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  1. Actually i forgot. Since I have moved to another society. Here only YOU broadband is available or BSNL & Hathaway. airtel was available at the previous society. It's been very long since I have had broadband installed. I had to take an extra JIO connection just for home data usage.
  2. Sadly in my area apart from Airtel and you broadband nothing else is available. Spectranet and the likes are available only in few areas near Hinjewadi, Wakad and not in my Area.
  3. I seriously dont get the concept of Downloading games. I am yet to download the free GTA5 which I have been waiting to replay. 100 gb aint a joke and with the new gen coming up I am guessing the games would end up in the crazy 200 GB category. For that we will also need to shell out 2 to 3 k every month on good internet plans at least in Pune. So it wont cost just 1$ a month. TP is god sent for people like me. 200 to 300 is all you gotta pay if you are lucky otherwise it is max 500 bucks for a game once in a while.
  4. How is the wildcraft mask? Is it good or better than N95? I am currently using that one.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiatoday.in/amp/world/story/scientists-say-coronavirus-is-airborne-ask-who-to-revise-recommendations-1697409-2020-07-06
  6. My post might sound like a conspiracy theory but i didnt mean to write it that way. my main intention is to pray that a cure or a treatment is found soon. the only thing i dont agree with you on is that "Big Pharma is NOT controlling the narrative" Now scientist are saying that corona virus is Airborne and have asked WHO to revise its guidelines.
  7. Hasnt this gone out of control? Lockdown couldn't control it. Big pharma is not allowing medicines that could treat this at home by discrediting anything that performs well. Everyone wants only remdesivir to be used but that can only be administered via IV. Favipiravir which is cheap and in a tablet form has been discredited. A friend of mine took tamil flu treatment at home and got well but i dont read about it as a treatment. How long to sit at home? But at the same time when I do go out people behave like jerks and maintain no distance. I shout at min 5 people when I go out. I have developed anxiety sitting at home. Aise nahi mare toh waise maro.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiatoday.in/amp/india/story/centre-announces-ban-chinese-apps-privacy-issues-1695265-2020-06-29 Tiktok to be banned. Lel. It is a crime against humanity anyway.
  9. Yes i meant Freshly cooked food. I guess there should have been several reports by now. Or there is a restaurant mafia that is not allowing any such news to leak
  10. I used to order food from outside a lot pre lockdown. I haven't had a single bite of food prepared outside since lockdown was announced but IMHO there would have been several and I mean several reports of restaurant food spreading corona by now. 1 cr cases in the world and not even 10k cases linked to eating outside food?
  11. Tried making rassam rice. Followed this recipe What a disaster. My wife said either rassam is a not a tasty item or I suck at cooking and should stop wasting ingredients.
  12. Watching Aarya on Hotstar. I have really liked the show so far. Find all the actors convincing apart from that cop. It is a slow paced one but engaging. Family drama types.
  13. I have a perpetual scratchy throat if I dont eat right. Take Kanthill. It will go away.
  14. Actually Lonar Lake has turned red/pink. So I wouldn't be laughing at all. All the biblical criteria has been met.
  15. 2 new genders and 5 more sexualities They got too much freedom and capitalism. There were reports on mile long queues for rations in US due to lockdown and my mom was shocked that a lot of the cars in the news looked really posh for people to take help like this. Guess thats what capitalism does to people.
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