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  1. Price increase isnt sony specific. Would rather take delay than a solid release date if the game benefits, yes BC clarity is needed.
  2. Holy sh*t That is what we want MS. Some competition. Xbox got instant games now. Make it a point to keep bethesda games exclusive now. Sony doesnt need to worry, they dont have that kind of money. They need to do what they are doing right now which is make quality games.
  3. hope

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I say again, This will Bomb. Quote me if i am correct.
  4. Yes gayi Sony ab toh Bantu. Ab kya hoga
  5. The Reveiwer was wrong. Pathetic review. He considers only the SP Component and not the MP one why? Also a 7 for SP,come on. This isnt mirrors edge. Change it now That was a bad review Bol bol ke thak gya hum usko Sent FR please accept
  6. For a guy who buys mostly Exclusives, i have not played 9 games in that list
  7. That is sad What to do now yaar You go out n you are at risk but you cant live like this forever. Vaccine there is no given date. f**ked up world man. Fk u China
  8. You are not ready for what happens next. Come back when you have finished.
  9. hope

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I m only talking about using it like how Demon Souls is doing it. Only graphical improvements and loading speeds. But i am sure, Horizon will have some unique features via Dual Sense.
  10. hope

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    So you mean scaled up rather than down? Why?
  11. hope

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Its made groundup for ps5 so why wont they use it
  12. What were retailers thinking when they broke out the preordate date. It was just 2 days
  13. Tht was a lucky win. sh*t performance. Ffs arteta, play a cam dude. Play cebalos there if you hate ozil. They played high line n we couldnt cut them though Dont be a Emery Mikel or you suffer same fate.
  14. I bought launch ps4 jan 6th 2014 so assume it will be by Jan maybe
  15. Can someone update for me Funanywhere Arsenal
  16. And what proof you have of XSX power? Answer is Zero. Nothing has been shown.lol. It will look marginally better than PS5,nothing substancial.
  17. Please stop after 3 goals. Let me score one then you can dance however you like. Telling you in advance, game is sh*t. Absolute sh*t
  18. So PS5 is not in stock coz of bots. Many on Ebay lol. So it isnt doing that well then
  19. Its USA. Not indian. Can we use ps plus on usa account and play online on Indian account?
  20. What is this lying about thing btw? What is the problem doing cross gen when say Horizon n Miles are built for PS5 groudup? In xbox case,isnt Series S the bottleneck? Why is Sony being blamed here. Is there some statement by Jim i missed?
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