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  1. kaka_messi

    Helldivers 2

    Bhai I played (this game- Confusion avoid karne ke liye likh deta hu warna CJ bolega kuch ) with you yesterday night.
  2. kaka_messi

    Helldivers 2

    How to find random team mates? Quick play keeps on searching and nothing happens.
  3. kaka_messi

    Helldivers 2

    Are there enough player at low level to actually enjoy it considering that I will buy it over the weekend? Also what will happen to liberated planets in my game? @Heaven Angel@Assassins Creed@Snake
  4. Waiting for deep discount sale.
  5. kaka_messi

    Helldivers 2

    So should I buy it right now on ps5 or wait for 1-1.5 week(s) and then buy? In the meantime I will finish a game that that I have completed like 80%.
  6. Is Extra Worth it? Showing same discounted rate. My gamepass is expiring in the last week of Feb'24. I am planning on renewing it with 3 months card. If anyone has 12 months card at a discounted rate, then please ping me.
  7. Waiting for a good price drop. If anyone is interested in selling, then let me know.
  8. What about momentum 4 or bose 700? My top priority is sound followed by ANC. I do not know how much to trust these youtube reviews but everyone is picking momentum 4. It is going like 1) Momentum 4 2) Bose 700 3) Sony/QC45.
  9. Hmmm…after reading reviews…is momentum 4 better than Sony and Bose?
  10. Music, gaming headphone, travel, flight, etc. Basically my go to headphone for almost everything. not work related.
  11. Guys need some help- Xm5 is better than qc35 and qc45? I have qc35 and want to upgrade. Any other recommendations?
  12. So do you have to play all Alan wake’s mission or only sagas? I mean game is not forcing me to play Alan wake at all.
  13. Now available on game pass day 1 like I said @roun90 👍 Best service out there right now.
  14. Update- it is officially coming now. https://x.com/xboxgamepass/status/1719338649035456597?s=46
  15. Still not sure whether it is worth it or not but then there are no new AAA titles in Dec/Jan either. Sigh* confused.
  16. Completed FF16 Atlas Fallen AC core 6 Starfield Lie of P Going to complete Gotham Knights AC mirage Like a dragon Isijin Alan wake 2 Like a dragon Avatar Waiting for some discount spiderman 2
  17. I am toh loving it! Feels more like original AC and no unnecessary filling of the map with boring stuff like that Rome era and afterward games.
  18. @Assassins Creed have you tested LG S95QR? Thinking of buying one decent sound bar this year…confused between S95QR and Samsung Q990B. Might be slightly over for the space but better to get the best so that it still works later when space expands. reading lot of good things about S95QR and it is cheaper than Samsung Q990B. I am worried about dialogues quality though. TV is LG OLed.
  19. Yes, I did everything. All the quest, outpost (as many as game allowed), ship building. In fact, there are so many different type of ships that you can build that it is kinda crazy plus custom ships beat every other ship available in the game. I did around 160-200 hours or so I guess. One of my custom for late game-
  20. And done! Really enjoyed it.
  21. Xbox Gamepass on 17th Oct 2023. Starfield (GP)- Lies of P (GP)- Forza (GP)- Gohtam Knights (GP)- Spiderman 2- Assassin Creed Mirage- Alan Wake 2- like a dragon Gaiden (GP)....damn!
  22. Is there any benefit of scanning planets? I find the reward in xp and cash is not worth it. It takes 30-60 mins to complete one planet (fuk flora and fauna) and you get 5000-10000 credit.
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