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  1. Sorry. I meant milk tea. One of my relatives said that one of her relatives got that pigment thingy after drinking tea right after having fish as a dare.
  2. I have eaten different types of dessert after having fish. The myth in my family is to avoid tea after having fish. We haven't tried doing that. And who drinks tea after fish anyway?
  3. Had to order food from outside. Accidentally ordered chicken version and didn't realise until i had my first bite Due to covid we have been mandatorily heating our food properly and boiling it and only then eating it.
  4. That's cuz customers are bad as well. Some of them worse than the others.
  5. Gotta wear a mask for a long long time. Hopefully the side effects should be clear by the time general population gets this. A basic health checkup should be made mandatory before getting a vaccine. Sad that the essential workers are being made guniea pigs all over the world.
  6. 6 more people have died since that article came out and the age limit is now at 75 and above from previous estimate of 80 and above.
  7. So it's ok if a vaccine kills a frail person. Alright
  8. Wtf!! https://m.timesofindia.com/world/europe/23-die-in-norway-after-receiving-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-13-were-nursing-home-patients/articleshow/80304008.cms
  9. Run for the hills!!! Anti vaxxers are here!!!
  10. I have a baleno and i have used it on highways a lot and I have never found it lacking in any aspect. Baleno has the best backseat space. Imho baleno is already very old now. Altroz is definitely a safer option and infact Tatas have finally found their USP in car safety. With a lot more Tata cars on road the service quality too has to keep up. I wouldnt recommend a hyundai car if you drive on highways a lot apart from the new creta. Hyundai cars have the lightest steering wheels and what teambhpians call a boat like ride quality. Their high speed manners are not so confidence inspiring. There is Nissan Magnite to consider as well or Renault Kiger.
  11. Even i second this man. The reason govt hasn't approved moderna or pfizer is cuz they cant integrate them in their chain. If they allow them to launch privately opposition will cry that the government works only for the rich and the middle class. I pay so much tax that i have no money left after meeting my living expenses every year. With gst i pay 18% on my margin and another 33 % in IT which makes it almost 50% in taxes. But my life is not worth anything for the government or the opposition. We already have a close call at home. My senior citizen parents just couldn't manage cleaning by themselves and hired a maid. She is on leave as she is unwell. We are hoping that it is a lie as she just doesnt want to work there.
  12. 2020 says, Happy new year bitches. https://m.republicworld.com/india-news/city-news/h5n8-virus-detected-in-indore-officials-launch-drive-to-trace-suspected-individuals.html?fbclid=IwAR2KUfYAjTGd-S_wGLpL-lcwXBBKZfzIEeCnxdWWv6WKy5P0k5AQzhvbNl0
  13. if you compare the below specs do they match with the ooni koda? Pizza Oven Dimensions: Oven in Closed Condition: Width 22.5 inch Length 19.5 inch Height 11 inches Oven in Open Conditions: Width 22.5 inches Length 19.5 inches Height 15 inches Oven Mouth Opening Dimensions: Width 17.5 inches ( STONE SIZE 16 inches) Height 4 inches
  14. @kunjanp what are your thoughts on this? Is this ontn thing a good alternative? How much did your Device cost?
  15. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/india-set-to-approve-its-first-covid-vaccine-nationwide-dry-run-tomorrow/articleshow/80062783.cms Black marketing news coming soon.
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