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  1. I had tried the following method to prepare tofu the last time I cooked it, which actually made it very similar to paneer. Just prepare it like that and then use it in any paneer recipe as if it was paneer. https://holycowvegan.net/how-to-marinate-and-bake-tofu-for-indian-dishes/
  2. Watched the full match as I am one of the biggest fans of Irish cricket. Balbirnie and Stirling had a great partnership. Am looking forward to all the new young batsmen (Tector, Campher, Lorcan) except for Delany. Delany somehow feels like he came straight out of the lagaan team.
  3. Have to say that looking at this and being tempted was one of the hardest temptations to avoid acting on.
  4. And I have been vegetarian since one month now. Am not sure if I am committed to it if presented with a non vegeterian dish in a social setting, but so far I have been able to curb my temptations for cooking/ordering meat.
  5. My mother who is not very tech savvy (so recently learnt how to use Whatsapp and Facebook, which is bad because she is easily influencable by online retards as she does not fully appreciate yet that not everything online can be trusted) was also talking about this guy. I haven't seen his video(s), but dispelling fake stuff like that takes a lot of time often when I talk with my family.
  6. It has to be Ace Austin if that happens. I hope the machine guns just give us lots of great matches again. EDIT : Oh, you must have meant THE Machine Gun Karl Anderson. That is a possibility but I do not see him being treated higher than Like Gallows as I expect them to be equals in their tag team. They could both be parts of the faction but someone else must be the leader. I was actually expecting them to join Ace when they came out after Slammiversary. Ace should be world champion, he is very good.
  7. Pretty excited that Impact has picked up so much steam after such a long time.
  8. Who wants India to fail? Can you please elaborate? Honestly confused.
  9. Sasta tikau egg bhujia with onion, tomatoes, coriander and stuff.
  10. Ph3N0M


    Why is the deceased graph a constant (horizontal line)? Seems suspicious.
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