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  1. So it is worth 1700rs now on xbox series x?
  2. I have the same router and it is not like the problem happens from the day 1 but after a month or so. It has to do with airtel backhand. If it would have been at my end or the hardware, then I would have faced this issue from day 1.
  3. You guys don't get NAT type strict in Airtel? What is happening- All of a sudden NAT goes from open to strict. (Nothing changed at my end) Airtel CC has no idea what NAT is. Airtel tech comes to my house and gives me a modem and it goes back to open. After 1.5/2 months it is back to strict. They have replaced 4 modems. It is like they change or upgrade the settings at backhand. I am so frustrated.
  4. I am more worried (actual mei toh lag jati hai) when ABC ask me to go out at night and do XYZ. Zombies at night .
  5. Hitman 3 Extraction Death's door Windjammer 2 Gamepass best thing ever.
  6. Played a few quick games with random teammates. If random teammates are good, then it is a thumbs up and up. It is just that these random guys need to understand it is not a run and gun game....those exploding things will eat you alive if you do that.
  7. Is home before dark on apple tv any good?
  8. Guys what games (2 at max) should I buy (help please) as they are on sale on xbox; 1) Lost Judgement 2) Cyberpunk 2077 (worth it or should I wait for the next gen upgrade) 3) Far Cry 6 I have not played resident evil village or Marvel Guardians either but not my type so yeah..... Or I can just pick 1 game because we own gamepass and eventually everything is free.
  9. Halo infinite and horizon but sadly can only pick one so scammed....
  10. Campaign download is live! Just go to ms store, click on manage, select campaign, and boom.
  11. I have tried everything other than opening upnp. Nothing works..... Airtel doesn't even know what is NAT.
  12. Guys I am facing an odd issue with my Xbox and the internet. Earlier the NAT remained open 24x7 but nowadays it is always strict. I am using airtel fiber and the router is Huawei HG8145G. I have not changed anything....facing high pings and lag in MP games....help please?
  13. Is shan chi and red notice in 4k and dolby? Red notice does not look like 4k to me om netflix.
  14. Understood. I believe you guys are way ahead of me so help me out... is it worth it or should I ignore it?
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