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    Elden Ring

    I know summon n all bro. 1 v 1 hai kya koi. Head to head hai kya apart from early game ki sab help se hi beat kiya pura game Its called cheesing yes. Lol elden ring is souls out n out which i have played many now Your wish is fine but dont brag when you have played whole game by cheesing it. Worst way to play the game. Bade baal rakh liye game mein toh chale bade tees maarkhan banne
  2. hope

    Elden Ring

    Whos the other shadow guy then? Ofcourse elden ring is easy when you have NPC`s to cheese. Good for you but dont use that LOTR scene for this fake achievement then
  3. hope

    Elden Ring

    Every 3rd video of Elden Ring is a boss fight with the NPC/Player cheese. Take an NPC and let him do the dirty work while you sit and relax and take potshots. Shittiest way to play a Souls game. I tried the same only once with the Penetrator and felt as if it takes away the charm of the game completely and makes it another ordinary game. Boss fights with NPC is easy mode for the Noobs only. Show me a proper 1 v 1 against a challenging boss otherwise this is a Joke of a run. One more thing, dont use an iconic LOTR scene....Its done for something so hollow of an Achievement won based on a Cheese
  4. Strides Pharma comes out as the biggest loser in the past 8 months in the pharma sector. What a fall. Is the pharma wave over now?
  5. hope


    Was not sure about this purchase but boy oh boy turned out to be one of the best purchases ever
  6. Any idea how much jwelllery we can carry on domestic flights. Do we need bill n all for domestic as well? Plan to carry in Cabin only. Do i need to show n all?
  7. Look at Govinda's timing here. Genuis stuff. Govinda n Kader khan combo is simply genuis stuff. Why such movies arent made
  8. hope


    Any studio should fear what happened to Cyberpunk and dare not release a game like that. Total credibility loss for CDPR. Going back to witcher wont salvage that.
  9. @Assassins Creed This thread resembles Rivendell or Mordor so we can adjust accordingly.
  10. people her nahi mere bhai people here Lagta hai desi li hai, Santra kya?Aise sham mein accha nahi hai yeh sab.
  11. Come on bolna tha na tereko kyun. Likhte bhi nhi aa rha dhang se, kyun itna peeta hai
  12. @Assassins Creed Kindly let this thread be open on June 12. Some great Meme material we can get on that day. This thread will be achieve legendary status if all goes to plan If MS has balls, then show Indians Jones gameplay without being an Uncharted Copy
  13. Whole conference filled with Chindi indie bhindis, some CGI trailer BS and then some more BS talk from Chinchundar. Then we see Starfield Musical and Xbonkers will go
  14. hope


    You talking about bugs?
  15. hope


    Biggest game for MS this. . Biggest GP game since GP`s existence. If this clicks, GP will change the course of gaming forever. This has potential to be THE game ever surpassing even Elden Ring. They will be ripped to shreds if its buggy. Hype if works the wrong way can be damaging for a lifetime. Delay it as much but don't release a mess for sure.
  16. Best IPL till now. Proper Cricket. Proper Bat and Ball fight. Amazing.
  17. Doobte ko tinke ka sahara bhi milta hai na toh woh khush ho jaata hai We Sony fans have the freakin Submarine at our disposal. I very much expect Xbonkers fainting to another Starfield musical trailer coz the expectations are only that low
  18. hope


    Planets wont be procedurally generated in this game? So is it like there are only a handful of planets to discover in the game? It cant be like No Mans's for sure where you can go anywhere when they are hand crafted. This needs an event asap.
  19. Saare Xbonkers bahut udd rhe hain jabse Hardware todha bika hai. Lagta hai sabke cheque ghar pahuch gye hain
  20. I was pretty sure it wont break 17000 today Tried to play the support with small quantity but it broke, thankfully averaging out worked in the end and i was able to exit with a small pull back. Uske baad PE lene ka himmat hi nahi hua so sat out completely.
  21. Are bhai MS se game toh ban nhi rhe, improvements are a long shot
  22. I know man. Nothing new MS copying Sony games since past 20 years.
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