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  1. This is the impression I had when I played the demo a few months ago. Surprised by the glowing reviews.
  2. Holy sh*t Midnight Mass has gotten so interesting by episode 4! I would totally have binged this if I could. And yeah, stay away from spoilers people.
  3. Watched 3 episodes of Midnight Mass. So f**king good!
  4. It should be between these dates apparently: Start Date: 24/08/2021 End Date: 4/10/2021
  5. @Assassins Creed I think you'll qualify for this.
  6. STICK3Rboy


    Don't worry yourself too much with being undetected. You're going to be running those encounters many times. So do what comes to your mind and experiment with different tactics at every turn. Also, Nexus is your friend. I need to get back to this game. Kena has pretty much grabbed me by the balls for the time being.
  7. You should be the one handing out tips, considering how calm you seem to be while playing this
  8. Nice steelbook on preorders from GTS. Tempted.
  9. It gets a little better once you unlock rot mechanics and the bow. But yeah, gameplay isn't really a strong point. I find it perfectly serviceable though. Would advise playing on hard for a little challenge.
  10. That title makes it sound like Dumbledore is a fantastic beast
  11. The Director's Cut is PS5 exclusive. It's not available on PS4.
  12. This game is sooo purrdy! Can't get enough of it. Wish there were more poses in photo mode
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