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  1. Rrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuu Rrrrreeeeeaaaadddddyyy
  2. Maybe. Dont remember beaten contenders. But you are going mute now. Jeez so annoying.
  3. Yes bro Cant tell how happy i was with him showing loyalty to the Club. He wants to be an Arsenal Legend n hope he will be. Good times coming
  4. I got one yesterday, local ones dont have warranty i think. Get one with warranty i think.
  5. 812 phokat log waiting 12 hours before event
  6. Promotes 12tf........shows nothing justyfying it Shows games.....nothings ready for a long time n hardly next gen Hypes up Halo.......mediocre showing...nothing next gen Launches a not so next gen console.....1440p/60fps....Shows nothing justyfying it Prepares to reveal price in a big way.....leaked......cant even market properly 10 confusing names of consoles.....headache for an average Joe.....Marketing Fail After all this,we cant bash them as well
  7. hope

    FIFA 21

    sh*t again
  8. How can we ensure that the invitee is using the Online squad option and not Custom squads?
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