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  1. Its for people like me who have an HTPC with AMD 2200G and keep postponing the upgrades forever and yet keep buying games from Steam/Epic sales. Its a moot point anyway because the chances of GF Now coming here is pretty slim.
  2. Nope none of those at my gym. On the flip side I did find this thing called 'landmine' that no one uses, and now I've found my safe alternative for barbell squats
  3. Think of juggle happy combat of DMC where you stun-lock enemies by keeping the combos going, except you "draw" different weapons and defense items on the fly. sh*t gets really hectic once you get in the flow. Also if you want Switch version it's better to pledge for $35 right now because its almost guaranteed to be at least $49 when it hits eShop.
  4. You can draw with right stick. In fact using the stick lets you build fast/complicated combos that are impossible with touch drawing.
  5. Publisher: Platinum Games (Self published via Kickstarter) Release Date: April 2020 Platforms: Switch, PS4, Steam (all goals reached)
  6. Yeah I know deadlifts are for hamstrings and glutes, but I'm scared shitless about involving any back movement with super heavy lifts, even with support belt on Smith machine. Heck even for squats I'm using cable machine now for compounds and keeping my back straight and vertical. I've had wrist, knee and groin injuries before but they tend to heal completely in couple of weeks or a month max. I'm not sure a back injury will heal in a lifetime.
  7. Saw Bad Boys, actually surprised at how funny it was. Martin Lawrence just continues to be amazing.
  8. The stuff coming out in next 3 months just for PS4 alone is crazy. P5R, Nioh 2, FF7R, Last of Us 2, Dreams, you would think the next gen refresh is years away and not in 10 months.
  9. Good sh*t. Although not the fan of the game, always happy to see Respawn succeed.
  10. Xbox last, again, third time in a row. No wonder the bots want to shutdown the HW sales discussion
  11. Probably Control. Do not buy it from current Xbox sale.
  12. I wish Spidey was labelled something random like Dark Souls, and Black Panther labelled as Marvel's Spiderman.
  13. That's what I meant by increasing endurance. High reps like 500 squats wont increase your muscle mass but they will increase your lactate threshold, VO2 max and eventually use less ATP and oxygen for same activity. Also 8-12 rep twice a week has worked for me till now (actually 6-8 now) because I use mostly isolation machines. So the other muscle groups can be sore next day and I can still power through. Entirely up to your goal. But routines like squats or bench press are really meant for heavy weights because they're taxing on your weak joint like knees and shoulders. 500+ squats wont do any good to your knee long term, I'd rather suggest cycling or eliptical, or even running in proper form. Or go to the gym and use isolation machines like leg press and leg curls to completely remove your back/upper body from equation and target local muscles. Yeah I hate deadlifts. Risky af and my grip goes out before my hamstrings lol. Will try cables next time, there's some great substitute routine.
  14. You can build endurance but you can't build muscle with that high repetition. In fact super high reps actually start eating your muscles for energy by breaking them down for glucose. The golden range is 8-12 reps till failure for building muscles. There's also two kinds of muscles in your leg, twitch muscles and slow acting one. Twitch gives you that explosive power that sprinters, jumpers and football players have that lets you move fast, while slow acting ones give you actual strength. High reps might build your twitch muscles and improve cardio (because anything legs = cardio) but not your quads or glutes.
  15. So after almost a year's break (thank you genetically inferior knees) did a proper leg workout. Deadlifts, barbell squats, 250 pound leg press, hamstring curls, the works. Couldn't get down the stairs without holding railings after the workout but felt great. That was 5 days ago and they're still soar. Looks like I can only fit one solid heavy leg day per week. 15 years ago I could've fit 3 per week while binge drinking on weekends and getting blacked out. Getting old fking sucks.
  16. +1 for Lost Legacy, you can breeze through it in 2 sittings. And its one of the better paced Uncharted games. Plus dat a*s
  17. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    I'll wait till either 3xxx series GPUs or PS5 and RTX patch, whichever comes first.
  18. Lockhart is going to be amazing in 2026 At least the base Xbone was a hefty enough upgrade over last gen. Imagine releasing a next gen SKU that's even less powerful than your current flagship model. Even Nintendo taped two GCs together for the Wii.
  19. It's amazing that someone found a listing more than 2 years old and ran with the headline now after HZD leak. It's like they were sitting on this info all this while and waiting for the right time
  20. I mean, they themselves added that ability in later FW updates. Its just not 100% perfect because PS4 was never meant to have BC to begin with. If they make one with BC in mind then its not that hard, a modern potato CPU can do PS2/PSP emulation near perfect nowadays.
  21. PS4 can already play most PS2 games, you just need custom firmware to unlock that ability. Sony for obvious reason has locked it in official FW.
  22. Leak from reddit about PS5 event..
  23. 72 hours is actually recommended time to recover from DOMS unless you're Cap America. At my age it actually lasts for 4 days on the first try, especially for longer muscles like quads and glutes. The real fun is when you want to sit down for a dump The struggle is real after first leg day after a long break.
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