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  1. Yeah no good guys in the family. Tom is fine. Gregg needs to be dead.
  2. So I finished season 1 of succession. If I have anything to learn from this series I would say every business family should let the children become their own person first. This one is so different from all other series in which they just show how people are a dark horse. This one is more tuned to reality.
  3. Why? Is it starring Kamaal Khan as Venom and Rakh Savant as Spiderwoman?
  4. I negotiate really hard but i go soft on them sometimes and buy without negotiating as I want such stores to survive. I alone have purchased worth 3 to 4 lacs from them. That's a lot in terms of repeat business.
  5. Hello Putin. Nice try. But no thanks
  6. You are not buying neo qled? Also Kohinoor Baner, Pune is my go to appliance place. I once bought a washing machine from them which got damaged as it had to be carried from ground to 7th floor (the society had a stupid rule of not transporting appliance in lift while allowing lpg cylinder of same weight) The unit was replaced with no questions asked. I gifted a refrigerator to my parents and the model of the fridge got mixed up (same model but different variant). The issue was resolved in 2 to 3 calls. They tried to convince me to keep the fridge but I had a very specific requirement to not accept it and was replaced amicably. I get the best rates from them but the team at my nearby store has changed so no longer know who I am but they can give the most awesome and unbelievable rates some times.
  7. That is still a sizeable population. 8+ students can have a pandemic of their own. One kid can infect in double digits.
  8. With schools and colleges opening isnt the under 18 population at risk? I mean almost 40 to 50 cr u18 population is unvaccinated and add that to a lot of anti vax population. That population combined can have a 3rd wave on their own. Govt should not get ahead of themselves and focus on vaccination for under 18 population. They still have not started vaccination of under 18 even with zydus vax available.
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