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  1. Its going to be Dante 99%, unless Sakurai pulls a Sora out of the hat.
  2. I don't think there are that many active members anymore
  3. Leg exercises look simple but they directly tap into your cardiovascular well and makes your heartrate shoot like crazy. It's a double whammy of strength plus cardio, which is why people tend to skip leg days. It sorta brings them down to earth. If you're new to working out I'd suggest doing upper body strength and do cycling or swimming for cardio. Once you're comfortable with that you can add lower body strength with leg press machine.
  4. AC3 remaster is exactly how you remember AC3 was I don't know who's paying 2.5k for it.
  5. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    Goosebumps. And I don't even like heavy metal. Dunno how he does it.
  6. This is the point of contention between Sony and ESA. Sony wants them to be open to public while ESA wants it media and influencer event. Remember they're still going to PAX, Gamescom, PGA, TGS, Game awards etc on top of doing their own events. Just no E3. It was also open to public for first 15 or so years until ESA decided to make it private few years ago.
  7. Ahahahaha he also has a flamethrower.
  8. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/01/14/playstation-2019-wrap-up-looks-back-at-your-2019-gaming-year/ Here's mine..
  9. Eh, Nintendo rents out a huge show floor at E3 for Treehouse and public demos every year, and basically stays there for 3 days. They just don't use the conference hall for 2 hours.
  10. Last E3 had 66k attendance, the one before that had 69k. Gamescom for comparison has over 350k attendance.
  11. And people thought Lockhart was going to hold the gen back. Nope, its Don Mattrick's Xbox One from 2013
  12. Except for couple of people who believe everything Phil says, no one one actually believed Nextbox will be "forward compatible" for the entire next generation.
  13. The third parties will continue to make crossgen games well into 2022. New AC for eg has PS4/XB1 version coming out before new gen launches. But for first parties, its their job to showcase the shiny new hardware and what it can do without being held back by last gen. But since MS is heavily invested in subscription service they don't want to split the install base.
  14. Making games for Jaguar in 2021
  15. CarbonCore


    This is the only game I refused to play without headphones because of the incredible sound design and sound stage. Searched for the guy who did the audio and guess what, same person who worked on INSIDE sound design. Not at all surprising.
  16. Yeah they can't reveal a next gen game without a proper next gen reveal. WB game and AC Ragnarok will be at PS5 event.
  17. Nintendo keeps doing their own thing and MS pretending to not care about HW sales anymore since their HW keeps flopping outside of two countries, so its actually the first time that no one is competing with no one.
  18. Lost is the only TV show where I remembered every character's full name by the end of first season. The character arcs and personal stories in that show are still untouched. Just ignore the silly overarching plot.
  19. CarbonCore


    Videogame stories in general This is why nobody cares about stories in games and stuff like BotW and Mario Odyssey and Resident Evils can run away with hundreds of GOTYs.
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