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  1. How is Bobby Deol's role in the movie? I was really looking forward to his role.
  2. Good show. story of survival. Some scenes may be hard hitting yes. Great performance from everyone all around.
  3. The Railway Men on netflix is looking really convincing. Powerful cast. Anything with Kay Kay Menon is an insta watch for me
  4. Well not surprising! https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/t/main-thread-playstation-no-license-too-many-requests/23638
  5. satya vachan. these errands never end especially when you just turn on PS5 suddenly, arey zara ye lekar aana store se
  6. still better than to be in 40s and fighting with a teenager son over who will play first.
  7. oh I thought it was Ragnarok thread
  8. Well, add one more to the count. Just preordered
  9. Started watching The Shining Girls on apple tv+. Some sort of mind fkry is going on but couldn't make out what is happening quite gripping.
  10. Django_3101

    Elden Ring

    Does platinum pop up with a note written how you achieved it? How does it matter, lol
  11. Django_3101

    Elden Ring

    Bought this game last week on Steam. played for 30 minutes or so and got so overwhelmed with the vastness of this game. Had to claim refund. then watched cowboy's guide and bought the game again on PS5. I have some sense of direction now. Anyone else plays on PS5?
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