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  1. That pressure you feel when Mercy is feeding you damage buff while you wait for the attacker's doors to open.
  2. CarbonCore


    And bought. Dunno how I got money in Steam wallet, probably from the badges on sale, but using it the game turned out to be 10 times cheaper than PS4 version. No you don't get to use that counter-point after defending Bugthesda and their shitty console ports in every thread.
  3. CarbonCore

    Titanfall 2

    Was on amazon.com for $35
  4. CarbonCore

    Titanfall 2

    Yeah Battlefield 1 must've bombed hard too considering it was going for near half price last week.
  5. Didn't like the tent bit much, felt like it wasn't as spontaneous as the studio stuff. But everything else was top notch. I can tell its only going to get better.
  6. Wait people buy games based on what Conan thinks about them?
  7. CarbonCore

    Titanfall 2

    Titan timer is back, Attrition mode added and they changed movement speed to closely match the first game. Everything else is more or less same.
  8. No its possible to put limit on one currency by putting limit on ATMs in the country of that currency.
  9. Absolutely bombastic first episode of Grand Tour. The boys are back.
  10. That is fked up. Why would you put limit on withdrawal in foreign countries?
  11. I haven't withdrawn anything in last 3 months, but then I have a luxury of living alone and being surrounded by shops who all take cards. Its come to a point where I actually don't feel comfortable dealing in hard cash for large amounts like 10k and above. Wait what? That can't be true. The limit is on the ATM, not on your card.
  12. It will be locked as soon as things go back to normal for regular people.
  13. Project A was the first "english" movie I ever saw as a kid and was like, OMG english action movies are awesome
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWRD_JFy3AI This guy proposed the current plan to Modi and his gov, said he's been trying for over a decade but no one listened to him until now.
  15. CarbonCore

    Watch Dogs 2

    Good advice. Also game seems to be chugging at sub-30fps and population is lower than Infamous games lol.
  16. It says the recovery has been less than 6% of total undisclosed amount. If 2,000,000,000,000rs is less than 6% of undisclosed amount (with 45 days still to go) then by God India's parallel economy could rival China
  17. Money equivalent of nearly 30 billion dollars deposited in 2 days, 15% of country's nominal GDP
  18. Like I said, its a different problem entirely, let us get through the first step of "everyone is paying taxes". You can't ask the government what they're doing with tax money if 90% of the self employed people evade taxes.
  19. What government does with your tax money is besides the point. And 100 billion rupees in government's safe is always better than 100 billion rupees hidden in baniya's toilets. And I want banking sector to gain as much money as possible because I'm tired of paying ridiculous EMIs on loans because banks have no money and have to charge higher interest rates to break even. All the black money floating around outside of banking sector actually f**ks regular taxpayers in both holes like this.
  20. All of this because a handful of cheaters, traders and corrupt assholes continued to loot and hoard cash unchecked for so long, people with legit hard earned money are suffering. Lesson for future, don't wait for the tumor to grow as big as this, if you suddenly remove it you might kill the host.
  21. 1 part scary, 9 parts 'you wish it was just scary'
  22. I know you're trying to be obtuse on purpose so let me repeat again, slowly and loudly this time. S I N C E W E W E R E T A L K I N G A B O U T 4 K, W H E R E D O E S I T S A Y T H E G A M E H A S "U N A C C E P T A B L E" P E R F O R M A N C E A T N A T I V E 4 K? Don'r run away from here again now.
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