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  1. Dont care much for sony acquiring new companies. Their first party studios churn good enough games to justify buying a PlayStation over xbox any day. Only elder scrolls is the major butthurt.
  2. Indian soap opera effect?
  3. No one is going to be playing this on PS4? I was gonna pick this one up 2nd hand.
  4. I put about 2k per month in quant small cap. Was drunk one night felt like gambling and started it. Is it any good? I am getting the best return in my line up at this very moment.
  5. I would totally recommend going for Seltos. Nothing beats the looks, features and resale value. I have paid through the nose for servicing my Tata Aria. They literally wait for your warranty to get over and then start finding errors that previously werent there and cost a lot to fix. I am sorry to say that Tata Motors is a really great car manufacturer but a very poor service provider. I rejected Nexon EV for the same reason. I cry every time I fill petrol but I will not touch another Tata for a decade more. My relatives in Noida bought a Tata Harrier after riding my Aria (it is a great car) and they were blown away with the quality. But their new car was literally in the garage for 6 months. Skoda:- driver's car. sh*t service. Poor resale. Honda:- Can close shop anytime. Tata:- Great cars. Poor service. Maruti:- Lel car. Hyundai:- Shitty design. Kia:- FTW.
  6. Lel not a zero sun game. This will just put sony to work even harder and all it needs a new IP to blunt CoD. Like do a pubg and shitcrosoft can suck it.
  7. Kyon logo ke dil pe taala marna chata hai bhai?
  8. Well with the number of fully dosed people getting infected it is fair enough `\_(",)_/`
  9. Travelling to goa from Pune with a short halt in Karnataka for business purposes. Even goa trip is work and holiday combined. Has anybody crossed over to Karnataka from kolhapur highway side? It looks like rt pcr is mandatory even after full dose. Are they following that? If it is indeed a problem then ill skip entering KA altogether and go to goa from MH directly.
  10. Are toh maine thodi break up karwaya uska.
  11. Why do I keep getting banned and then unbanned?
  12. You are also FLW then why didnt you take vaccine yet? Anyway take care of bhabhiji dude
  13. My vaccination page is showing "FLW" front line worker. I qualify for precaution dose in april lel.
  14. Bro arthritis patients take it for months and years.
  15. I have always believed that we are being peddled this mild variant nonsense as there were too many contradictory statements being thrown about. Everyone is behaving normally outside due to this mild variant theory.
  16. .on top of that the commissioner is saying that there wont be a lock down. Even after crossing 20k per day
  17. India recorded 524 deaths yesterday. Total active cases in India are 2 lacs at present. Percentage wise very small but overall a high number . I believe we are being peddled mild variant to calm us all down. As per WHO omicron is mild but Highly transmissible and today they have claimed that the more it spreads the more it will mutate. Cant just make people go all out, right? A mini lockdown is highly required to stop transmission.
  18. They even do Anand Mahindra. Livemint is meme worthy.
  19. Livemint:- Harsh Goenka doesnt recommend wearing this type of mask.
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