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  1. Finally completed the Battle Pass (didn't pay a single penny). Hope I can use it as an excuse to move on to other games now. sh*t's way too addicting. Also, lucked out and got the Extermination medal for the first (and maybe last) time
  2. Even though it can get a little frustrating because of the RNG aspect, I'd say go for it. You'll get to know how awesome some of the weapons can get with their traits upgraded all the way.
  3. Watched 2 episodes of Netflix's new slow-burn horror show, Archive 81. The central mystery is quite intriguing so far, and the whole thing is pretty f**king unsettling too. Loving it! Also, it has this short piece of music (don't know if I can even call it that) which is creepy as f**k and is now haunting my head :|
  4. Yeah, it's kind of a Zelda-like with Studio Ghibli vibes. Brilliant game! Also, amazing music
  5. RELEASE THE KRAKEN! The Kraken:
  6. Yeah, it reminded me of Gears TDM. Pretty intense.
  7. Same. Couldn't really bring myself to drop more than 1K on COD games. So it's perfect for me if they come to GP. Just added value to the money I've already paid.
  8. Cyber Showdown is live along with the new game mode, Attrition.
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