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  1. I believe the best thing to upgrade (focus on) if you have resources is Katana? Since armor and bow have a variety and you'll get more as you play. Am I wrong?
  2. I'm removing fog in every area with the traveller attire perk and my horse and it does take a decent amount of time to do so. Now I can't even imagine the time it would take to do the same on foot plus I love my shadow.
  3. I don't know if it is spoiler but please remove the post if it is. Fort Naka**ma is not getting any tick or grey color. It is still white. Even after completing the main quest. Also nor does survivor camp change color.
  4. Do all the places get the tick box or is my game bugged? Few locations i believe I have completed but they don't have a tick (main quest one).
  5. Fuk mate! I keep hitting my horse with a heavy attack.
  6. Okay. Thanks! Just one more small question- do these ? Marks appear on map automatically or do I have to remove the fog to see more of them after the initial help given by the game (telling me about the question mark as a tutorial) ?
  7. So I just started the game and I'm in act 1 with my horse. Should I focus on main story for upgrades or start exploring the question marks? The map is kinda huge to say the least for act 1.
  8. Anyone got any update on when can we expect the physical disc back in stock for purchase? Although I can buy it digitally but looking at the last of us 2 price right now (3300 in a month on amazon), I'm confused whether to wait for the physical disc or just get it digitally.
  9. Considering how it is selling and out of stock situation, I doubt it would be on sale during amazon prime day sale.
  10. So Kalra electronics, samurai, etc....none are giving any discount on this game. As per them, it won't see any discount for atleast a month or so. Sad sheet!
  11. I don't have kalra electronics nos. If you have his nos., then please help me out. Thanks!
  12. You know anyone in Gurgaon- Delhi- NCR? Would love to buy this game at 3500. If anyone else can share some input, then that'd be great too.
  13. You cannot stealth kill them. Either place mines and use guns to kill them or just hide.
  14. Options--> accessibility (then check all the available options and enable whatever you want to).
  15. Play on hard and enable permanently invisible while prone cheat
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