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  1. Well...frames per second do matter, which is why most WiiU first party games are 60fps and such a joy to play. And I hope the trend continues with Switch.
  2. Why didn't you buy it from TP? There's a guy selling it for 2.2k
  3. Did Xander Cage release here early? Because there's no reviews yet on RT.
  4. The best part about owning a WiiU right now is that you don't have to buy Switch at launch, or for a year. Its just ports of WiiU games until SMO, and even then its just one game. Wait till next year when its cheaper and widely available.
  5. Mario games always look pretty irrespective of how weak the platform is, partly because EAD are wizards and partly because they know how to design a game around hardware bottlenecks. Still need a WiiU to dump your disk.
  6. I dunno about new Mario, I prefer Galaxy/3DW type of Mario over 64. That trailer did nothing for me. That Zelda trailer is hype though, that orchestral music that swells up to Zelda theme near the end. Best videogame trailer I've seen since MGS5 Red Band trailer.
  7. No idea, probably still tied to console. There is headphone jack on Switch, but why would you use bulky gamer headphones? Heck why would you even use bulky gaming portable when you can just plug-in your earbuds in a smartphone and play games on it instead.
  8. Voice chat through separate mobile app confirmed, part of your paid sub so you gotta pay to chat on your own phone Reggie quote
  9. Yeah not launch games but confirmed for later release. Also MK8 is April so almost launch title lol. Tbh I dunno wtf these guys have been doing for last 2 years. The WiiU output is practically nil and 3DS is drying up, and everyone assumed its because they're all working on Switch. And turned out it has the worst launch lineup of any Nintendo console.
  10. Blacklist is amazing, too bad they dropped the franchise after that. Replaying Halo 3, feels good to play a good Halo game for a change.
  11. Free NES/SNES game per month as part of the subscription And its only free for a month, resets every month and doesn't stack like PS+ or XBL free games :lol: What a disaster, and I had this pretty much locked down for preorder. Wii is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nintendo.
  12. Up on bestbuy, walmart and European amazon. US amazon is still sleeping.
  13. They said Nintendo games 'generally' won't be region locked. Prepare for the same question people asked during X360 days 'is this game region locked?'
  14. CarbonCore


    Touché Back to lock
  15. CarbonCore


    There is no second party, who's dumb enough to defend a publisher who killed more announced games in last 2 years than all the other supposed evil corps combined?
  16. CarbonCore


    Just keep it unlocked until the full story comes out, which eventually it will like the Phantom Dust f**kery.
  17. CarbonCore


    According to dev interview, they just showed the game way too early, earlier than they should have. And then Sony gave them back the rights of IP since they couldn't produce a game in time (instead of outright cancelling it like Scalebound), so additional time to find new publisher and make Xbox/PC versions.
  18. CarbonCore


    Gies deleted all his tweets including replies from Bolton, what a moron
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