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  1. Watched Pathan on Prime and I have no idea how it became super duper hit. BC nonsense story or kuch bhi kahi bhi kar rahe hai. This Raw + ISI loves need to die. Yaha PM toh strike kar raha hai border paar or ye Salman/SRK lage hue hai pyaar pyaar.
  2. Don’t know where to ask this so here it goes- is Apple Music better than Amazon music or Spotify? I already have prime membership so music is free but confused whether should I invest in Apple Music or not.
  3. Hi @iamgulshan….is it available? Thanks!
  4. Does this game have save cloud sync between PC and XSX? Don't want to start on PC if it does not.
  5. Glad to know that because I have the following games that I have to complete (though I don't own them right now), 1) Atomic Heart- Gamepass 2) Wo Long- Gamepass 3) Forbidden West 4) God Of War I can't even decide Then we have star Wars Jedi and Red fall....plus these OTT releases. Fuk!
  6. Nahi ye log toh kuch bole bhi nahi. Straight airport se ghar or koi issue nahi. Mei toh cover bhi le aaya sab ke
  7. Yes recieved. Thanks! Download speed is kinda slow on PS5 compared to XSX? 3GB update is showing 5 hours whereas it takes less than an hour to download 100gb games on XSX.
  8. Hi Everyone! Donating Yakuza 2 Kiwami to the Library. https://ibb.co/gZBGh6q
  9. Game is out on PC. Anyone tried it yet? CoH2 is still kinda awesome and I believe it is a must buy for a rts fan. If someone bought it, then please do post your views.
  10. Yeah I am also going to purchase one small table of 5 pots and 1 large pot. Everything is so expensive 😫
  11. These potting tables and potion tables are very expensive. Have you guys invested into them?
  12. Just doing random things. Magic Keys, hidden papers, hidden areas, clearing nest to test my magic skills, merlin quest, etc. Although I have only explored castle, the village and fordibben forest (50%) only. Rest is still unexplored.
  13. Finally got the broom stick at level 21. Now I can explore easily and stop wondering if I went to that x area of the map or not. So many things are still locked.
  14. Guys can you clear mongrel lair? If yes, then how? I mean the icon on the map.
  15. So what sub should I pick? Essential or extra? I am not interested in classic old game so not going to pick premium. Also any hack available for the sub like Xbox gamepass? 😋 and for how many days will these games be available on ps sub? Can I add these games in March? Only interested in Horizon.
  16. So there is no 2D map of hogwarts castle? Developers did this intentionally...I am 100% sure Any 2D map available on net?
  17. Yeah I am talking about the world outside the castle. I belive that world is meant to be enjoyed once you have the stick. Castle exploration is a different thing and depending upon your preference, you can start immediately though castle stairs keep sending me back (like nope you can't go). Guys on reddit are saying to follow the main quest until you get abilities to unlock chest and a broom (optional). I guess I will just enjoy the way it comes. 😁
  18. Correct me if I am wrong but I feel game wants us to play only main quest initially (like 6-9 hours) or say until we learn how to fly and unlock these chests. Otherwise it would be backtracking every area. I don't know...game is huge but without having these things makes exploring less fun.
  19. Guys where am I supposed to enter to code on console for the ride (pre-order bonus) to unlock it?
  20. Balanced. A good mix between fps and gfx.
  21. Maybe par van only wait now.
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