime time conference just disappear in thin air
  8. This reminds me, what happened to those 50 games and 18 exclusives from E3 2018? Can anyone name even 5 games out of those 18 off the top of their head now?
  9. Its like a Sonic cycle at this point, fking predictable to a tee.
  10. I'll be there whenever the new Forza Motorsport comes out like always.
  11. SF6 is not happening. They just announced another season for SFV with 5 new fighters.
  12. CarbonCore

    God of War

    GoW3 had like 3 epic boss fights, everything else was just a gimmick.
  13. - Half Life Alyx is coming to PSVR2.
  14. GG dev tweeted mark your calendar for the event, then deleted that tweet. HZD2 confirmed.
  15. Maybe they shrunk the size of WW2 as a new download but it definitely went past 100GB as they kept adding new DLC maps. BF2 is in a very good place right now, far from the shitty launch state. But this is still Frostbite game and still has a backward-a*s netcode and godawful rubber-banding.
  16. Both games combined is close to 250 GB btw.
  17. Videogame dogs are grade A assholes though, from MGS3 to RE2 to CoD to Bloodborne. That howling sound every time someone activates attack dog killstreak on enemy team, fk that noise.
  18. Man I'd never dare go back and watch SRK movies that I thought were amazing as a kid/teen
  19. Even if you're immune, I really would not want to breath that fungus sh*t. Imagine sneezing when you're 10 feet away from a clicker
  20. Glad I didn't stay up for the stream because the 4K version looks insane. I dunno why they keep doing this, its a pre-recorded video so just upload it like Nintendo Direct instead of streaming from their ghetto servers.
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