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  1. Oh, my God, we're back again! What an amazing season of The Umbrella Academy.
  2. Lootcase was a fun watch. Great acting by everyone. Shahrukh finally did a good movie after a very long time
  3. Really enjoyed Raat Akeli Hai. Nawazzuddin great as usual. Really liked the bantering between him and his mother. Everyone acted pretty well. Had a chuckle when I saw Nawazzuddin and his senior together on screen the first time in movie. (Gangs of Wasseypur ki yaad aa gayi )
  4. BC2 days with @kold_war, @cypher, @aman_is_here, @sagarjalvi to all. We used to have so much fun with late night gaming sessions I remember 1. driving a quad bike off a cliff without telling cypher we are getting off 2. driving quad bike right into enemy area and getting off without letting him know. 3. @koldy constantly defib-ing him just from a corner of the door while he is getting killed constantly in multiplayer 4. @sagarjalvi our official chopper pilot so many team kills while trying to get that trophy in BC2 where you had to kill opponents by destroying houses.
  5. Damn! the feels with this music. Hans Zimmer had a planned live tour this year to Australia and I was so looking forward to it. Hopefully, things get settle down soon by next year
  6. Not sure if my game is bugged. The swipe menu is permanently displayed on screen and I am not able to turn it off now. guiding wind, flute, sword draw and respect icons are permanently locked on screen and when I try to swipe, nothing happens. if anyone knows of a solution, please help
  7. Tried to make a gif - not smooth though
  8. Ahh! The good old days of "PS3 has no grass" and the discussion when PSN went down for good number of days back then
  9. @STICK3Rboy at it again. awesome stuff
  10. What a gorgeous looking game? I have never used photo mode so much in any other game. took some screenshots
  11. good one. I did watch all the 100(felt like it) episodes of season 2. Season 1 was much better.
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