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  1. I am looking forward to this game. Been wanting to play a pure grown-up FPS - no thrust jumps, no wall-runs, awesome blood splatter, muscle/bone squashing sound on bullet hit, not historic nor futuristic but present. Have seen quite a few mp videos and I can already feel being hooked to it for some time after it comes out. Hoping to play with you guys at low pings
  2. ImpatientSoul

    Destiny 2

    Bought this yesterday. Hoping to play with you guys
  3. Are people still playing this game? Thinking of buying it for online MP
  4. ImpatientSoul

    DiRT 4

    Yes, but you are better off buying Forza Horizon 3 if you are looking for off-road multiplayer racing game. This is primarily old-school single-player rally racing experience. As of now, no. One of the devs said they will look into it later, so you can expect a patch later on just like in the case of Dirt Rally (Dirt 3's rally-only brother).
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