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  1. Extremely happy they bought. Sony wont have all the attention,good for the industry. But are you really defending Fallout 76 Completely ignoring Bethesdas poor performance recently simply bcoz of acquisition
  2. So it is Bethesda A Team Btw this is ND's B team
  3. Unanimously branded as unplayable and worst fallout but yes graphics arent everything. 7.5 billion
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn, first open world game by Guerilla Veterans making Fallout 76 7.5 billion. Ouch
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn, first open world game by Guerilla Veterans making Fallout 76 7.5 billion. Ouch
  6. Happily for Miles,Demon,gt7,ratchet,gow,horizon,dg2,got2
  7. hope

    Marvel's Spider-man

    Seriously you were expecting saves to carry forward
  8. What are you trying to say?what excuses? Its available lol on fk n reliance Microsoft Xbox Series X 1024 GB https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/microsoft-xbox-series-x-1024-gb/p/itm63ff9bd504f27?pid=GMCFVPFCFDFGJHGG&cmpid=product.share.pp
  9. Sony should do a full reveal of god of war in some time, watch then how people forget 70$
  10. Heads up, dont make hasty decisions. We all know what happened to Rare Bethesda isnt in much promising state either.
  11. One day MS will say FU to you as well and remove gamepass Dont stress on your knee, i meant the consumers not literally you
  12. Didnt mention them coz we dont know about their next gen version. Spidey is sure shot though.
  13. Even after all this. PS5 everyone will buy at some point. Sony's first party goodwill is too big.
  14. God of War,Spidey,Horizon2 much better than Doom,Dishonoured,Fallout
  15. i m very happy with this. Monopoly is bad. But i dont have any interest in bethesda games nor time to game on 2 consoles. Last 2 years, i have only bought 4 games i think. Yup. They are very good but i m not intrigued by them. Mybe doom i will play if on ps plus which wont happen now
  16. Apart from Evil Within 1, i dont think i have played any Bethesda game Mybe ahem version of fallout n scrolls for few minutes 10 years back This acqusition changes nothing for me PS5 is enough this gen.
  17. Sony got to know power of Money today
  18. Fallout isnt that big anymore. Latest installment got battered. Scrolls yes
  19. Horizon 2, GT7,Ratchet is enough to warrant a ps5 purchase next year. But again, you may not be interested in those games then Nope. Hold the next gen purchase right now is the best thing. Lets see how it pans out.
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