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  1. Landlord's father and mother in hospital and bro and sister in law in home quarantine and are positive. I the last 2 days i have heard about 10+ people in my circle. This sh*t is getting crazy.
  2. My masi's family in Meerut are all infected. Last I heard my two cousin sisters, both bro in law and one of the 4 nieces have got it. One of the bro in law collapsed on the street but is otherwise fine. Other bro in law had to get admitted and has been shifted to a room.
  3. A very influential and important government contractor I knew has died from Covid. I had met him last month three to four times. I dont know what medical issues he had but he was very obese. Gone in 5 days as told by his employee.
  4. I didn't have any idea about that. I dont know if they sell spare remotes. Ill call them up and ask. Some generic remotes on amazon dont have very positive reviews so thought id ask here.
  5. Bro idk what's funny but funnily enough i could use the arrow keys and select button on my bravia remote to use prime video functions of android fire stick. Do you have any recommendations? Otherwise plz gtfo.
  6. Any leads on a good universal remote for a sony bravia led tv? My original remote also worked for controlling android fire stick connected to my sony led tv.
  7. Some 75000 new cases on monday. Was thinking finally there is some respite then realized that the new case count is for Monday. Days are flying by and have to specially check what date and day it is.
  8. If there ever was a meltdown. This is how congress supporters must feel. OMG.
  9. Imho both Maharashtra govt and Central government are standing together. The way Maharashtra government is provoking this ssr and kangana issue shows they dont want focus to move to Covid19. The way they revive the issues just when the bwood things loses steam. Now it is all about drugs and drug seizure across country. Same goes for central government. They get to evade china and covid numbers as well. I am a big supporter of PM Modi but I hate the politics going on in this country.
  10. That's so true. I don't even remember what happens in UC3 and UC4. Uncharted series maxed out with UC2. It was too perfect a game. On the other hand God of War was a great save after the disaster that ascension was for me. I was scared that I wouldn't like GoW either.
  11. This thread and news in general have become a horror story. Too much gloom and doom. Oxygen problem is so bad that Maharashtra government has given ambulance status to vehicles transporting oxygen. I am really scared for my parents as my dad just doesnt listen. He is happily going to d mart and to vegetable vendor regularly. I even got my liquor home delivered few days back and cancelled my goa plan as well. I am not even visiting stores to buy bread. The only risk i am taking is by meeting people for business related work and that's it. Every time I meet someone for work i live the next few days in fear.
  12. https://m.timesofindia.com/world/rest-of-world/coronavirus-was-made-in-wuhan-lab-claims-chinese-virologist/articleshow/78107927.cms?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=TOIMobile
  13. Indian government considering emergency use authorization of Vaccines for the elderly population. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2640BO
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