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  1. If there was no lockdown, barkha dutts tweet would have been a reality
  2. It was the right call, spreading this in villages is catostrophic. But well politics ruined it.
  3. The Shitstorm started with the Jamat event. That really hurt us, all jamatis went all over the country and hid themselves infecting god knows how many. That Leader still walks free and its all forgotten now.
  4. Barca 8-2 damm thats embarrising for such a good side. We played with Kids
  5. But then what was the point of lockdown? It destroyed the country's economy without achieving anything. It prevented sh*t show like Italy n Spain. It bought us time to be prepared for the coming storm.
  6. No issues. I have been playing on HDR since last 2 years,zero issues yet.
  7. Avrodh is simply fantastic Must watch. Vikram Gokhle n Amit Sadh
  8. Below one is some spoilers
  9. Yup look at tlou2. Oh the boycott
  10. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I mean the ones who throw fire balls.
  11. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Act 2 is even more beautiful. Spent around 1.5 hours in Serene forest today just clearing stuff. Brutes are a nice addition in Act2. Omi Village looks my my Again. Combat is just
  12. Konsi daaru peeta hai yeh jo aisa nasha chadta hai
  13. Gunjan Saxena is very good. Pankaj tripathi is brilliant. Jhanvi kapoor is decent too.
  14. hope


    Kena > Fable
  15. Ok that suit looks so good. I will play Spidey on PS5 directly
  16. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Tlou2 story is way way ahead of GOT. Tlou2 juggles so many character arcs and does justice to each one of them.
  17. Dude those are normal public dancing there not the invited ones. My point is you cant stop the daily routines or things you gotta do you have to do but added measures thats it. Everything is open now.
  18. Mass event? 250 odd people were invited only with proper sanitization and social distancing wherever possible. What do you want then? Stop living life completely or what? Its a new normal now. You have to continue living your life with precautions. Yesterday was Janmashtami. It was celebrated by all with precautions. People dancing on road, beating thaalis while playing Garba,etc is all their foolishness.
  19. Guess it started with people being pissed off coz Joel being killed so early then they said hey what more now thus they found the gay agenda then violence,etc,etc.
  20. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Freed Lord Shimura. So many places and stuff opened up. Overwhelming. Beautiful places. Moon Stance almost maxed now. Main Story mission are pretty good
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