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  1. satya vachan. these errands never end especially when you just turn on PS5 suddenly, arey zara ye lekar aana store se
  2. still better than to be in 40s and fighting with a teenager son over who will play first.
  3. oh I thought it was Ragnarok thread
  4. Well, add one more to the count. Just preordered
  5. Started watching The Shining Girls on apple tv+. Some sort of mind fkry is going on but couldn't make out what is happening quite gripping.
  6. Django_3101

    Elden Ring

    Does platinum pop up with a note written how you achieved it? How does it matter, lol
  7. Django_3101

    Elden Ring

    Bought this game last week on Steam. played for 30 minutes or so and got so overwhelmed with the vastness of this game. Had to claim refund. then watched cowboy's guide and bought the game again on PS5. I have some sense of direction now. Anyone else plays on PS5?
  8. Those who have watched All of Us are dead. how gory is it? At par with train to busan and #Alive.
  9. His visa has been cancelled after he landed in Melbourne. ABF denied him entry lol
  10. What's going on in "The White Lotus"? Watched 2 episodes and kind of got bored. Didn't find any character interesting. Is the whole story leading up to the first scene in episode 1? Loved the background music though
  11. You being a fresher and not getting responses; I would say start with evaluating your CV. Think about how you can make your CV stand out from other candidates in the market. mention all the side projects that you did along with your semester projects. Someone else also mentioned, do attach a cover letter summarising your work, and how you think you will be the best candidate for the job. I believe recruiters use some kind of software to filter out CVs. Do make sure that you mention all the key words from job listing in your cover letter. - keep calling recruiters and also, keep following up on regular basis. - approach your college alumni. - get in touch with your seniors, batch mates. References work much faster than going through recruiters. I do not live in India anymore so not sure how much of the process has changed. Does walk-in interviews happen? Try to attend as many as possible, even if it doesn't click it would still give you an experience and will make you more confident for following interviews. Lastly, don't get distressed, never doubt yourself and maintain a hobby to keep you distracted. Good luck!
  12. Yeah, that shows from his reaction when Roy walks in on the field. I was just referring to how much he may have struggled or how many bullies he might have faced in his life, seeing what he did in the bathroom to bring his confidence back just to get a table.
  13. Man, Nathan Shelley is such a loveable character. Really felt the scene when he went out for dinner in the latest episode
  14. Those chills in OP. (no pun intended)
  15. Kagaz was such a good watch. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Pankaj Tripathi is such a fine actor. Loved white tiger as well. The fake accent by Rajkumar Rao though. Indian accent he theek rehta.
  16. Tandav was a pretty good watch. Solid casting and good acting from everyone. Great to see Sunil Grover in a dark role instead of comedy.
  17. good to see Tripathi ji's fan Trailer looked good. Planning to watch it this weekend
  18. Should have read this post before I bought Way of Kings the very same day. Around 30 pages in and really enjoying the pacing. Now, that you have laid down the order I am wondering should I start with Mistborn now?
  19. @Joe Cool: some help regarding
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