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  1. Gris is awesome yo! It has pretty minimalistic gameplay, but it's not a straight-up walking simulator either (like it might initially seem). It's pretty competent. I guess how much you like this game depends on how mesmerized you are by the art and music, which are the main highlights. For me personally, it was a fantastic audiovisual experience that I still fondly look back at more than a year after playing it. And I might sound emo and pretentious, but if you've ever lost someone close, it will likely resonate with you more emotionally. But yeah, when you're getting it for free, it warrants a try at the very least
  2. I still think the movie is worth watching though. So if you guys are interested in it, you should check it out. The movie didn't blow my mind like I expected it to and I thought the one-shot technique hindered the movie more than it added to it. But that still doesn't make it a bad movie IMO. The actors have done a great job, the production design is also really good and there are admittedly a couple of brilliant sequences in there. It's just that I probably won't remember much about it a few months down the line, apart from the fact that it was a one-shot war movie. Also cinematography-wise, I'm sure this was an absolute nightmare to pull off and will surely get an oscar for it (god knows Deakins deserves it for his incredible body of work alone), but comparing the end results on-screen, I'd actually rate Dunkirk much higher than this. Not a big fan of that movie either but its cinematography definitely blew my mind!
  3. 1917 was good, but not quite as good as I was expecting it to be. There's no denying that the movie is indeed a technical feat but I was kinda left questioning the merits of making an entire movie like this employ the "one-shot" technique. It's supposed to make the movie more immersive, but it had the opposite effect on me. I was always aware of what the camera was doing. More so because all the edits were overly obvious which pulled me out of the movie. Even the set-pieces aren't nearly as tense as the one-shot sequences in something like Children of Men. I feel the movie would've been better off if they had just used the one-shot for select sequences instead of for the whole thing. It didn't really add much IMO and ultimately felt like a gimmick, which probably even crippled the movie to an extent. On the positive side though, both the lead actors are fantastic, the music is great and the movie looks really good (for the most part).
  4. STICK3Rboy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Sorry guys. They just had to release it on my birthday. They had no other choice. Hope you understand.
  5. Yeah, the trailer doesn't really do it any favours either. But it currently has a decent 64% rating on RT, albeit with a low number of reviews. --------- Anyway, tickets booked for 1917 tomorrow. f**king finally!
  6. STICK3Rboy


    Well I, for one, thought the gameplay was amazeballs The gunplay was satisfying, the powers were amazing and the environmental destruction was a sight to behold. Couldn't help but be reminded of the matrix lobby scene after most gunfights. And I loved the art direction and atmosphere too. Didn't really care much about the story. But yeah, it was sh*t.
  7. STICK3Rboy

    Gears 5

    Lol that happened to me a few times in versus MP. Getting myself killed fixed it for me though.
  8. Yeah, Cavill was a great fit for the character. Probably the only reason why I'll return to the show for the next season.
  9. Man, Trevorrow's story sounds a whole lot better than the sh*t that we got. Why couldn't we have got this instead? Duel of the Fates is such a great title too.
  10. Both not working for me :\ Says it's only available in select locations. Oh well, maybe I'll try it again later.
  11. STICK3Rboy

    Doom Eternal

    Pre-ordered it on steam back when it was supposed to release in November. Haven't cancelled it.
  12. Completed a few shows in the past couple of weeks. Mandalorian - Started well and ended well but the whole mid section was just meh. I'm usually fine with filler episodes but pretty much all of these had the same plot structure, which just made them boring and utterly predictable. Witcher - Was quite disappointed with this. I loved the first few episodes but I thought the quality took a bit of a nosedive as the show went along. I guess it was still fairly entertaining though :\ Watchmen - Pretty f**king fantastic! Can't believe how quickly I finished this because of how engaging it was. Some really good performances in there too. Also started watching Servant and it's pretty good so far. The premise is quite intriguing and the suspense is making me come back for more.
  13. I only played the second episode (the Atlantis one) and thought it was great! It's pretty much more of the same with a few good changes here and there but the three new settings are fantastic and manage to keep things fresh. Elysium, especially, is absolutely f**king gorgeous! The first episode is apparently pretty bland and shitty though. So if you don't care about the story chronology, I'd say start with the second episode first so you don't get burned out again. Or you could even skip the first episode entirely like I did
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