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  1. I find this film even funnier than hera pheri
  2. Sip is showing negative return Will hold off investment for a while and time and do lumpsum payments into it.
  3. All I am trying to tell is that while Kia and Hyundai share parts, Kia is tuned for better ride and handling than hyundai cars. In India specifically Seltos offers a complete package it is loaded with features and the suspension setup is such that it is a great car to drive as we. It has taken them time to reach here but do a side by side test ride of Seltos 1.4 and Taigun. The Taigun will obviously feel solid but seltos won't be a softy either. I have a 1.5 l na seltos but when I test rode seltos before booking I got to drive 1.4l and i was blown away. European cars are by default very good in ride and handling. I see everyone pointing out safety issues associated with Kia and Hyundais but never see a corresponding sales increase in safer cars in India. Even on team bhp. They are a group of hypocrites. Raining cretas and seltos on tbhp as well. That said I hate hyundai as a brand. I never buy their cars I just fell for seltos and I guess it will remain as the only purchase in Hyundai family. I dont like any other car from their line up.
  4. VW and Skoda are a joke in India. The kinda models they launched previously i used to think that they are here to launder money. How can a MNC be so dumb otherwise?
  5. KIA is literally the sportier version of hyundai. If we didn't have Jeep Compass in India, Seltos 1.4 Ltr Petrol would be the number 1 in ride, handling and fun to drive in its segment in India. It is a gem of an engine. 1.3 ltr 156 BHP engine in now discontinued Duster was great too.
  6. Why are you not considering kia carens?
  7. On rent over there too.. f**k it. Ima start Internet speeds are faster now.
  8. What the f**kity f**king f**k is up with amazon prime? Spiderman no way home on rent for 99 bucks? Do they want people to ????
  9. They dont usually bother with all this unless you are smuggling gold and that too in an international flight. A mardwadi friend shifted from Pune to Gurgaon and carried all her jewellery with her. You can imaging then qty of gold a typical marwari has just triple it.
  10. I had the misfortune of watching a bit of Resident Evil:- Welcome to Racoon City. Couldn't get past even 20 mins or so. It was such a cliche and so stupid. Itchy Tasty!!!
  11. Stupid pricing if true as MG ZS excite variant is only a few lacs away.
  12. At least biden and his family wouldn't sit on the throne like gandhi family does and have multiple generations for revival. I made a blunder. I named my child and later found out that my child shares name with someone from gandhi family. My child is going to hate me one day.
  13. Good attempt at humour. You do realise that even flu vaccines get an update every year? Or for that matter the flu vaccine received in sept (winter) is different than what you take in August (monsoon)? Or maybe the pediatrician didnt explain well..
  14. I have no plans of getting booster dose. The vaccines were made for alpha variants and havent got any update. What's the point?
  15. With this ongoing outbreak there is a possibility of another delta like super variant coming out of china this time?
  16. tum dono apna introvuction doge?
  17. Wtf tikka in 69 aaj toh mein dabba ke rahunga
  18. An important update. I kept running after 5 star inverter with lowest consumption. A daikin AC fit the bill which showed 720 units a year for 1.5 tons. Turns out that's not how one is supposed to buy AC. The consumption is based on cooling capacity in watts. I recently purchased a 2 ton daikin and while selecting a 2 ton i discovered that a lot of 2 ton acs were actually between 6000 watts or 6600 watts only daikin was 7100 watts which is true 2 tons. Rest of the acs are 1.7 to 1.8.tons masquerading as 2 tons in the range of 6000 to 6600 watts which is good for 200 to 260 sq ft and I needed a proper ac for my 300 sq ft hall. Later when I checked watts of my 1.5 ton and it was 5000 watts which is actually 1.42 tons and a lower priced model of daikin was 5250 watts which everyone was pushing me for but I was lured by 720 units consumption. The consumption is low because cooling wattage is also low. The other model was 784 units per year @5250 watts and 1.49 ton I could have done with the extra cooling capacity as my bedroom has wooden flooring and my room takes time to cool down due to it. Plus it is 190 sq ft so a proper 1.5 ton would have helped. 😑 Another chaube ji banne gaye chabbe ji experience of my life. Next time check the cooling in watts. There is difference in watts in variants of same companies.
  19. That was the semi spoiler i spoke about 😑
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