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  1. People thinking this is Sony's first digital only console, did y'all start playing games in this decade?
  2. Audience score is almost always low.
  3. Bots calling him paid shill and fanboy. Man the fkers are salty af
  4. Its the same disk drive, just upgraded to read 100GB disks.
  5. The problem with SAD was that it was more expensive than One S. Whichever genius decided that price tag (and acronym) needs a raise
  6. It'll expand to 90+ GB when installed. There's also a 4GB day one patch.
  7. This feels like Uncharted Lost Legacy type thing
  8. People are going to be surprised by the size of that console. It looks bigger than fat PS3 and overall probably same volume as SX.
  9. Greenberg is a grade A chu**** XGonGiveittoya
  10. CarbonCore

    Gran Turismo 7

    Trial Mountain, motherfkers. One of the greatest Gran Turismo tracks.
  11. No one gives a sh*t about Forza Motorsport series, not even MS Watch DF sh*t on it again in their next FM vs GT video. Even the people who defend Motorsport series go and buy Horizon instead
  12. Watch discless version be subsidized to $399.
  13. GT7, RE8, HZD 2, R&C, Demon Souls Remake, they all look generation apart from all the cross-gen crapola. Glad they're not doing shitty last gen versions.
  14. Legit laughed my a*s off at PS5 console reveal
  15. Legit laughed my a*s off at PS5 console reveal
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