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  1. I got one yesterday, local ones dont have warranty i think. Get one with warranty i think.
  2. 812 phokat log waiting 12 hours before event
  3. Promotes 12tf........shows nothing justyfying it Shows games.....nothings ready for a long time n hardly next gen Hypes up Halo.......mediocre showing...nothing next gen Launches a not so next gen console.....1440p/60fps....Shows nothing justyfying it Prepares to reveal price in a big way.....leaked......cant even market properly 10 confusing names of consoles.....headache for an average Joe.....Marketing Fail After all this,we cant bash them as well
  4. How can we ensure that the invitee is using the Online squad option and not Custom squads?
  5. Dont you think its misleading from MS to call Series S a true next gen console?
  6. I was about to post it as well. Did you have a look at some. Please share some links Any suggestions? How would this be? https://www.pepperfry.com/venice-recliner-in-brown-colour-by-bantia-1788659.html?type=search&pos=2:1&searchterm=Recliner&as=0&total_result=166
  7. Cheenis be like, make a problem and Solve it too Haramkhor Desh ek dum https://odishabytes.com/chinas-corona-vaccine-may-be-ready-for-public-in-november-official/
  8. Office chairs with mesh are more comfortable i think but i am looking for Leather
  9. When did i say cam has no resposibility? My last post i mentioned how arteta was happy with Ozils workrate. Its not his problem that he is on those wages. Its the Board that is the problem. Most arsenal fans are annoyed that 350k is wasted by not playing him. Freakn willock n co can play but not Ozil? When that happens, its politics. Not players problem. Player is ready to give 100%. Ozil is still valuable if played but oh well. Even Pundits agree that he should be playing rather than doing nothing.
  10. You are really stupid Emery played him for first 6 months n were scoring goals n winning matches,he stopped playing him n we lost top4 fight. Who got the sack? In 2020, he was superb n then politics happened. Under Arteta, he was doing defensive resposibilities as well n arteta praised him as well. Again you need to understand football, mindless running is not how you play football. Hes a cam not Cdm
  11. Letme know as well. Looking for a similar chair in 11k budget I have my mind on these 2 below https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08CBB6HQ9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MyMxFb05NX18S Flipkart Perfect Homes Leatherette Office Arm Chair http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/flipkart-perfect-homes-leatherette-office-arm-chair/p/itm43a27a8917402?pid=OSCEGFBDAKYYYMPM&cmpid=product.share.pp
  12. Bottas is such a letdown man He had to screw up the most imp restart. Could be behind the scenes team order as well but its really a bad watch. Ferrari What much leclerc n Sainz be thinking right now.
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