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  1. Back!

    1. WMWM


      great ...btw new Uncharted game announced :D

    2. Ph3N0M


      Yep. And checking its IVG reaction was one of the reasons I finally logged in today.

  2. Successfully revived/fixed my dead PS3. All set for GTAV!

  3. FAIL :cry:

    1. ALPHA17
    2. Ph3N0M


      This one's for real. Real failure in life, not an "Epic" fail on a forum. :cry:

  4. Changed my Display Picture for the first time in 3 years.

  5. Playing God of War 3 in aticipation of Ascension. And guess what, I'm not really looking forward to Ascension anymore. About to cancel my pre-order most probably.

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    2. HotSonix


      What are you talking GOW3 is best game i have seen

    3. Ph3N0M


      FOR ME, it is a big letdown after 1 and 2. Both combat and puzzles seem heavily dumbed down. And it has too much hand-holding for my tastes.

    4. Ph3N0M


      Completed the game. The game picked up BIG time in the last 20-25% or so. Good game overall. Still not picking up Ascension at the full price though.

  6. Playing Braid. Some of the puzzles are just on another level. Mind blown!

  7. Back to the jungle. Oh the backlog at IVG....

    1. ALPHA17


      Where are you these days?


      How is your RIG holding?

    2. Ph3N0M


      I am quite busy with studies. I got a free replacement from Amazon(on the GPU) without even sending in the previous one, and the new one is working great. I plan to test the old one and the new one with crossfire(and if it works then I'll sell this PSU to get a higher-rated one). There has been just a week or two since I got the replacement GPU, so haven't gamed much on it except some Sleeping Dogs. The proper gaming inauguration will have to wait for some time now, it seems, as I hav...

  8. Thanks Game and Chor.

  9. What happened to those t-shirts bro? Did you get hold of that image for the MGS4/LBP shirt design?

  10. NBHM Master's Scholarship interview tomorrow. Haven't studied anything yet. ;(

  11. @Invader, yep. Maybe we two are the only ones from Patna here. At least among the more regular ones.

  12. Exams till 9th. No online gaming till then. (:

  13. You may find the glasses in any tv shop. But I recommend eBay for the cheap prices. Just search "LG 3D glass" there and get the cheapest ones.

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