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  1. Thanks, I think I was misreading and thinking that they will actually even begin vaccinating by December 15. But it does seem close.
  2. Link? Searched for "Germany vaccination December 15", but not getting any results.
  3. Isn't the dongle supposed to be the same for both the mouse and keyboard? Do you mean the mouse does not connect to it?
  4. I used to play it on an emulator around 2007 or so. In terms of gameplay I think that game has no match in modern wrestling games. I know gameplay is what should matter but I don't know why I wish this had realistic graphics instead of cartoony graphics though.
  5. By the way, did anyone catch the AEW video game announcement? I wanted them to go for realistic graphics, but they seem to be going for an arcadey look. If it is even mildly comparable to No Mercy though, then graphics won't matter at all.
  6. AEW's production values in their hype packages seems even better than WWE's. For instance, the one with Moxley and Kingston was so well done. Almost made me want to have Kingston win, and would have actually liked it if he won. Also, the character of Moxley has a certain presence to him that reminds me of Stone Cold. Very larger than life, it's a shame he was so neutered in the WWE. Young Bucks and FTR was next level stuff. Dax Harwood seemed to work through so much pain with his cut. Elite Deletion was indeed fun. It was weird to have so much actual wrestling in it, together with commentary and everything, but that worked. Everything else was decent to good. I think it was one the best pay per views of the year.
  7. Yeah, just before his NJPW run started, though he had essentially similar hairstyle when he began in NJPW as well. This picture must be from late 2013 in TNA when he started his darker character, which pretty much is the foundation of his current wrestling style that mixes high-flying and submission.
  8. It's AJ Styles, damnit! Thanks man. I'm just an "aam aadmi" who goofs around on a gaming forum despite not having played any games in a long time.
  9. Yes, I mostly do pure mathematics, but have recently realized that some applied mathematics is also very pure at the highest levels (for instance, I've recently started to dive into some mathematical economics, and what I am interested in there is all completely theoretical). I almost never see actual numbers in my work. I would ideally edit the preprint to match the content of the published version, but there is an introductory section that the journal does not want because their readers will all be familiar with that part, which is why the preprint in this case is actually better (as it will have everything that the final version will have once I finalize the final version, plus it'll have some more background needed to reach a bigger audience). Good luck with your degree!
  10. Thanks, where do you study and at what level? Are you interested in pursuing mathematics further after that? Here is a preprint version of the paper that got accepted (which will actually have slightly more material than the published version for some reason): https://arxiv.org/abs/1901.10507
  11. Good news. My first research paper got accepted for publication. It has been almost 12 years since I decided that I want/need to be a mathematician for my career, so this news brought back a lot of memories of dreams and disappointments, and good to finally enjoy this moment.
  12. Is it just me or is this promo by Rich Swann really among the best?
  13. Yeah, I didn't get the time to watch it last week and fortunately was not spoiled by its result anywhere, so watched it about 10 days late.
  14. Saw Adam Cole vs Finn Balor. Fantastic match.
  15. ^^Brazil will post their numbers later today because of the time difference and likely become number 2 again for the last time. India will be consistently above Brazil after tomorrow though.
  16. I don't think audience participation costs money (yet) though they have limited spots to register. I also saw news about that 2-minute virtual meer and greet, and I thought that was insane. Cannot believe anyone who is not a millionaire would even think of doing it. (Except for some cases such as birthday/anniversary gifts etc., though it seems too little value to spend so much on a gift also.)
  17. Just compare the digital crowd on Smackdown versus the physcial crowd on NXT. It is a difference of night and day. The digital crowd is usually silent with piped in noise and feels so disjointed from everything. I hate that part of ThunderDome. Though other parts and the production quality are top notch.
  18. I didn't like the digital audience and thought it was too distracting. I prefer both the PC crowd and the AEW crowd to this digital crowd.
  19. So it is running against NXT Takeover XXX on Saturday? I will probably watch Takeover.
  20. ^I have been watching live since Slammiversary, though I could only watch the main event for this week because of being busy. I guess the audience could help, but sometimes I forget if the match has enough fast action. I think better commentators could also help.
  21. I had tried the following method to prepare tofu the last time I cooked it, which actually made it very similar to paneer. Just prepare it like that and then use it in any paneer recipe as if it was paneer. https://holycowvegan.net/how-to-marinate-and-bake-tofu-for-indian-dishes/
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