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  1. From a shop in Pune called HavokNation, FlipKart wasnt delivering half the stuff to my place and Snapdeal takes too long and more expensive.


    Looks like I am not getting the UPS before next week :( Should I wait until then to turn on my rig, or is it fine. Are there immediate dangers of a sudden blackout to the power supply?


    If your PC is under heavy load in that short duration, there is a high probability that it will trip and reset. Thereby your system will also be affected.


    Which 750W SMPS did you purchase?

    Antec green. I purchased it because I was in a real hurry, the guy only had Antec in stock and waiting for seasonic would have taken him monday.

  3. So my rig is complete :D

    I'm going to post pictures soon, but right now my immediate concern is the damn ups.


    I had to buy a 750 watt PSU as the R9 290 was refusing to run on seasonic 660 bronze certified. And I am buying a ups only for a 2 sec interim period when the light goes of and the backup generator takes it back on.


    Besides this, it will take a while for this ups to come. Should I not use the pc entirely until it comes. Or can I risk it?


    Do you have any voucher that you got inside the box?


    You can go to Sapphire's site and see if they have anyway to redeem the offer.


    Any physical damage to the card? If no, nothing you can raise with flipkart. Also, most of these boxes are opened by the distributor themselves for verification.



    They had a Saphire select club thing, which is a gamble promotion (Gold members receive the "privilege" to enter our giveaways which they may or might not win. i registered and they had no giveaways on. Lots of bullshit. I hope the card isn't a scam like that


    I dont think so, I havent checked yet. NO point taking the graphics card out of its protective shroud before assembling.

  5. So I just recieved my R9 290 Tri X from FlipKart. The fragile sticker on the box was open, and the driver CD outside its casing. Should I be worried? I dont plan to assemble this of rthe next 10 days atleast. because of some limitations so I wont know if its working or not.


    Also am I eligible for AMD's never settle forever promo? :P

  6. ^ Go for the Seasonic M12II 650W variant or the X660W.


    Sent from my ST27i

    Can I know the difference between the two? This one is not available in Pune anywhere so will have to hunt Pune to find it :P


    Also I suspect 600w is overkill for my rig. The PSU calculator was recommending around 500. But should I get 650watt anyway?

  7. Yes, local purchase is always going to be cheaper.




    If theres some problem with any parts, you'd have to come visit Delhi again. I'm not sure if it will be viable.

    Even if I buy branded stuff from gigabyte/ Saphire? Shouldn't they have RMA centers across the country?

    Either way thats not a very big problem for me as my dad goes to Delhi pretty often, But how much saving can I expect realistically?

  8. Yeah! Intel announced it on the 11th of this month. Should be available in a week, tops two at most retailers.


    • more space on the board for components.
    • better layout for the same.
    • more ports and connector options
    • generally,easier to interact with.
    • better passive cooling and spacing between components due to layout.
    these are the significant advantages to be had but then you must pay for them. So we must start looking it at from that angle then.


    If you are willing to invest in a good full ATX board, will give you a couple options tomorrow.


    Sent from my ST27i


    My budget for a mobo is below 10k could I get an ATX in that budget? otherwise the gigabyte board is perfect for my needs.


    Another thing, This (http://gpuboss.com/gpus/Radeon-R9-290-vs-GeForce-GTX-770) is making me reconsider buying R9 290 over the GTX 770 specially considering that the GTX 770 is actually cheaper. Only thing I noticed the 770 has half of the VRAM R9 290 has.

  9. Go for a Core i5 4690 or a Core i7 processor (if Watch_Dogs shows enough performance benefit with same).

    G.Skill kits over Corsair's, also make sure the frequency is 1866Mhz+.

    The GIGABYTE motherboard header can power both the forward USB 3.0 ports.

    Don't go for a 120GB SSD, 240 / 256GB will be better if you can afford one.


    About SMPS, please source a Seasonic M12 / X series 650W piece over any other offering by Corsair unless you are planning to get the Corsair TX / AX series.


    Sent from my ST27i

    Is the i5 4690 recently released? If, so what price would it/has it released in (Cant find it in any online stores)

    Oh good i'll go for the Gigabyte board only. Is there any significant advantage of ATX over mATX?

    I'll check the local shops here in Pune, in June. I'm sure i should be able to find it.




    Found this over at FlipKart. http://www.flipkart.com/seasonic-s12ii-620-watts-psu/p/itmd5xz46hjzzrax?pid=PSUD5XZ4GCGRASAY&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=seasonic&ref=97bd6937-0945-4e48-8d8b-77b7ccd99490

    How is this?

  10. Hey! I asked for help for rig specs a couple of month on and so I have decide on:

    Intel i5 4670 (Non K, I dont plan on overclocking)


    4x2 gigs of corsair Vengeance

    R9 290 (Saphire Tri X or Msi twin Frozr version)

    Samsung 120GB HDD

    and to power it all Corsair 650w PSU (Cant find seasonic on flipkart)


    Now my issue is with the mother board, I have already bought an NZXT H440,it has two USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports. Earlier I planned on buying Gigabyte b85m d3h but
    a) Has only one internal USB 3.0 header (So I lose functionality in one USB)

    b ) Is mATX, I thought why not get an ATX board since my case supports it.



    Now, im looking for a mobo that is under 10k and supports two 3.0 headers and two 2.0 headers. (I dont mind mATX too much) failing that is there anyway I can use the usb 3.0 in my case as a 2.0?

  11. Okay guys I f**ked up.

    Bought an HTC one last june, it had the purple tint issue but I didnt care much about it. Rooted it, unlocked he bootloader installed custom recovery and everything.

    But now I absolutely need the camera to be replaced. unfortunately for some reason I cant get S-OFF on my device and therefore cant return to stock.

    My question is, will the service center people refuse to replace my Camera? even if I pay them to?

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