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  1. Django_3101

    Anno 1800

    Ok, during the campaign, my current town got cluttered as expected. so I planned to make houses in other part of the same island. I build a marketplace and couple of houses, now I am getting a message "No connection to harbour" on those buildings. How do I resolve this situation? Also, how do I resolve "output storage full" issue?
  2. Django_3101

    Anno 1800

    hahaha, I am already on my 2nd try
  3. Django_3101

    Anno 1800

    Hey Tyler, I just bought this game and I would need some tips to start with this game as I have never played this game before. I am watching some videos from Raptor and Keralis(heard they both have a good reputation) and trying to understand, however unless I actually play this game, I won't know what exactly to do. Anything that you can suggest will be of great help.
  4. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    Man, the new 377 AR build shreds enemies in Tier5 like they are nothing. If you have equipments with defense and skill attributes, do not underestimate them. Optimist AR, unstoppable force chest piece and Compensated gloves are your best friends right now
  5. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    that's what I am doing right now. I am really loving the game as I am in a clan and its fun to play in a group. I like experimenting with builds however at this point its just AR build or LMG build with those good looking DPS numbers. No skills, no support. Massive should really come up with cool build ideas instead of just nerfing things. First wave was safeguard cooldown, sniper and rifle nerfs. Looking at people coming up with LMG build, unstoppable force, compensated talents, I am pretty sure the next nerf is going to be LMG base damage. Why not focus on making skill builds more viable? Nerfing crits was one of the worst ideas they came up with. I hardly see anyone using SMGs now except just equipping chatterbox for its passive talent to synergise with primary weapon.
  6. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    so you count less than a month as "too much of time"?
  7. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    an FYI if you don't know - For recalibration to happen the symbols below the talent icon must match. there are 2 kind of symbols 'O' and 'O' with '^' in it. you can only transfer talents if these two symbols match between two equipments of same kind. vendor at theater settlement was selling gloves with Clutch 2 or 3 weeks ago. I bought 3 pairs of those
  8. Django_3101

    The "It's free!" thread

    is F2P for weekend https://www.gamespot.com/articles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-is-free-to-pla/1100-6466043/
  9. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    I do not see a reason why you can't. you can dump any equipment in, just that you cannot equip it if you don't meet the level requirements.
  10. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    stash is shared but additional 100 space on character doesn't hurt
  11. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    I created an alt and brought him up to tier 4 as well.
  12. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    I managed to made a AR-SMG high dps-survival build with Berserker, Strained, Preserve, Clutch and it pretty awesome to run solo DTE is close to 100% for smg crit chance is capped at 58% for now, just need +2% from somewhere.
  13. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    Berserker is there but it is disabled as per your screenshot, so it will never activate in fight
  14. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    you should really work on enabling the Berserker talent (two axes symbol on chest piece) why only one damage to elite talent? I am assuming you are having hard time killing those yellow bar enemies
  15. Django_3101

    Borderlands 3

    its showing $39.99 for me