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  1. The Mandalorian is indeed f**king awesome! Has that sci-fi western vibe down pat and looks incredibly good to boot. Sucks that we only get an episode a week though. Would've binge watched the sh*t out of it otherwise.
  2. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    To add to this, there's also an asynchronous multiplayer system kinda like the one in Souls games. Except here instead of messages, you can put up traversal equipment like ladders, climbing anchors, ziplines etc. out in the world and also set up structures ranging from postboxes and watchtowers to generators and highways, which are visible to and can be used by a set of other players and vice-versa. From what I've played so far, highways especially require a lot of resources to build. But you're not alone in getting it built as the players you've been linked with can (and will) chip in with their share. It feels really nice to see long highways coming to fruition through such group effort, ultimately benefiting everyone.
  3. Game unlocks on 14th at 8:30pm IST for Premier members.
  4. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    It's just a hologram that you can customize your structures with. There's even an Aloy hologram. You get them by delivering packages to Hermen Hulst's character in the game.
  5. Man, it's good to have Rick and Morty back. S4E1 was great!
  6. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    Unless you're really sure you'll like this game after watching its gameplay videos/reviews, buying it digitally at full price is a bad idea. Anyway, now that you can't get it refunded, see if you can play it till you get to Episode 3. The game opens up with quite a few unlocks that make traversal easier.
  7. NSFW Also, the Final Cut (the best one) of the original Blade Runner is available now on Netflix. I guess on account of Nov 2019 being the month in which the movie is set in
  8. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    Was thinking I might have to leave it somewhere on routes with wide rivers or steep, rocky hills. But after ditching the trike and getting to Lake Knot City, it doesn't seem as precious to me now as it did initially Sounds good. But I think I now prefer the exoskeleton over the trike Still, I realize I might find a need for it again once I get a few highways built up. Yup. Time's flying when I'm playing this game.
  9. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    I'm still in Episode 2. Finding the game to be strangely addicting so far. Ohh and can someone nick my trike if I leave it somewhere? Don't wanna lose it.
  10. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    And you haven't even heard of the turd grenades
  11. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    IIRC, it's like putting up a ladder. Go to the equipment menu, select 'urinate' and then press L2+R2.
  12. STICK3Rboy

    Death Stranding

    Did you check your mail? They mailed it to me.
  13. Watched Doctor Sleep. Liked it quite a bit but the climax left a very sour taste in my mouth. It was rushed and just felt like a ham-fisted attempt at trying to recreate a few scenes from The Shining. I haven't read the book but apparently the ending's been changed here, which explains a lot.
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