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  1. Looks great! Recipe for the besan omlette please? I started using this product called Just Egg which is a vegan egg substitute here in the US. Would be great to try this desi style too.
  2. My chaachi died of covid symptoms (untested). And chaacha is serious with two kids at home. Papa just went to them to give money (not needing to better judgment) and likely my chaacha might go to a doctor tomorrow. My parents have still not vaccinated. Very frustrated trying to convince them everyday to do so. I am hoping my father at least gets it in the next couple of days and my mother follows suit if he remains well after. But no one (except my father) was wearing mask even at the place where someone died and many were symptomatic. And there were many people. In general, no one still cares about masks even though people are in serious condition all around them. This is from Patna. Need to head out somewhere, will post later.
  3. Most interested in triple thread main event, as I can see myself being happy no matter who wins, which makes it hard to predict for me (I think they have good logical ways to continue everyone's story despite the outcome).
  4. Is that really a thing? Hilariously weird and sad.
  5. So hyped for NXT Stand and Deliver. The extended preview for Cole vs O'Reilly was almost like watching a movie: http://thechefonline.com/cgi-bin/megapro.php?File=y%26lister=none%26mirror=m6p1%26mainid=275963
  6. I had heard that covaxin was effective against the variants as well, though not sure against which variants they were talking about (previously I had read that astrazeneca/CoviShield was not very effective against the South African variant). I need to do some more research about this, but wondering if you or anyone else here has already studied such comparisons between these vaccines?
  7. I felt a bit tired the second day and somewhat more tired the third day (with soreness in legs and slight fever then). These were minor things though and I don't feel anything in that respect since then. Yeah, I really like J&J's vaccine because of their testing on variants and also because their volunteers apparently had a bigger ratio of people with pre-existing conditions. I had a choice to get Moderna's vaccine too if I waited a couple of days, but I chose to go ahead with J&J.
  8. I saw somewhere that it is available to people above 45 with pre-existing conditions. I believe that a good portion of people that age in India would qualify under something common such as hypertension. That is how I'd try to get my parents to do it (if I can convince them) as they are not 60 quite yet. By the way, I have hypertension at 29 years of age, and got vaccinated (in the US) last Saturday! Johnson & Johnson's one shot vaccine!
  9. Can someone get the second dose at a different town? My parents will move in about three weeks. I have been trying to convince them to get vaccine (this is another frustrating matter, it makes me angry all the time talking with them as they have unfortunately become almost like anti-vaxxers after all the rumors and afwaah on social media), but not sure if I can get them to take it even if I can convince them (as they won't be available to take the second dose at the same site)?
  10. Yeah, Hard to Kill will be very interesting to see how things play out with Omega, Swann, Moose, etc. I was watching the "This is Hard to Kill" preview on Youtube, but had to stop as don't have time. Will make sure to watch (most of) the pay-per-view live tonight though.
  11. Anyone watched the brutal I Quit match between Moose and Willie Mack from Genesis? One of the best I Quit matches in recent memory.
  12. Thanks for your detailed explanations. Just to make this more understandable for everyone, could you expand the following acronyms that I have been confused with on this thread lately? CT Mode ICF AE (after effects?) PI (Principal Investigator?) PMS So, it seems overall the SII Astra-Zeneca vaccine seems more trustworthy than Covaxin so far? Any idea whether someone can know beforehand which vaccine they will get or will it be any of the two at random?
  13. It has been hard to keep up with the vaccine updates. From this article, it seems like they were only criticising Covaxin being approved. Is the approval of Oxford's vaccine safer/non-controversial/less controversial by comparison?
  14. What is this beauty that you speak of? (I mean link please?)
  15. Lighting is not very good, but here is some cauliflower and hard boiled eggs (cut into small pieces) cooked in a spicy coconut cream gravy (made with the usual onion/ginger/garlic/tomato type base).
  16. Yeah, I was looking at app. One thing that seemed not as nice was the fact that one could only read them on the phone, and they said that there will be some blurriness in full screen mode to discourage people from taking screenshots. Also, buying on app might be ideal for my personal reading, but not for the purpose of sending a birthday gift to my sister which is what I wanted to do presently. I wish someone revived Raj Comics.
  17. Tried that, and also tried the email that is on their website. The help email does not exist anymore, while the contact email on their website sends an automatic reply asking me to send a WhatsApp message to some number instead (which in turn is never read). The website looks the same on my mobile browser, and I still do not see an option to add anything to cart. Could you check if you can still order something? I am so frustrated by the state of Raj Comics, and also on the fact that enough people did not support them. They are basically non-existent at this point, we could have gotten so many good stories from them had people supported them. Now that I have the money, I really want to buy all the comic books that I missed and also all that I had but are lost to rats (blame my mother), but there is no way to buy!
  18. Has anyone bought Raj Comics from their website? Want to order some comics to be sent to my sister for her birthday, but not sure how to even add something to cart (or where to see cart), perhaps their website is just broken? rajcomics.com They have an android app, but not sure if it is giving me prices in dollars or rupees (seems too expensive if it is in dollars and would be too cheap if it is rupees). I am in the US and need to send these within India.
  19. Cabbage paneer again. This is becoming one of my favorite dishes because of how simple it is to cook yet how tasty it is:
  20. Just finished watching NXT Takeover War Games. Solid entertainment value with very few dull moments. However, I would have ended the main event much earlier.
  21. Sting's appearance was goosebump inducing. Here is an official video, watch in full screen with good speakers to know what I mean: Also, the following ending has made me legit excited about wrestling for the first time since AJ Styles showed up in WWE (that excitement was short-lived though because of just how bad WWE is). Can't wait for next Tuesday!
  22. What @Ne0 and I are talking about is the attitude being insinuated in the above quote, that someone who "lataks" to and fro from work is inferior to someone who has the money to buy a car. Now I am not defending the society people either, but this is a matter of who is responsible for what and not who has acheived more in life. They may be inferior and wrong in other ways, but choosing not to have a car or not even having the money to have a car does not mean that they may not perform whatever duties they are expected to perform (which in this case apparently involves managing parking). Now again, they may be horrible people, but using the buses does not make them losers.
  23. Exactly, even though society might be in the wrong, this was such an elitist attitude and a bit f**ked up. Like, is my worth calculated by what car I do or don't own? Why does someone owning a fancy car mean that they have accomplished more in life?
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