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  1. Some 15 years ago my mom accidentally stepped on one and got hit with rheumatoid arthritis in few days. She used to go on evening walks and got bed ridden few days later and now she cant even walk properly. It started with accidentally stepping on a nimbu only. Although scientifically speaking she got a sore throat and didnt treat it so it progressed to rheumatoid arthritis. But she stepped on that god forsaken lemon. I am mighty afraid of them for this reason. I hate the people who do that. And no way you can avoid them.. if you stepped one maybe just do pooja and fast on an auspicious day. Read Hanuman chalisa few times. Even though these things are not scientific but they are reassuring.
  2. I f**king avoid them like plague. It is a f**king nopes for me.
  3. Errr. With axlerod leaving billions the show is not fun anymore.
  4. Mera toh popat ho gaya. I bought daikin 5 star inverter looking at iseer rating and paid a little extra thinking that power consumption would be low but it seems it consumes more power than my 5 year old lg 3 star dual inverter AC. Guess dual inverter does work. Used the Daikin for 12 hrs and got 6 units of consumption. My LG takes 3 to 4 units and sometimes a little less.
  5. I understand bro. Daru pi ke mujhe bhi aisi same philosophy aati hai
  6. What is your issue? While I dont post over there regularly if I do I make sure the post is meaningful and contribute something to the discussion. Your posts have to be factual or logical. My english is not that great so I am sure that I make frequent grammatical errors myself and I have never got any infraction points for them as I try to carry forward the discussion. i recently even managed to troll a member there. also Slang, more than two emojis in a post, .... and one liners are not allowed. You must have accidentally used a slang word or something.
  7. thank you brohiems @DinJo @harsh1387 @Bird Bird Bird @CtrlAltDev93 @LordSpymaster @abhi90 Bought the Daikin ac only. outdoor unit is super quite so my upstairs neighbour should be happy. it shows actual inverter running level in %age. although buying a daikin is a pain in the a*s. the plug point is supposed to be connected to outdoor unit so have to rework the wiring plus they have this weird policy about not giving the said power cable for the outdoor unit. they only provide indoor to outdoor cable. it cost me 51k to 52k with installation and core cutting etc for a 1.5 ton 5 star but if it runs well and saves electricity then it would be worth it. the iseer rating is 5.2 which is ultra low running cost. I suggest everyone to avoid buying AC from reliance digital as they force you to take only their installation service in advance otherwise they cannot sell you the AC offline. The guy who is assigned knows that you have no choice but to agree to his terms as you have already paid for installation and cannot send the technician back. he asked for 350 rs to wrap duct tape to the outside pipes. i got him duct tape from hardware and he said "duct tape 50 rupaye ka hai, mein lagane ke 350 maang raha tha". "gol gol lagana padta hai and some other bullshit" charged me 250 rs for rubber dampeners which lg give 2 sets for free.
  8. What are you thoughts on air conditioners? Which brand to buy? I am looking for 1.5 ton 5 stars and have narrowed down on this. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Anti Pollution Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 0.1 Filter, 2020 Model, JTKJ50TV, White) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07HFFRC3V/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_DJBZN2ED40WQDN02CH3K Power consumption is 744 units a year. I have a 5 years old lg 1.5 inverter 3 stars with 1200 units a year and it has an extremely low power consumption. Getting it for 46k from vijay sales. Looking to get it on hdfc no cost emi to run that prepayment scam.
  9. Livemint:- Harsh Goenka shares a simple yet effective management lesson on how to succeed.
  10. That means he has been cancelled.
  11. That's why gold bond ftw
  12. Lel. I thought min sensex will fall 5000 points.
  13. Now they are comparing Omicron BA.2 to delta. Probably as lethal and transmissible. I am too tired and old for this sh*t. I wanna retire to the hills man.
  14. What the lel is going on with the market? I love sip investment. Should have started 8 yrs back when my cousins in banking introduced the concept but i was not so bothered about savings.
  15. That's a life lesson and not a joke. No wonder I did not find it funny.
  16. i did not understand this one that well.. like does his father consider him to be dumb and wants to save the land from his son?
  17. first in line to buy in that case
  18. Why? is the game not going to be good like the first one? kyon bhai? Aloy ka nft le rahe kya
  19. so will i easily get this one on TP for ps4 ?
  20. hi. is conflict of interest an ethical issue or it is illegal?
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