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  1. I think that's Everwild. Rare's next game.
  2. Yeah, Servant was pretty good overall. The penultimate episode, though, was f**king fantastic! I think that episode was directed by Shyamalan himself. What irked me about this season was just how many questions were left unanswered.
  3. They were sent on patrol to scout and clear any stragglers from an area which had already been mostly cleared. It's pretty clearly mentioned that they have regular patrols to these areas and most of the time they don't even encounter any clickers. You can tell by their easy-going body language too (not just Ellie and Dina's but Joel and Tommy's as well in one of the flashbacks) that these patrols aren't really what they consider dangerous. It's just become a routine. It's also mentioned somewhere that if they do somehow come across any large group of clickers, they are not to engage and have to head back and report. Also, since you speak about training, don't you think these patrols can be considered as field training in low-risk areas? It's also pretty evident that those girls have been well-trained in handling weapons already. They didn't send her into combat She's a medic who was sent for rotation from one base to another within their own territory but they got ambushed midway. It was only supposed to be a drive.
  4. Only combat animations seem to have been improved (slightly). Nothing apart from that. Meh.
  5. Seems like you're just not looking at it from Ellie's point of view. If someone had been constantly lying to me about something that really mattered to me, even I'd be f**king pissed. Add to the fact that that thing happens to be something that is unique to her and has the potential to save the whole f**king world. It's like a super-hero having a super power and not being able to do anything with it. When you have something like that, you want it to matter and to have some purpose. Heck, people even without superpowers want their life to matter and have purpose in some way. Joel snatched that away from her. Now, most of the deaths that have been happening in the world are on her and on Joel. This is shown in that Hotel segment in one of the flashbacks where they find that dead couple. That feeling of guilt keeps adding up. At least Joel got to make that choice for himself where as Ellie had that choice taken away from her. Not saying that Joel was wrong in what he did. That is why these characters are as good as they are. Conflict has been created without having the characters stray away from what makes them true to themselves. Joel had his reasons for what he did as Ellie herself comes to understand but forgiving someone can still be hard. That's her whole arc. Also, why do you find it strange for her to be pissed off on Joel and then directly going into revenge mode? It's pretty clear that she still cares about him. People can and do get pissed off on family members and still care about them. And she behaves like a confused teenager because she is a confused teenager. As much as I like Joel, I'm glad they didn't do that. If they had, this game would probably have felt like an entirely separate chapter, just with the same characters. Now because the plot of this game and also Ellie's whole character arc take off from the implications of what was done in the first game (in perhaps the best way possible, I might add), both parts feel like a whole.
  6. That's what I was reminded of too. The outfit was already pretty badass. But once it got covered in blood, it was hard not to think of Die Hard.
  7. 389% price increase on Argentinian store. Damn it! Should've bought it when I had the chance :\
  8. PC is connected to a wall-mounted TV as well as a 21-inch monitor. Same TV connected to PS4 as well. All in bedroom. Don't exactly feel comfortable posting pics of my bedroom here. Hope you don't mind :/
  9. You can connect your PC to a TV too, you know I have mine connected to a 55 incher.
  10. Quite pleased with how this one turned out. Photo mode pic edited on instagram and lens distortions app.
  11. Exactly. And it's not until the very end that the game forces you to change tactics. But it was a little too late for that because by that time I had become pretty OP myself
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