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  1. believe post all the warnings in OP of this thread.
  2. Who do we have here? Welcome back Jiggy
  3. Hardly any effort put in this expansion. Just milking money based on trailers and music.
  4. kahan se dhoondte ho aise friends
  5. Bungie
  6. This guy(KackisHD) and it takes 30 seconds to clear the lost sector but 15 minutes for him to explain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ee-QkoawUE
  7. @Joe Cool: Would you have some time to help me get whisper? @Infamous has agreed to help out. Just a matter of coordinating day and time.
  8. Aren't you in a clan already?
  9. Finally, finished 100k Nightfall for the first time on Hero difficulty in random matchmaking. Gave 5 tries and number always was stuck at around 99K.
  10. They should really throw in double rewards drops for Iron Banana Tried the game on PS4 after enabling cross-save and I am sad. Sorry for those who are playing on consoles. Horrid load times for even the character screen. Maps take good 1 minute to load in before someone can actually play crucible. And the initial boot up screen, the character selection screen takes forever. I really hope they fix these issues in beyond light
  11. Yeah, that's what the plan is for now. lets see. Do I get that Final Fantasy sword without paying? Not that I am too desparate, I can live without it too
  12. I am around 1009 power level now. Play kind of 1 or 2 hours daily - mostly crucible or tasks to get powerful engrams.
  13. The state of pre-orders was abysmal here. I couldn't secure my preorder sadly. So, couldn't make use of the trade deal with X1X
  14. Is it too late to spend on season of arrivals @Joe Cool? Do not have anything else to play these days
  15. My download got messed up due to internet outage. I should be ready by tomorrow.
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