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  1. You also don't reply in the WhatsApp Group Ausiee Jaake humein bhul gayee waoowwww
  2. WHATT!?!?!? Congrats BOOOBLLYYYYY..!!!!! I didn't knew you got blessed with a son How old is he now ??
  3. Good old UC2 Days..!!!! Nothing can beat the fun we had in UC2 MP... What are you playing these days ?? Also why don't you reply on Whatsapp Group
  4. NO way!!!!! Even I remember getting a PM on consoul to join IVG..!! But can't recall who that guy was who sent me that PM. Will search my email for that PM notification Mail
  5. Cant believe you are asking me that.. waaowww Booblyyy
  6. Thats great.. I do remember both of them posting together in the forums.. I still remember how much I was addicted to ivg and But now I guess most of the old members have got married and are off gaming. New age kids aren't much into console gaming they are into mobile gaming that's the reason we have had a decline in traffic .. But thanks to IVG I made soo many friends Its been more than 10 years since I joined and have been visiting everyday..
  7. IPL 2020 will happen in sept-oct in UAE. Finally something to look forward to..
  8. The speed at which we are going we will cross 1M this month.
  9. So the Leaked ending was totally wrong, Ending is totally different from what it was told in leaks earlier..!! Anyone else finished the game ???
  10. Completed the game Day Before Yday.. Total Playtime was ~23 Hours for me on normal mode..
  11. So T20 World Cup might happen in October in Australia with 25% Crowd in stadiums. Lets get the WC back..!!
  12. Just give TLOU 2 Online on launch no one would complain..!!!
  13. WTF is going on They are showing games which won't even sell 1 copy and even if given for free people won't bother playing...
  14. He's the best. Cant trust anyone else..
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