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  1. kaka_messi

    FIFA 19

    See Joe I told you.
  2. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    There should be some away to kick sh*t squad leaders. We had 88k points and could have called in 2 V2s but a*s squad leader had no idea what to do.
  3. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    abe.....I am playing it right now and trust me...so far so good. Bas vehicle spawning theek karde + lag.
  4. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    Only two maps (1 conquest & 1 operation) available. Good design. Sniper camping not op and i havent seen much camping either from both teams. I didn't like bf1 vehicle spawn and bf5 is using same sh*t but driving a tiger or a p4 is <3 . Blasting a fuking metal box churchill...feels so good. Your tank can drive through buildings so just dont worry about campers in buildings...just driveee!!
  5. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    Damn I just checked my email and guess what? BF5 closed alpha key... I guess I will just fuk around in P4 because kamfgruppe lehr always proves its superiority.
  6. Game is available for Rs. 1100 on Origin but seeing the official forums and player count, I would not recommend it.
  7. kaka_messi

    Yakuza 6

    The reason why I havent started Y6 is because I want to play Y2 (& others) first and see how Kiryu becomes what he is in Y6. Also since this is like last kiryu game so once I know what will happen to kiryu in Y6, my interest in other Yakuza games will hit rock bottom.
  8. kaka_messi

    Yakuza Kiwami

    I finished 0 and 1 sometime ago and bought 6 immediately but then sega announced 2 so I'll wait.
  9. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    TBH, PC gamers won't require NVIDIA help to play this game.
  10. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    Abe PC par windows 10 par aayega paisa waste nah kar Oh wait...I can't play as Marcus or Cole?! W T F MS.
  11. kaka_messi


    Will defo buy it. Real question is; PC or PS4?! I really do not like playing such games alone so I guess it will be PS4 or is there some sort of a mech that will form teams by grouping random players?
  12. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    Tiger Tank & Sturmtiger!!! <3 Now can we also get a Flame half track? That Sturmtiger is just there because that shell damage was underwhelming. Oh and yes I also love Stuka bombers...the damage that bomb does is insane. Oh it feels so good esp for a player like me who is still playing CoH2 MP and using/seeing these units everyday.
  13. kaka_messi

    FIFA 19

    I thought they are done with yearly releases?! Also CR7 in RM jersey...now there is a very strong rumor floating in the market that he will move back to England this season...now imagine EA's reaction if it does happen. They will just update the squad and add FUT ($$) but before releasing they will market it like BEST EVER FIFA..BEST EVER CAREER MODE...BEST EVER STORY LINE.
  14. I hope we get to assassinate Alexander.
  15. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    Nah I didnt enjoy it. Going from BF4 to BF1 was meh for me. Vehicle nahi hai, guns limited hai, map design acha nahi hai....nope nah nono.
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