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  1. Will it increase by Feb'2020 membership to March'2020?
  2. Another game with an allies campaign I seriously want an axis campaign. Anyhow, will buy it because I need a good shooter mp game since battlefield is kinda meh nowadays.
  3. kaka_messi

    Days Gone

    Question to guys who have played this and Yakuza; should I buy this at 2k or yakuza series for 3500 (3 games at 1200 each)? One game is already out and another is coming out in few weeks. I have played yakuza series on ps4 only. I'll be buying few games in Nov so can pick only one as on date.
  4. I do have hardware for 144hz but yeah my processor and ram are not what they used to be. GFX is 1080ti though. I found this monitor on amazon; 144hz, ips panel, 1080 full HD. Should I buy it? https://www.amazon.in/144hz-Variant-Monitor-FREESYNC-Technology/dp/B07WLW8QWN
  5. Bought a side by side door fridge for parents today. Let's see how it goes....hope they'll like it. 😁
  6. Guys what is more important; 4k display or 144hz rate @ 1080p? Gaming monitor....4k 144hz monitor cost 30k+
  7. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    So should I play on Experienced or intermediate? Considering that I have played every GOW game. Can you collect these collectibles on experienced difficulty?
  8. Mine is- PanzerGren47 I have sent request to Zodka and HEMAN. Please accept it.
  9. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    Can you guys post your gamertag? Better to play with friends.
  10. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    So true. Gears MP is all about wall hugging and shotguns. I get bored of it because you wre kinda forced to use shotgun only. Horde and coop SP tho...I used to play so much with IVG guys on xbox 360. Damn those days! I'll play on PC this time...let me know if you guys wanna team up.
  11. kaka_messi

    Gears 5

    Can someone please post the link for the game pass? 3+2 months offer.... Also, when will this offer end? I want to hold till the last minute to get maximum days
  12. kaka_messi

    FIFA 19

    See Joe I told you.
  13. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    There should be some away to kick sh*t squad leaders. We had 88k points and could have called in 2 V2s but a*s squad leader had no idea what to do.
  14. kaka_messi

    Battlefield V

    abe.....I am playing it right now and trust me...so far so good. Bas vehicle spawning theek karde + lag.
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