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  1. Dont have a next gen console yet. Will be doing that PC thingy.
  2. Actually flipkart page says 60 hz for 50 inch and 120 for 55 inch. But when I go to samsung page it doesn't have any such disclaimer for 50 inch model like they have for ots. Like 50 inch has Ots lite as mentioned in the OTS section. In the 120 hz rr section it doesnt have any such disclaimer that 50 inch has a lower refresh rate. Even if the refresh rate is 60 i have no way of finding out how to check. I dunno about VRR either. Some of the experts can help. Gotta say one thing though if my emi cancel goes smoothly and i am not charged the interest discount then this is probably the best TV for less than 70k. Only the LG 55 b oled would come close after applying similar tactic.
  3. Have you tried teambhp classifieds?
  4. And get scammed for 30 to 40 lacs in process.
  5. I am in a similar boat. My main business has crashed too. I started something new in dec-jan that is barely running my household. But my reason is not tourism or directly covid related but it is due to global raw material prices of iron ore and coal that has gone through the roof. All businesses should have a contingency plan and a side business. I will diversify even more after this scare. As it is my main business used to leave me with a lot and lot of extra time during my best days i would have gone crazy this year and my health would have deteriorated too as i get tensed very very easily. Plus we had a very major health related issue of a family member. The insurance got rejected on top of that.
  6. I hear people saying these golden words between waves "Corona toh Gaya" "Corona ab khatam hai" Getting deja vu. No social distancing, making goa plans, partying, shopping, making fun of people wearing masks, news articles on how India is doing better than other western countries etc.
  7. The Expanse on this tv is better than porn. Ps:-Apologies for the sh*t posting. But i can't help myself
  8. Yes 50" for 74k. Took it on emi so end price was 68k something. Asked ICICI cc to cancel the emi and take full payment. Lets see how that goes. They have said no penalty or charges.
  9. Thanks for the assist guys. I would have bought a simple lg or acer tv otherwise.
  10. Got my Qn90 neo qled installed today. If this is so good an oled must be such a treat. Gotta say that I am mind blown. Was watching black widow and it is just full hd on hotstar. So so slick.
  11. Theek hai. Do baar samjhne mein kya harzz hai.
  12. So I have bought my Qled Neo on no cost emi using Icici credit card. Can i foreclose and keep the interest discount?
  13. There is open box inspection. I should go ahead with that right as long as the delivery person opens it?
  14. Did a side by side comparison between Neo Qled QN 90, Sony 80j and 90j Oled and another LG Oled all 55 inch models. All four were already installed next to each other. Neo Qled definitely looked better than 80 j. 90j and Lg oled were a little brighter than 80j. 80j would be too dull in a properly lit room or the vijay sales people didnt tune the tv right. Otherwise if brightness is the criteria then i am happy that i chose neo qled over oled. History HD channel was playing and it didn't look all that great on any of the tvs.
  15. This IWQNB is selling a lot of banner listed TVs. It is also selling that Hisense u6g, LG Oled, Samsung tvs etc. I have placed an order as i am not getting my tv for less than 82.5k and at flipkart i got it for 74k. I will still try and get a better offer today from Vijay Sales once and cancel this order even if i get like 78ish as I am getting 3 years warranty from showroom.
  16. It is selling a lot of LG, Samsung and other banner listed tvs for flipkart.
  17. For 55 it is not less than a lac. I already asked
  18. My regular offline store at best matched the offer with croma. Gave them an earful. Is 90 a better or 85?
  19. The seller looks alright in the flipkart page? @santanu18 need your help too. Flipkart price works out to 73k wit card offers
  20. Went to croma to check out tvs. Now BC yeh Neo LED kya bala hai Getting 50 Inch Samsung Neo Led qn90 for 82k after offers. https://www.samsung.com/in/tvs/qled-tv/qn90a-50-inch-neo-qled-4k-smart-tv-qa50qn90aaklxl/ Take a look at this SAMSUNG Neo QLED 125 cm (50 inch) QLED Ultra HD (4K) Smart TV on Flipkart https://dl.flipkart.com/s/j9hQamuuuN
  21. It is 15 bar so it should work fine. But be careful of used coffee machines. They can have a very bad cockroach infestation. How much are you getting it for?
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