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  1. Django_3101

    The Surge 2

    FightingCowboy said there are some good QoL changes from 1st game. so, if you liked first one, you would like this more I believe. BL3 gonna stay and it will be better with some patch work. think you can buy it. Flip side, its only a SP game so you can wait for sale as well.
  2. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Looks like my game is bugged. I am directly taking hit on my health, the shield stays at 100%
  3. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    That skin is pretty dope Joe. I am playing as FL4K for my first playthrough. I see you have explored Athenas, don't forget to farm legendary animal for legendary weapons, shield and grenades on that planet.
  4. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    another shift code KSKTB-CBJS3-HW355-BJJJT-T6WHC
  5. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Got the first legendary Skeksit. this gun absolutely shreds at early levels.
  6. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    split screen is possible only on X1. bought for my son. PC for myself
  7. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    ok, some people saying that changing from borderless to full screen window fix the crash issue. Also, some are saying that changing from DX12 to DX11 may also fix it. I may need help with that. @Joe Cool, how to do that?
  8. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Do these streamers get a completely different build than us, lol? I watch Datto, Broman, cowoboy's stream and it was running smoothly inspite of the fact that they were playing and streaming. On a positive note, the gunplay is really good. really loving the slide and hide mech, plus some QoL changes are really great. Installing on X1, lets see how it goes there.
  9. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    Started the game and reached level 5. Game has already crashed twice on PC. I meet all the requirements for running the game. Anyone else has faced this issue during their playthrough?
  10. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    still waiting for my copy to be delivered and then download.
  11. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    from October. free before foresaken dlc, paid afterwards
  12. @Joe Cool: any source to get this game cheaper?
  13. Django_3101

    Gears 5

    zodak, please go soft on spoilers. people are yet to play the part or even the game
  14. Django_3101

    Gears 5

    will check and see how it goes. Thanks If the issue still persists, I am simply gonna uninstall the game.
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