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  1. Bro you know any grey market in pune??Where are these shops in pune i mean??pm me :)

    1. Big Boss

      Big Boss

      Mods and Breaks: Pimple Saudagar (they will stock PS4 for sure and offer 6 months dealer warranty)

      Gadgets: FC Road behind Barrista

      Saregama store: MG Road

    2. hope


      Thanks a lot.Will contact them.

  2. hope

    hey bro,mis-typed it.I have f1 2011 ps3 not 2012.

  3. Hey bro only Kz3 available.Only disc nd manual.no case.tell me.

  4. Thank you bro

  5. hey you have ps3 proxy link?

  6. dude reply fast man

  7. I m on psn:ack:

  8. Happy Birthday Jiggy Bhai

  9. Sunny tell me,Demon or Dark first?

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