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  1. Recommendations needed for a phone within a 10k budget. Any deals during the current sale ? This is for someone older who isn't going to use too many features, but would prefer a decentish screen / battery. An above average camera would be appreciated, but that's probably asking for too much in this price range.
  2. Bought it directly from the first owner. I've seen a couple of Zenith Defy watches for sale on https://www.secondtimezone.com/ in the past, but none available at the moment.
  3. Yeah, have the oyster bracelet as well. Will message you. Got it for far below current market rates. Do note that this is the last batch of the pre ceramic models, which are slightly lower priced than the ceramic bezel models.
  4. Couldn't pass up on a great deal I chanced upon for a 16610 from 2010. Mint condition with box and papers. Its on a nato strap right now, but I have the original oyster bracelet as well.
  5. Like @AtheK I will probably skip the launch and shall get a standard edition down the line. Nothing overly enticing at the moment.
  6. A couple of sellers on Amazon I regularly buy from are music for all and Blisstainment. Although since I also buy a lot of metal, I also buy from Mahatobar in Bangalore, and metal-masala.com
  7. That's unfortunate. However I think the market for physical media just isn't there anymore and I would not be surprised to learn that some of these distributors no longer operate. Just earlier in the year Sony music international and Warner Brothers Music wound up their operations in India. Now for CDs/ vinyl from their catalog we need to depend on other importers and prices are also generally higher than before.
  8. Good lord. That's a fantastic price. I've been waiting for my old plasma to die in order to justify a new TV, but I'm sorely tempted now.
  9. Just purchased a new amp, and am waiting for it to arrive. The pieces for my new stereo system are slowly falling in place.
  10. Nice! Good find! I'm definitely going to order some.
  11. Those are amazing. I miss having proper instruction booklets, with the games nowadays. How much did they cost ? I'm tempted to order some for the games I have .
  12. I'll share the pics as soon as everything is setup. The speakers were bought in anticipation of a new apartment that we were hoping to move into, which unfortunately is delayed by a few months thanks to Covid. In any case, this leaves me time to get speaker stands built locally, since the ones on sale by the dealer are at eye watering rates. The rest of the chain is probably going to be pretty basic for now with a budget integrated amp standing in, while i save up enough for a Hegel / Luxman / Accuphase next year.
  13. Yeah. It's pretty pricey. Luckily I got approval from my wife as she loved the sound of them as well.
  14. From the distributor Absolute Phase in Bangalore
  15. Just put my money down for these. Been lusting after these speakers since i first heard them years ago, and decided i need to have them.
  16. Let's definitely figure something out when normalcy returns
  17. Oh yes. I just never post. Although I do browse regularly and still pick up stuff from the for sale section occassionally
  18. Wow. I still remember the epic meets. Can't believe it's been so many years since we had one like these. Athek, when the world returns to normal something needs to be done to rectify this
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