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  1. No way we were going to win the WC with this squad. Oldies need to be chucked just like it happened in 2007. Sanju - Shubman - Iyer need to brought in. Also need to make Hardik T20 captain. Rohit can remain ODI captain. Bowling is the root problem, Bhuvi is just an average bowler. Deepak Chahar/Shardul Are much better than him.
  2. Have a feeling that we are losing this one..!! Have played average cricket so far except Kohli-SKY-Arshdeep no one has stepped up. if we win tonight Pakistan will humiliate us in the finals, most likely a repeat of CT 2017 final. Rohit - KL are walking wickets in pressure games.
  3. Its better to play Pant as an opener at least he would try to score before getting out unlike this clown KL. Team should focus on saving NRR, Win is 5% chance now.
  4. Even after getting both Babar & Rizwan for total of 4 runs they still got to 159 what a shame for us. Should have restricted them to under 140-145. Will take some batting to chase this target as the pitch is assisting pace bowling which is Pakistans strength. Not counting on either of our openers its our middle order who has to score today.
  5. We will get a game but it will be a curtailed one, hopefully 10-12 over game.
  6. Super 12 starts from tomorrow, Hoping for an exciting tournament not a one sided show like it was in Dubai, Team wins the toss and wins the match chasing. My top 4: Aus-Eng/ Ind-SA. Pakistan lacks middle order support which should cost them the semis spot I feel.
  7. Exclusion of shami in first place was a shitty decision & Shami proved himself and his place in 1 over that too in a warm up game. The biggest problem is the combination, DK seems to be in his supreme but at the same time you can't bench a player like pant.. If Hardik can bowl 4 overs then this team is perfect Rohit-KL-Kohli-SKY-DK-Pant-Hardik-Axar-Ashwin-Shami-Arshdeep. But most likely it will be Bhuvi included in the playing 11 &. Pant sitting out. Ind - Pak match is most likely a washout given the weather conditions in Melbourne on Sunday.
  8. This is exactly what I meant, Players are more focused on making money and playing IPL. KL Rahul has been amongst the highest run scorer in past 5 seasons, But would get injured just after IPL is over. BCCI should really think of cutting down IPL rather than expanding it and Each team plays other team once is enough. All focus should be on playing in the overseas conditions, We have toured ENG & AUS every year but SA-NZ only once in maybe last 3 years. Which results in our batsmen sh*tting whenever there is a little bit of swing.
  9. I feel there is too much cricket being played around resulting in more injuries, don't remember main team players getting injured this frequently in 2010's. Arshdeep has been doing quite well for Punjab Kings in death and is somewhat replicating the same in the international level. Deepak chahar is the only option we have to replace Bumrah, Really don't want to see Avesh Khan in the team anytime soon. Chances of Making it to the semis are like 50%, We will be playing against WI-Pak-SA-BAN-ZIM/IRE. SA-PAK seem to be the only competition in this group, If we beat one of them we are through (Unless we lose an easy match). But will most likely be facing AUS/NZ in semis which would be impossible to win in Australian conditions.
  10. SL should win it from here, The team which no one talked about is winning the Asia Cup. Really happy as a cricket fan, Given the current SL condition this is something the people could cheer about.
  11. What a game of cricket..!!! AFG were great just bit unlucky towards the end..
  12. Hardik Should be the next captain but for T20 only.
  13. Sad to see that worlds No.1 T20 side fails to make it to the Finals of Asia Cup. Don't see this team making it to the semis down under. All they can win is Paytm Series. Indian Players have played enough cricket in UAE (2 IPL's) in the past that they can't blame it on the toss and batting first approach. KL needs to be shown the door for some time, Make way for Kishan. Rohit-Kishan at top would give them the perfect R-L combination, Pant is fine at 5. Shami - Bumrah - Arshdeep - Harshal (If Fit) are the best pacers available for the WC. In this tournament most of the teams batting 2nd have chased any score easily, But India on the other hand struggled to chase 150 the other day. Clearly shows us where we are lacking.
  14. KL & Avesh should be benched next game vs Pakistan. Rohit-Kohli-Sky-Pant-Hardik-DK-Jaddu-hooda-Chahal-Bhuvi-Arshdeep. The worst part is selectors have f**ked up big time selecting the squad for Asia Cup, We don't have any backup pacer . So Hardik has to bowl 4 overs while hooda & Kohli can pitch in as 6th bowling option.
  15. Its funny to see that Pakistani's are appealing for any ball that is missed by our batsmen through to the keeper just like gully cricket I don't think its a wise move by making Pant sit out and playing KL whose coming in after soo many months. Next match Pant should play in place of KL & Kohli to open with Rohit would be the best playing 11.
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