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  1. Watched the full match as I am one of the biggest fans of Irish cricket. Balbirnie and Stirling had a great partnership. Am looking forward to all the new young batsmen (Tector, Campher, Lorcan) except for Delany. Delany somehow feels like he came straight out of the lagaan team.
  2. Have to say that looking at this and being tempted was one of the hardest temptations to avoid acting on.
  3. And I have been vegetarian since one month now. Am not sure if I am committed to it if presented with a non vegeterian dish in a social setting, but so far I have been able to curb my temptations for cooking/ordering meat.
  4. My mother who is not very tech savvy (so recently learnt how to use Whatsapp and Facebook, which is bad because she is easily influencable by online retards as she does not fully appreciate yet that not everything online can be trusted) was also talking about this guy. I haven't seen his video(s), but dispelling fake stuff like that takes a lot of time often when I talk with my family.
  5. It has to be Ace Austin if that happens. I hope the machine guns just give us lots of great matches again. EDIT : Oh, you must have meant THE Machine Gun Karl Anderson. That is a possibility but I do not see him being treated higher than Like Gallows as I expect them to be equals in their tag team. They could both be parts of the faction but someone else must be the leader. I was actually expecting them to join Ace when they came out after Slammiversary. Ace should be world champion, he is very good.
  6. Pretty excited that Impact has picked up so much steam after such a long time.
  7. Who wants India to fail? Can you please elaborate? Honestly confused.
  8. Sasta tikau egg bhujia with onion, tomatoes, coriander and stuff.
  9. Why is the deceased graph a constant (horizontal line)? Seems suspicious.
  10. Keema aaloo (made from turkey meat) and (non-home-made/frozen) garlic naan.
  11. Absolutely devastated by the news that Larry Csonka passed away. I have read something from him almost every day for so long, one of the best and hardest working wrestling writers/reviewers ever. Many people used to read his reviews in order to skip the stupid weekly shows and still be caught up. He had also let me review TNA shows on 411Mania for a little while many years ago when they needed a TNA reviewer.
  12. Okay, just to be sure (let me know if I understood this process), you dry-roasted and separated the non-finely-cut onion and then fried that in oil with more finely-cut onion, before mixing the fried onion to the existing dry roast mixture (now having the remaining dry spices, ginger, garlic, and a tomato) - all of that being transferred to a grinder to make a paste. I also never follow a recipe closely when cooking, but the general mechanism of what you are describing is new to me, so it might be best to understand it before trying on my own. How much chicken did you cook this time with this many onions?
  13. Thanks. Have questions about the bolded parts. This might sound dumb because I probably do not understand, but did you actually mean that the onion, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes were actually dry roasted with the spices and then the onion somehow separated from all of it to be fried with oil individually? Would you recommend adding anything to the chicken (or marinating it) before frying?
  14. Care to share this recipe? Like the color of it!
  15. You got money from them?
  16. Nice to see JB again in there. Miss me some old TNA.
  17. Am I the only one who thought that one of Orton/Edge would drive that truck somewhere and continue the match outside the building?
  18. Glad to see that Orton-Edge was generally liked here. I did not even feel how long it had been as it told a great story that made time flow by. It could honestly go another 5-10 minutes and I would still not complain. Yet I see the whole internet panning that match because it went too long.
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