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  1. STICK3Rboy


    Not exactly what you're looking for, but this might be of help. It shows the difference between each of the settings and how much each affects performance.
  2. This is awesome! So much detail!
  3. Yeah, it doesn't look as good as FH4 but it's the weather and particle effects that are the stars of the show which get better as you progress.
  4. First insert the PS4 disc of Miles Morales and upgrade it to the PS5 version for free from the game hub. Then in the game menu where you select your save file, press R1 to upgrade to Ultimate Edition. This costs 1K. You will then be able to download SM Remastered as a separate game. You don't need the disc to launch SM Remastered but you need it to launch the PS5 version of Miles Morales.
  5. Yeah. This video of theirs is an all-time favourite of mine. Never fails to make me laugh.
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