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  1. STICK3Rboy

    Doom Eternal

    Lol looks like each of us had a tough time with a different boss The toughest boss fight though was the final one, which was more of a test of endurance than anything. The fact that there were chances of you losing all or most of your health in one fell swoop if you weren't on your toes kept the tension high throughout. Yeah, but it was all wavy f**king Gladiator was testing Doom Slayer's kindergarten playground skills
  2. STICK3Rboy

    Doom Eternal

    Weird. I actually thought that was the easiest boss fight in the game and it felt kinda underwhelming because of that :\ I used lock-on missiles on Khan Maykr to quickly whittle down her health and kept farming supplies by head-shotting the Maykr Drones. I was expecting a follow-up round like how it was with the Doom Hunter but nope. Personally had a lot more trouble with the Gladiator and his damned skipping ropes
  3. Don't have any compatible device to check that on but it looks like it has the same old quality.
  4. STICK3Rboy

    Doom Eternal

    I think you'll get the hang of that the more you play because they become pretty much essential to survive (at least I felt that way ). I was the same initially but I'm using them so much now that I'm finding their cooldown time to be a bit long. Have planned to start using the Equipment Fiend rune to reduce the cooldown in the next master level that I play. I wish there was a way to unlock more rune slots :\ I try to always keep the Ballista handy. It's quite useful in taking out weak-points of the Mancubi, Arachnotrons and Revenants. And its Arbalest mod can be used to easily take out Cacodemons too. As far as ammo goes, just keep chainsawing as much as you can
  5. STICK3Rboy

    Doom Eternal

    AFAIK you don't get any extra gameplay mods/perks for beating the game. But apparently you can forgo the reload time on some of the weapons by quick-switching, which that guy seems to be doing plenty of. Here. Also, check this out to see the Marauder getting his sh*t f**ked up.
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