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  1. I have never seen an electronic product's price being hiked two years after it got released with tata motors level crap QC.
  2. the way things are being digitised IVG is the only place i dare to go easy with words. Everywhere else one wrong word and your life is fed
  3. dont make political jokes. marna hai kya? one can be thrown in jail and no one will come to rescue. i absolutely refrain from joking about anything political even with my closest friends. pata nahi kiski kab hatt jaye.
  4. We should put a disclaimer against samsung products. Dunno how they have reached the top with such poor quality products.
  5. Lets see if that warranty works or not. the service support is even shittier. they closed my request after asking me to reply with my address and other details. like how am i supposed to reply now? anyway i reached out on whatsapp and the bot asked me to perform a system reset and the pixel vanished after that. now i gotta install everything and login again everywhere. and if the pixel reappears i will have to go through this again. in my experience once samsung tv develops a panel fault it definitely gets worse every passing day. samsung never again.
  6. seriously i am done the samsung products for life now. My Samsung Neo Qled has a dead green pixel on the screen already it has been over a year. on the other hand my sony led tv refuses to die even after 9 years and still runs good. at the time of purchase following was the warranty wording SAMSUNG Neo QLED 125 cm (50 inch) QLED Ultra HD (4K) Smart TV Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Product and 1 Year Additional on Panel. Does this mean after standard warranty of 1 year gets over you get panel warranty for another year? or the warranty is 1 year on product and 2 years on panel? the samsung website shows my tv out of warranty,
  7. Personally know some sickos who are happy that a new covid variant may emerge out of china and lead to a lockdown here and wfh will continue. One of them is pregnant.
  9. I have QN90 50 inch tv. The samsung tv app is the default app and the streaming is so fast that it feels like I have cable connection. The selection of channels is decent as well.
  10. Wednesday is so good that I dont want the series to end ever.
  11. Lel. I started watching at 50 mins and within 5 mins i was suprised how japan havent scored yet. They were playing a mean game..
  12. Can some one help me get a (P)iece of (S)hit 5 as well? f**king first time gonna a buy a Piece o sh*t for more than launch price.
  13. There is a waiting of 36 weeks for Sonet AT Diesel.
  14. So i did that today. A whole thread followed.
  15. Gotta say that there is cringe and then there is bhramastra.
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