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  1. The thing about gameplay is that it very much depends upon difficulty. On hard and Survivor, the game very much feels like TLoU1. But if you lower it to light or very light, it straight up plays like UC4. That video had dude playing with auto aim turned on, which is only available in Light and Very Light. This is what I said back then.. And it turned out to be true.
  2. There is no way SX is launching without Halo Infinite.
  3. "Ok sir please step aside with your luggage and open it up for inspection" Imagine doing that when it took 30 min and 3 people (2 sitting on top of it while I pull the zip chain around) just to close the lid down
  4. My job actually requires me to carry stuff with me for extended periods of time, so I always take one of the consoles and a laptop. PS5 is going to be pain in the a*s, especially if half of it is just a massive heatsink assembly. Its going to light up on x-ray scanners like a block of Uranium. I can no longer say "saab, its just a DVD player saab".
  5. Playing with scarcity on Survival difficulty, you open ten empty drawers and the last one gives you two revolver bullets, and you're like...
  6. It was never about CPU or power. After making 60fps games for two decades, Insomniac decided it was not worth it and locked down to 30. Maybe they'll change their mind, who knows?
  7. Lots of games got more 10/10 than Witcher 3 this gen, it isn't that special in that regard. Persona 5 and P5R got more perfect scores, RDR2 got more perfect scores, Super Mario Odyssey and Smash both got more perfect scores, Half Life Alyx is up there with them, BotW got 3 times more 10/10s than Witcher 3. So why is this one suspect? When you scroll down the Metacritic page, Witcher's 10/10 streak ends pretty quickly even compared to something like RE2R.
  8. They're all critical. 10/10 doesn't mean perfect non-critical review. And it blows my mind that something like Witcher 3 got so many perfect scores, but maybe I look for different things in a game. Like gameplay for instance.
  9. Yeah I thought the prologue looked alright, but then you hit Seattle and holy sh*t. Imagine being impressed by visuals in the last fking year of the generation, after you've seen what next-gen looks like.
  10. I'd take a pack of raptors over a pack of clickers. Fkers give me anxiety headache.
  11. Don't read too much into it. Animal Crossing got same 3.5 something before MC deleted all fake reviews. FF7R, Pokemon, same story. The more popular it is, the bigger the bot army. Ultimately all these games broke sales record so in the end...
  12. That 10 for Crackdown 3 Has anyone twitted to Spencer yet and asked him about where are the quality games for Xbox?
  13. That's fake. This is the real one...
  14. People finally understanding all the 4chan golf club memes that we've suffered for a month
  15. Remember that even with the stand its estimated to be around 4 inches thick when placed sideways.
  16. From photos it looks like you need the stand even horizontally. But the stand goes inside the concave space on the side so it probably won't raise beyond half an inch.
  17. Mine has more than enough space for PS5 (once PS4 Pro is gone) but Series X wont fit there. And I've had it raised from 3 inches to 5 inches for ventilation. And yet it is one inch short for SX. I'm guessing most people don't have 6+ inches tall cabinet compartments, but people can measure it and confirm.
  18. 99% they're not doing half step, its either going to be $399 or $499. Even the difference between DE and disk version would be $100 at least.
  19. Did y'all miss the Nsane trilogy and CTR being on every platform available?
  20. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    There is an Office gif for everything that Simpsons doesn't cover.
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