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  1. I remember my grandpa used to say that wheat chapati was once in a month kinda deal, like eating biryani on special occasions instead of plain rice. Chapati and refined sugar were the food of the rich and normal people ate jawar roti and used jaggery for sweetening.
  2. Dude was amazing in Blackkklansman. Double hyped.
  3. Just download and use their app from https://www.modpass.ca/mod-central The individual game packs are part of annual sub but the free basic pack is good enough for most games. There's a reason why no one gave a sh*t about that HZD rumor or MLG going multiplatform here on IVG. Except for one guy going all
  4. It does way more than that, lie auto sprint based on how far you push the left stick, turbo function, additional deadzone calibration for sticks etc. I honestly can't play shooters like Destiny 2 without it.
  5. Depends on a game but its usually triangle to left paddle and circle to right paddle. Most shooters have bumper jumper option so you can jump without taking your hands off right stick.
  6. I remember buying one at a pawn shop in Corpus Christi back in '04 for $80, playing Ninja Gaiden on it and being blown away by the graphics. 480 progressive lines, full 5.1 Dolby support and on-board saves without memory cards, it was the sh*t. Most of my multiplatform games from that gen were on Xbox.
  7. It maybe a flop but its the best console in our heart <3
  8. Not that straightforward comparison to PCs because their ceiling is held back by consoles and lower end PCs. The 2080 ti in your PC is not used to its fullest potential. Remember PS4 has a 7870 equivalent GPU and still pushes amazing looking games like GoW and Death Stranding. If you give a 2080 ti to SSM/Guerilla and ask them to make exclusive stuff built from ground up to churn all those CUDA cores without worrying about lower common denominator, they'll make insane looking stuff like Hellblade 2.
  9. XSX is actually smaller than launch Xbone in terms of liter space, and if it has internal PSU then its even smaller than that VCR. So its not like they went big in size or anything. It just has a weird a*s shape that makes it look big. The horizontal height is just shy of 3 PS4 Pros stacked on top of each other.
  10. Well their games also need to be able to run on PCs, and most of them don't have more than 6-8 GB Vram. So even without Lockhart you'll have games hamstrung by minimum spec PCs.
  11. Looking at Senua 2, I don't think it'll hold anything back. It might be same gen architecture, just way less powerful so you get 1080p/30 with some basic RTX and AA.
  12. That was debunked, it was for their weird TOIO handheld toy.
  13. 500 million consoles says they usually know what they're doing. They certainly wont name it Playstation 4 Pro Ultra something.
  14. In the EZA stream, they all pretty much assumed it was a fancy One X redesign until the date was shown.
  15. Tbh I've never seen a new generation console get shadow dropped in a random even and get immediately buried by other stuff happening at that event. I heard Saturn had a low key launch though.
  16. From the name it looks like One X revision but no, its Anaconda spec.
  17. Holy sh*t did we not learn anything from WiiU?
  18. Jill meeting up with Kendo, its either prologue DLC to RE2 or Kendo is in RE3.
  19. Well you can listen to their band New Order, most of it is synth pop. Joy Division is another one. Sample playlist https://open.spotify.com/album/3rPC5Y8e9S6dGGkWvRYPRD
  20. Man I feel sorry for people who hated Mr X parts in RE2 remake. Imagine if Mr X could run faster than you, had a rocket launcher and tentacles for ranged attack, and was basically omnipresent threat from start to end. The entire game is basically Jill vs Nemesis with some zombies and hunters thrown in. Your dodging game better be on point.
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