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  1. Might as well be at stage 3 right now with how local idiots are spreading it outside of communities. It is now time to stop blaming the NRIs alone.
  2. There is no credible source. People spreading this don't know how deadly the Influenza virus has been in past centuries and how many times it has mutated and come back to kill millions. No need to manufacture it artificially, nature is pretty efficient to do it herself.
  3. It's not. The only thing high temp does is reduce the time the virus can survive on an open surface, and not by much. So unless the temps go above 60c, we're SOL. If people mingle together, it can survive the two seconds it takes to jump from one person to another irrespective of climate.
  4. 100k per day from here on out.
  5. CarbonCore


    Don't think the season pass has ever gone on sale. Its either base game or deluxe edition.
  6. US about to leapfrog over China and Italy. All of this happened in just 3 weeks.
  7. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    Real shame because that steelbook is badass. And for a base price.
  8. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    I had ordered steelbook from Mcube initially but lol good luck getting it through the lockdown. I'm grabbing it off PSN instead.
  9. Chicago banned entry into parks and beaches after this pic trended on twitter Retardedness is a global phenomenon.
  10. USA is going to be the new epicenter of the pandemic with NY taking over from Lombardi.
  11. India is actually starting to flatten the curve
  12. lol there have been times when I didn't leave my flat for weeks together Which is why I said earlier that I find it weird that people can't stay in their homes for just one day.
  13. I was incredibly annoyed because same thing was asked to me twice by two other people before that. I don't use FB, twitter and Whatsapp, block all calls that aren't in my contact list, and don't watch cable news so I dunno what stupid sh*t is being spread around. Personally I pay no attention to other people (humans) since I live a completely reclusive life with a dog, so I have very little patience when someone asks moronic questions like this.
  14. My watchman asked me is it true that we were told to sit at home because government was spraying anti-corona pesticides from planes and choppers. Asked him did he hear any planes ot choppers? He said no, so told him this means our area was not sprayed and he should be more careful. Also go and tell this to other society watchmen asap.
  15. Nothing wrong if they want to go back to their homeland in times of crisis. We don't stop people coming from villages looking for jobs and putting undue strain on cities.
  16. They're doing mass testing in NY. If we did that in Mumbai our numbers will rise exponentially too.
  17. Hotstar be like, "way ahead of you"
  18. Always found it weird that people can't stay in their homes for one fking day.
  19. AQI level near where I live is 76. First time in months the level has gone down this much. As someone who suffers from air pollution and monitor AQI on a daily basis, this was appreciated.
  20. Channel with lots of leaked footage Spoilers obviously. Only watch if you don't care about it.
  21. COVID is killing more people per day than SARS ever did in its entire epidemic. Heck its now killing more people per day than fking Malaria (1k/day) which has been the number one human killing virus for centuries.
  22. Chu*** probably didn't expect that airport will pull his footage being tested and post it on twitter Now he's deleted his account and ran away.
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