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  1. So the last 3 world cups have been won by the host nations.
  2. This! The boundary rule is f**king stupid.
  3. I was under the impression that it would be coming out in Oct-Nov. What a pleasant surprise!
  4. Thank you. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. P.S. Don't watch the final either.
  5. 37yrs old and still gets into the Wimbledon final. f**king incredible!
  6. Why not watch Spidey? Also, apparently Crawl is good.
  7. The Lion King is at 57% on RT and will probably drop more. Apparently, they went so far with the photo-realism that the animals don't emote at all, making the movie feel soulless 😕
  8. Australia's loss to SA could very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for them. Had they topped the table, I don't think they could've beaten NZ on that pitch and in those conditions.
  9. Well, Far From Home certainly has more (and better) action than the previous one. There are a few sequences in particular (towards the end mainly) which I think would be great in 4DX. But can't really say for sure as I haven't experienced it myself 😕
  10. Speaking of 4DX, I watched Godzilla 2 in 4DX last week and I honestly quite enjoyed it. I went in expecting it to be just a distracting gimmick but I was pleasantly surprised to see it actually added to my experience. It's probably because the whole thing is completely in-sync with what is happening on screen (there was no interval either). I would liken the experience to what controller vibration brings to games (just with a lot more intensity :P). There were still a few distracting bits (the useless snow effect comes to mind) but I really don't think I would have enjoyed this movie had I not seen it in 4DX. Now I wish I could've seen Pacific Rim in 4DX 😕
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