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  1. You cannot stealth kill them. Either place mines and use guns to kill them or just hide.
  2. Options--> accessibility (then check all the available options and enable whatever you want to).
  3. Play on hard and enable permanently invisible while prone cheat
  4. I'm going to take it slow. I have no other game to play till Ghost releases in July. As it is a single player game, I see no reason to put in those extra hours to finish it asap.
  5. Bought the game but that download size ain't no joke. The download should be done in few hours, then I will jump right into it. D
  6. Considering the reviews and all....I dont expect it to go down even to 3k till Nov'2020
  7. I know I can stop coming to this thread and forget about this game completely but somehow I keep ending here. The reaction here is just going to make me purchase this one time play game for 4000 on pan as my disc player has gone kaput. So basically 8k for this and ghost game next month.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.firstpost.com/india/bmc-deputy-commissioner-shirish-dixit-dies-after-testing-positive-for-coronavirus-55-yr-old-was-asymptomatic-till-monday-evening-8465741.html/amp This ain't new though. As
  9. Guys which one is better when it comes to camera; one plus 8 pro or iphone 11? User- sister (not a gamer but loves to take pics + social media stuff and hate hanging/lag kinda bs)
  10. Can you guys post the steps as well along with the ingredients? Wanna try 😋😋
  11. Will it increase by Feb'2020 membership to March'2020?
  12. Another game with an allies campaign I seriously want an axis campaign. Anyhow, will buy it because I need a good shooter mp game since battlefield is kinda meh nowadays.
  13. kaka_messi

    Days Gone

    Question to guys who have played this and Yakuza; should I buy this at 2k or yakuza series for 3500 (3 games at 1200 each)? One game is already out and another is coming out in few weeks. I have played yakuza series on ps4 only. I'll be buying few games in Nov so can pick only one as on date.
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