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  1. Jaisa raj waisi praja. But yeah it is a meaningless rant from my side as it is not gonna make any difference in Amazon's policy. Well rants on any social media site is meaningless.
  2. I have watched about 30% of top gun when it was free on prime video. You think it makes sense to put a 36 year old film previously streaming without charge suddenly on rent?
  3. No doubt amazon prime is good. I don't expect them to keep giving so much and not charge it is fair enough. But dont pull sh*t like renting an 80s movie as its sequel is out? What next? Put previous seasons of the boys on rent when they release the new season?
  4. Jupiter se bade aholes man. I mean now that no way home is available on Netflix they should have made it free on prime video too.. Guess good that they have shown us what's gonna happen in the future. Gotta start
  5. Primevideo has started this new sh*t of putting movies on rent. I haven't watched top gun yet and they know that people would be watching that before watching the new top gun movie so they have put the old top gun on rent too. Just watched Spiderman No way home( what a shite) on netflix which is also on rent on prime since some time now. What are they trying to pull here?
  6. A segment that loses 2/3rds of its value in a time period says a lot. Compared that to buying a share in RIL, Tata etc is any day safer. Even if they lose 50 % of their value in a sell off. As you still have some fundamentals to hold on to.
  7. I am taking rabies vaccine so can't take booster dose even though i was eligible and didn't take it in april end(cuz krona toh gya vro). Ab doctor ne manna kar diya covid booster ke liye till current vaccine gets over. July mein lunga maybe tab tak maybe fir krona chala jayega vros.
  8. Bhai mujhe dede. Kyon mehenat karwana hai logo se?
  9. If the room is big the it is always better to go for a little extra capacity. If you have provision for split then buy a split acs. Window acs are very noisy and even if window acs are not noisy initially they wil get on your nerves one day.
  10. Oh sorry i thought you require split ac. I didn't notice window ac.
  11. There is one daikin model FTKM50UV. It is 5250 and around 46k in Pune. You can try that one. It's iseer rating is 5.2 which is an uncommon rating for acs.
  12. Suits is basically a show where one character throws a punchline and walks away. Every damn scene. It will ruin the show for many but i stopped watching it for the same reason.
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