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  1. need to buy a dualshock 3, and the cheapest i'm getting is at homeshop18 for 2280/- after using coupons..


    but i want to confirm beforehand if that's a genuine one as i got a fake one from ebay recently for 2.2k with bill and the seller even confirmed earlier that he was selling only genuine ones..


    so, anyone..??

  2. i was wondering if there will be new lot of games for the remaining days as the rockstar sale is from 15-17th of April and if that's correct, and assuming steam follows pst time zone, when will they be declaring the second day's sale.. :scratchchin:

  3. If its any comfort to you, hyderabad weather has been good for last few days..Today was a bit hotter so I had to put on both the fans in my lobby...


    PS: :P



    that does it.. :O that is insult to injury..!! :spank:



  4. you have no idea what delhi was like today. dont think there was a minute of the non-ac part of the day where i wasnt sweating. soooo humid.



    ^^ very true yaar.. exam bhi tha.. and fat ke hath me aa gayi.. upar se meri gadi ki keys gadi ke andar hi reh gai and then 1.5 hrs in afternoon sun.. :P

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