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  1. I mean not on the actual gameplay since people are playing and posting lets plays on youtube.
  2. I'm guessing there's no embargo since the game is already out in Japan?
  3. Yup soundtrack was one of the best in a non-Nintendo game, its hauntingly beautiful.
  4. There is a buy $100 get $15 back offer, that's about it.
  5. So the video showing PC release date is now deleted and Square is mum about PC version, so we're back to square (no pun) one
  6. I think this is from trial missions very early, it was in the preview videos last month.
  7. Basically every Destiny boss ever.
  8. Yeah on Steam same day as EU PS4 release.
  9. Radec fight on hard gave me PTSD.
  10. If he stands up and runs in circle the range increases by 3-4 times. If he crawls it goes half of crouching. If he plays dead its literally 2 feet. I don't think that's how it works in real life, but this is one of those videogame things. There's nothing stopping them from making AI notice you 100ft away instead of 10ft, they do it by choice and not because they can't. For eg the guy rags on about how in Sniper Elite you can hide in a bush with your head above it and still not get noticed. Well in original MGS3 you could hide in tall grass completely, but every time you tried to look in first person view all you'd see is grass and nothing else. If you pop your head out you obviously get detected. So you're either hidden and blind, or exposed and fight everyone. They fixed the camera in re-release because how frustrating it was to play.
  11. That MGS complain is such bullshit especially when Kojima himself said the detection range is short on purpose (since original MG games) just for gameplay balancing purpose. If enemies could detect you as far as you could detect enemies, you wouldn't be able to go 2 feet into enemy camp without getting detected. I don't think the guy understands what good AI is, seems like another youtuber who likes to 'school' devs on how to develop games.
  12. And here I thought there was a nip slip or something, was scouring the videos like an idiot.
  13. Yall chose a wrong platform to play weird japanese character action jrpg
  14. Day one Pro patch will add performance option for higher unlocked framerate.
  15. Story and combat is universally praised by practically everyone. From Ars Guess you can't judge the whole game from one derpy cutscene.
  16. Jim Sterling – 9.5 / 10.0 (Superb) http://www.thejimquisition.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review/ For people who want an opinion from a male who's experienced in the genre. Also frm KF
  17. 9.5 from Polygon what in the fk http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/20/14576092/horizon-zero-dawn-review-ps4-playstation-4-sony-guerrilla-games METACRITIC | OPENCRITIC GiantBomb | 5/5 Cogconnected | 10/10 Playstation Lifestyle | 10/10 CheatCodeCentral | 4.9/5 PSX-Sense.nl | 9.5/10 Zwame | 9.5/10 God is a Geek | 9.5/10 Polygon | 9.5/10 Playstation Universe | 9.5/10 Jimquisition | 9.5/10 IGN | 9.3/10 Everyeye.it | 9.2/10 Meristation | 9.2/10 IGN Spain | 9.2/10 Gameblog.fr | 9/10 GamePro | 9/10 Forbes | 9/10 Gamespot | 9/10 Push Square | 9/10 Eurogamer.it | 9/10 Hardcore Gamer | 4.5/5 Multiplayer.it | 8.8/10 Vandal | 8.8/10 Game Informer | 8.75/10 New Game Network | 8/10 Metro | 8/10 Videogamer | 8/10 Easy Allies | 4/5 Destructoid | 7.5/10 Stevivor | 7/10 USGAMER | 2.5/5
  18. Reviews dropping in about an hour. In the mean time..
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