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  1. do you recommend the game on now or need few more patches and get on some sale
  2. time gating will be there as per their somewhat recent post - i was so excited for the game so that we can do raid back to back. I am playing this game from the beginning in on n off fashion. They have nailed the superhero combat part considering this multi superhero game with their own age old engine, but lack of content, technical limitation (no join in feature ). I recently got Gotham Knight - game is fun, combat is bit lacking compared to previous arkham and avenger. I am hugely disappointed with suicide squad kills justice as its a third person shooter with dc b listers skin
  3. I am using Hathway (Fibre) from 2+ years, paying 4k for 3 months at 200mbps and 4000 GB data. I got around 300 Mbps spreed most of the time. I open the port for the games that I play online. Hardly goes down, I am very happy with it Sent from my motorola one fusion+ using Tapatalk
  4. kemosabe

    Gaming PCs

    I am thinking upgrading my ancient cpu i5 3470 to i5 10400f with h410 mobo ,which will be paired with my existing rig n gtx 1060 6gb, Total online cost comes around 13k+6k+6k=24k. I am mostly playing RDR2 and Marvels Avengers at this point. For Mobo, I will really like to have intel wifi/bluetooth as due to some unreal reason my 8bitdo snenspro controller does not detected with tplink and another bluetooth dongle. On AMD side, I can select a B550 mobo with paired with amd 3500 or 3500x I am not following much tech recently, any suggestion regarding the mobo will be nice.
  5. Criticizing a most waited IP is a Thing for many reviewers now a days, might satisfy their inner need to tell themselves that they are in journalist.
  6. After watching Mandalorian, need some star wars phew phew - its on sale now, which version do u recommend base or the Celebration edition? Or game pass?
  7. Finally A Bond game by Hitman developer - match made in heaven
  8. Any info on how PC will take on high speed SSDs on ps5 and xbox series x. Directstorage API is coming to PC and there is RTX I/O, no sure if AMD has anything similar with their hardware, I am expecting a minimum and recommended sets of hardware requirements in PC to have access this technology
  9. Will it be a full 60$ game ? ME1 needs a huge overhaul - I tried to replay it few years, cant do it. ME 2 & 3 are good enough, mostly a modern game - better controller support, High framerate with better texture, with all DLCs might do the job
  10. kemosabe

    Gaming PCs

    I guess its cheaper than Iphone 12
  11. kemosabe

    Gaming PCs

    This is neat and this boggle my mind how Intel processor hold on its own with much higher nanometer (should be hotter and consume more power) against newest Processor by AMD in gaming, Do you think Intel might come back huge with its Mateorlake processor in 2022 or later
  12. My Ironman is 147 now, max leveleld Hulk, Ms marvel and Cap - need to gear them slowly.
  13. kemosabe

    Gaming PCs

    my bad its 16gb ram not 32gb
  14. kemosabe

    Gaming PCs

    25-30k ..not much of an overclocker myself Thank you guys for coming in for help. Ryzen 5 3600 is way expensive now, the closest at 15k range in Ryzen 5 3500x, I called a local shop for Ryzen 5 3500x+cheap 320mbo +32gb ddr4 combo (he did not say name of the mobo and ram) and quoted 24k with GST. I mostly game but like to have steaming side open, you never know, I think 6 core is minimum now and if possible I even thinking to get Ryzen 7 2700 which is quoted 17k in amazon which means might be slightly lower at local market. I was watching some video buy hardware unboxed who was comparing 3600, 3500x and 3300x with gtx 1650 super and higher at 1080p, all these three cpu gives almost same numbers. But i dont think getting 4 core 8 thread cpu will be good idea at this point, All I am thinking what might be the cheapest way to overcome some of the bottlneck of my current cpu. BTW Do I need a higher end Mobo with Ryzen, I am not much of a overclocker anyway, just wanted to setup something and run it till die kind of person here BTW intel i5 10400f has compelling argument at 14-15k range , If i paired it up with a cheap 5k mobo, might give more bang for buck but TDP is bit higher than ryzen but this cpu might last another 5 year until something major change happened in game development due to new console games
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