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  1. What sort of demented comment is that? She is his daughter in law.
  2. Actually from oct to nov onward their lean season starts as it is monsoon over there and being an island, monsoon = extremely heavy rains. During my trip it for some reason rained only at night. I went there in Jan 2018 i think and it cost me something similar. 50k flights for 2ppl by singapore airlines(they really feed you well). Hotels are available in all sorts of range. I dig deep and always find the cleanest place with good breakfast. the trick is to just book a good place that has refundable tariff and keep checking for deals regularly before your trip. Really good hotels drop the prices from time to time. Semanyak and Kuta are the best areas over there. Beer is cheap but hard drinks are very very expensive so bars are notorious for methanol poisoning so carry your quota from duty free. Otherwise make do with beer and arak (tharra) which is safe and available at good convenience stores.
  3. Bangkok is yuck. I went there with friends and they did all sorts of stuff. I mainly went cuz i like thai food and wanted to buy a led tv. I literally used to sit outside in the cab while they went for whoremongering and pig pong shows. The driver thought that I am gay and even hit on me. Had to sleep on the floor of my 5star room as friends got whores in the suite and I couldn't sleep on the same sheets. Worst thing is that i didnt like the thai food there and my tv konked off in a month of getting it here. Even worse thing is I dont even have any dignity as I am sure everyone in my family would think that I have done stuff regardless of the fact that i did not even look forget actually doing something shitty. Yuck!! Edit:- even the massage staff at five star hotels offer happy ending. The whole place is dirty. I would never go there. Go to Bali. Place is much better, cheaper etc. Go by Singapore airlines. They feed you so much you would feel you are a damaad.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/405143667886088/permalink/621285099605276/ Toonbhp rocks. One laugh a day guaranteed.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/groups/405143667886088/ This fb page is making teambhp the rahul gandhi of forums. Right up @Pushy alley. The way they troll teambhp is cringey but extremely funny. I have started visiting fb again for the lels.
  6. That is the joke. Haath dhooke peeche pade hai.
  7. I have recently heard that even some ongoing car loans are being revised as per repo rate hikes similar to how home loans work. Be very clear if the car loan you take will have same ROI for the tenure.
  8. Why is there a lockdown in Chengdu? Isnt covid a virus mostly under control now?
  9. What about Indian Lives? Only American white lives matter.?
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