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  1. Bots: Hellblade II looked better than this ghetto UE5 tech demo Spencer: Hellblade II is using UE5 Bots: ....
  2. Anthem had to reduce flight speed big time because of streaming issues. Here she flew like 10x faster than any Javeline, and those billions of triangles just kept streaming in. Imagine if you can fly like this with a wing suit in Spiderman 2. Next gen is legit hype.
  3. Looks insane. This actually feels like next-gen.
  4. These are straight up remakes though, just like Crash. But Acti keeps calling them remasters.
  5. The spring saves the part of the rope that hits the ground from wear and tear, plus it adds some weight and keeps it from kinking in the middle. You can remove it if you want but then the bare rope will hit the ground. You can add some oil to the bearing, as long as they're freely rotating it doesn't matter if rusted or not. Also definitely wear shoes with soft cushioning and avoid jumping on hard surface, because when the rope hits your pinky it hurts like hell lol.
  6. No you should always do one jump per swing no matter how slow your swing. Your speed and tempo will eventually increase to 150-200 swings per min and 2 jumps per swing will be impossible to maintain. Believe it or not the limiting factor is not your legs but your arms, they get tired way earlier than your calves. So when you build up more strength and endurance in your forearms, your legs will have to keep up and they can't do 2 jumps per swing. Lots of videos about it on youtube, for eg..
  7. Thanks, I'll add burpees when I want to throw up last night's dinner
  8. Jump rope. I've been doing for about just over a month. Only 30min is enough to kick your a*s big time. When I started out I could barely do more than 100 total and 10 in a row. Now just yesterday I did my first 1k without tripping and 5000 total in about 40 min. It is relatively low impact, will shoot your heart rate through the roof and burns insane amount of calories (1000+ per hr)
  9. CarbonCore

    The Medium

    This supposedly has SSD as minimum requirement on PC. It has begun.
  10. Starting local trains (for whatever cause)?
  11. Please don't make this thread about sh*t-flinging console wars and glorifying SJWs and racist homophobes. Won't say it again.
  12. No spoilers in that video about TLoU 2
  13. They release it when its ready. They don't force them to release major games between Sept-Nov and then let the entire year go dry.
  14. I have 4000 hours in Destiny 2 and I think its a piece of sh*t that I won't play alone for more than 10 hours. Its playing with other people that makes it fun. Also the turn around about Gears 5 and DG opinions on the internet is amazing
  15. Yeah it has higher teraflops, lot more compute units and slightly faster CPU. Also some of the RAM has higher bandwidth.
  16. Chorvs is also on PS5.
  17. They're all either timed or full exclusives, that's probably how they got the airtime. Even Yakuza 7 has no PS5 logo. People who bitched about Sony moneyhatting 3rd parties are now hiding in some hole.
  18. Just take an L buddy, the show was crap and the word #gameplay is actually trending on twitter ironically. You guys are not getting paid to defend a corporation
  19. Well it won't be all shitty cross-gen titles and fking Madden
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