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  1. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    yes, story can be done solo easily.
  2. Going for Djokovic's match tonight. Was praying for Federer's match to fall in that scehdule.
  3. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    thanks Joe. that throne was confusing as hell good runs
  4. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    are you up now, @Joe Cool?
  5. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    Thanks Joe my steam code is 82573249 and yes, that is my current step. have no idea about shattered throne thing
  6. What's wrong if more people get to play a good game.
  7. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    Would anyone be willing to help me through shattered throne and other following quests for Izanagi burden sniper rifle? on PC
  8. All I noticed that he only used Aard throughout the season. May be Igni unlocks in season 2
  9. Django_3101

    The Surge 2

    FightingCowboy said there are some good QoL changes from 1st game. so, if you liked first one, you would like this more I believe. BL3 gonna stay and it will be better with some patch work. think you can buy it. Flip side, its only a SP game so you can wait for sale as well.
  10. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Looks like my game is bugged. I am directly taking hit on my health, the shield stays at 100%
  11. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    That skin is pretty dope Joe. I am playing as FL4K for my first playthrough. I see you have explored Athenas, don't forget to farm legendary animal for legendary weapons, shield and grenades on that planet.
  12. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    another shift code KSKTB-CBJS3-HW355-BJJJT-T6WHC
  13. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Got the first legendary Skeksit. this gun absolutely shreds at early levels.
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