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  1. The reason doesn't really matter though, does it? I have no stakes in the console wars and I'm not a fanboy of either company. If MS took a decision that is in line with my preference, then yeah, I'll support that. That would honestly be a bummer for me.
  2. What's so crappy about the argument? I use both controllers and I prefer the one with the batteries because I, personally, find it more convenient. It may not be the same to you and that's why it's called a preference.
  3. I don't like having a 5-6ft cable attached to my controller while I'm playing :\ No one is saying you should. Use whatever you prefer and let others use whatever they prefer.
  4. By having a spare set of batteries. Just keep the fully charged batteries somewhere nearby. Pop them in whenever you run out and then put the discharged batteries up for charging after you're done gaming. I prefer it over going wired whenever my controller runs out of juice. Of course, the rechargeable batteries are expensive but they seem worth it to me in hindsight.
  5. Now we just need @hope to be like....
  6. I see this as the culmination of the GoW: Ascension review controversy. A glorious fight to the death between reviewer and fanboy! @hope Never forget.
  7. STICK3Rboy

    Devil May Cry 5

    Yeah, it's kinda good in a bad way. Like a worn-out poster of an old b-movie.
  8. Man, Hades is such a blast to play! Combat is f**king incredible with so many different randomized "boons" that alter your playstyle on each run. It's fast as hell too and really satisfying. Haven't unlocked many weapons yet but the Vasatha spear has been my favourite so far. And like prior Supergiant games, the music and art are both fantastic!
  9. STICK3Rboy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah, it's indeed surprising and also a good sign. Hoping for the best.
  10. Check your connection. 480p is max res on mobile data.
  11. STICK3Rboy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Microsoft Flight Sim's recommended requirements are also pretty low
  12. @HundredProofSam still taking hearts and throwing them in valleys.
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