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  1. If its you primary console for multiplatform then definitely go for Pro. The base consoles are pretty much being ignored by everyone and games are starting to run like crap on it.
  2. Anyone else having trouble with amazon shipping to their pincode? Most items say they can't be shipped to my address. Their CC says its a glitch on their side and a bunch of people are reporting it.
  3. You can do pass-through audio to external speakers and I don't think it'll be weird at all. I personally use HD598 because you maintain some awareness of your surroundings.
  4. I own it. Astro Bot, Tetris Effect and Thumper are life changing experiences in VR. Will grab Quest when HL Alyx comes out. Can't wait for completely un-tethered PSVR 2 with PS5. Too bad our lord and savior is not on board, not that it matters.
  5. It is nominated for best narrative.
  6. MS will focus on VR when it blows up and becomes big, that has been their hardware strategy for decades. From consoles to portable music players to phones to tablets to laptops to motion control gaming.
  7. Yeah it doesn't feel satisfying like in Fromsoft games where every impact makes that loud squishy sound like you cut something significant. Here you have a fking lightsaber and it feels like you're beating someone with a glowing baton.
  8. Control has only one less nomination than DS, same double nomination in voice acting and even lower score than DS, yet people bitch about DS while Control is quietly flying under the radar.
  9. 500ms input lag No wonder the game feels like sh*t to play even locally on consoles.
  10. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    I'm gonna pull an MGS3 and turn my PS4 clocks backwards. Anything to save my MTNL network.
  11. Next gen Jill in tube top <3
  12. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    I took a break to play Jedi and now the game tells me my intricately built zipline network is eroding away.
  13. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    I think y'all mistaking Bethesda as a publisher with Bethesda as a developer.
  14. I hope the ps+ is also on sale in india I don't know how much it goes for normally, but on amazon its selling for 3.3k, or 3k if you have HDFC card.
  15. You can grab those when PSN sale goes live tomorrow. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/11/21/black-friday-starts-early-at-playstation-store/ Also bunch of games already on sale on Indian PSN like RE2, DMCV etc for 1.5k
  16. Should be around 20-21k for older model and 24k for the new one with extra battery life.
  17. If you're even remotely thinking about TV play then get the normal Switch. I'm mostly 90% portable, but even then I have another Switch for that 10% TV play. The supplier said it'll be available next week.
  18. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Alright time to put my stabilizer in storage and customize the backpack with 16 grenade pouches. Imma need them all.
  19. Not really. There are so few games that actually use HD rumble properly. Plus you can always get extra joycons/Pro controller if you want it. It doesn't have kickstand so might need to use a pillow or something :p
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