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  1. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    DMCV will still get best action game, but the days of pure action hack n slash game winning overall Goty are long gone :/
  2. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    The thread reached like thousand posts in single hour, everyone claiming how Keighley is biased etc. This is what happens when your first party stable makes a sort of decent game in 3 years and it doesn't get a single nomination
  3. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    The outrage on Era For a third and last install base in the world, the bots do scream and shout a lot
  4. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    I haven't played Outer Worlds yet, Smash Bros shat the bed with online, I'm too chicken to finish RE2, and even though I loved Sekiro enough to platinum it I've already forgotten about it. I'd be pretty happy if either DS or Control wins the Goty. Both are phenomenal single player games.
  5. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    I haven't even bothered to boot it up, and I'm usually at every D2 weekly reset. Just saw Gladd finish his run in 5 min and turned it off.
  6. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    No still in chapter 10, but this feels like the beginning of that level in MGS3 where you finally face Volgin. Its going to escalate from here on out.
  7. Doesn't matter. It will always show up in your download section and in your library irrespective of regions.
  8. CarbonCore


    Anthem would need a massive overhaul right from the base level, starting with the Godawful engine. Games like Destiny 2 are so far ahead in almost every way its not even funny.
  9. Expected reviews. It was never going to look as tack sharp as local 4K. Some even say there's motion artifact like you see in low bitrate videos with fast motion. This is separate issue on top of lag and cost. And Destiny 2 looks like a straight up console port.
  10. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    sh*t is starting to hit the fan. I can tell the next 10 hours are going to be..
  11. Will definitely try XCloud, would be a shame if I didn't since the Azure server is practically next door :p
  12. CarbonCore

    Metro Exodus

    Yeah I remember getting it for like $5 back in May and Control for some $14 pre-order. EPIC store fk ups are also epic.
  13. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    Yeah zip lines is full on BB giggle time.
  14. People say the hitboxes in Dark Souls 2 are janky but man, the number of times you miss your saber-baton despite it passing through an enemy is incredible. Especially for enemies like bugs that are shorter than you. There's a reason why in almost all melee action games, the enemies are at least as tall as your shoulders. They all avoid short enemies because its incredibly annoying trying to hit those that are below your knees and swirl around on the floor. The bipedal are fun to fight against, the fauna absolutely not. I wish the games didn't just wholesale copied Soulsborne formula without actually understanding what made them so good.
  15. Bloodstained coming to GP so quickly pretty much made me swear off funding games on KS and buying indies altogether. I hope others learned their lesson too.
  16. CarbonCore

    Death Stranding

    I saw that tip in the game and was like, whoa. Yeah don't try to sleep in a -40C blizzard, you will not wake up again.
  17. CarbonCore

    Yakuza 7

    Just last month there were some 13 3rd party games released in Japan, only one of them was on Xbox (Monkey Ball). Rest all were on Switch, PS4 and PC. No one actually paid them to keep them off the box lol.
  18. Its all fun n games lol. As someone who owns all 3 systems + PC I don't really give a crap about console or launcher wars. Just find it funny how people get so brainwashed by PR talks. Its 2013 all over again.
  19. Not even close, more like 40-45fps with hitching whenever you load into new area. Also has visual glitches and already froze twice on me. Feels unpolished and so not like a Respawn game.
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