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  1. Hi Guys, Is MX2games trust worthy?
  2. Ah okay. The yearly limit is 1,20,000 so 10k per month. Got it! Sorry guys. Yeah could be the case....no such issues for me.
  3. No, 5% upto 10,000 is the maximum cashback you can get per month.
  4. He can swipe it for as much as he wants as long as is it below the CC limit. You get 5% cashback upto 10,000 rupees per month on the card. So you have to spend 2,00,000 per month to get 10,000 rupees as a cash back in your account. If you spend less, you get less. There is no restriction/bottleneck on what you buy and from where you buy as long as it is an online shopping. Although I haven't hit 2,00,000 per month with the card but as per the customer care you will start getting 1% cashback for that particular month on all the transactions once you have hit the 10,000 quota.
  5. Yup...that's what I am doing right now. Thanks!
  6. Because of time issue. Also I believe the delta will be around 4-5k...so that much is okay since they are providing the service.
  7. Guys any recommended website for tour planning? I plan to visit Dubai in the last week of Dec with my family. Currently MMT is showing 5N package with burj tour, desert safari + dinner, cruise + dinner, flight, hotel (some 4 star) with breakfast @1.05L per head (tax extra). Is it good enough? My family prefer decent hotels so can't switch to 3 stars and 5 stars ain't worth it.
  8. SBI cashback is a brand new credit card by SBI. You can put in a request to upgrade or provide a new card to you. I also have SBI simply click and SBI is in process of upgrading it to cashback card. Once I receive my cashback card, then I will disable the simplyclick card as I don't like keeping to many CCs.
  9. kaka_messi


    So played for 5 hours but it is just not clicking for me. Same location, same map, same same.....shooting is avg & stealth is meh. I'll pass. Thanks gamepass.
  10. Ghar wale ghar se hi bahar kar denge. Are these newly launched samsung Q series sound bars any good? Feature bhi hai or decent price bhi.
  11. Couldn't finalize bar at that time but ab aa gayi hai diwali Jab C1 itna sasta liya toh sound bar kyu nahi. Should I still pick 9.1? Sound is great but any new maker/product joh aaya ho market mei?
  12. HDFC is offering a free upgrade on the credit card; 1) Regalia International Visa 2) 6E XL Visa Which card should I pick? I do not travel that much using Indigo (local) and they seem to be useless for international travels.
  13. Yup bro....so going to buy from a local store. JBL 5.1 does not have dolby atmos so what will happen to videos that have dolby atmos aka most of the streaming apps videos? Or is dolby digital dts better and have backward compatibility with dolby atmos?
  14. Guys please recommend a sound bar for LG C1. Looking for dolby atmos sound bar. I wanted to import LG SP9YA from the states but faker is huge and can't be brought back as a carry on luggage (too expensive for a check in) plus it is not available in India....I don't know why.
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