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  1. 1 hour ago, Kushagra said:


    Wait till you fight the Queen, King asaan lagne lagega


    Aaj mai share karunga the way I died to Queen last night, such BS with less than 1% HP left on her. Gonna try again today to get her down and secure that platinum.

    Queen was quiet easy to beat. I found King Berserker and the Berserker in Niflheim much tougher. The Berserker in Niflheim almost one shots you with his AOE Red ring attack. Using rage or realm shift is the only way to avoid damage from this attack.

  2. 38 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:



    I did the Amulets and they all show as active but I am not sure if its exactly working the way you are saying, I do not see health regenerate that quick and I don't think its exactly invincible also right ??


    Getting a*s jacked in the Bez King fight :cry: mofo has too much health and so many moves.

    I just beat the King now and got the platinum trophy. 

    I used the Stone wall shield with which you can block yellow ring attacks paired with Rond of Obliteration. You can do a special attack L1 + L3 with this rond. Use Fury which helps you rid of bitfrost when you press L3 + R3 depending on your rage. 
    For relic you can use Hilt of Hofud to realm shift during tricky situations.

    For Blades use Pommels of Agile Deceit attachment with you can do increased damage while using Spinning Chaos & Evasive Embers skill or Pommels of Nine Realms which triggers Realm Shift when using L1 + Triangle. Also you can use Hind of Nine Realms to trigger Realm Shift.
    Basically using Realm Shift you will be able to slow down time which will help you with dodging and getting some hits. It does increased damage when it triggers Realm Shift. Don’t play too aggressively. 

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  3. 19 minutes ago, b!T said:

    Did someone find out how to turn 180? or is it not possible? 'Balanced' difficulty is a bit easy now that I am pretty comfortable with the game so bumped it to 'No Mercy' but I am finding it difficult to cover my a*s.

    L1 + Down on D-pad.

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  4. Yes obviously the build I have shared, you can only go for it post game. Basically with this build you will have less of a tough time with difficult berserker bosses.

    Also material farming is quiet easy in this game so you can upgrade lots of armours to max level.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Heaven Angel said:

    I usually avoid using them, rage I have to because of one misstep leads to your death in higher difficulty. 

    Also, there are no cancel for runic attacks yet, if pressed the animation has to complete. In meantime if the enemies change position not get staggered by my runic attacks I'll have to sacrifice my huge chunk of health or 💀☠️ just things you have to keep in mind on highest difficulty.


    The attachment which you put on your shield, imo there are way better ronds you can attach. The parry windows are already reasonable in this game. No need for that especially in lower difficulties. 



    That looks OP. I've found lúnda's armor fit for my playstyle tagged with Jötunheim amulets and other star amulets to increase my elemental attacks. I still have to find many more armours I hope to mix match. I found berserker waist armor today and it looks neat with decent stats. 

    I wouldn’t recommend upgrading Berserker armor if playing on highest difficulty as it is suited more for high risk high reward playstyle. It’s better to have high defence while playing on highest difficulty.

  6. Best setup for post game super bosses is Surtr's Arm's & Waist with Steinbjorn chest piece along with 3 amulet enchantments 2 which regenerate your health and 1 which makes you invincible when your health gets low. You need 170 stat in vitality to equip those 3 amulet enchantments. Surtr's arms & waist has great skill and fantastic stats and also gives a huge boost to vitality once you upgrade it to max & Steinbjorn's chest piece upgraded fully gives huge boost to defence stat. You are basically invincible with this setup.

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  7. 7 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:

    @SuperT: About the turning back thing, I came across Sunhi's video on Twitter. Check 0:21 and 0:37.



    So, I asked and one random person replied. I am yet to try it, though, but if it works, it'll just make my experience so much better.



    Yeah L1 + Down on D pad is for quick turn.

  8. 35 minutes ago, LordSpymaster said:

    I'm so close to rage quitting this game. I'm just not able to do the Thornmarsh put challenges especially Real and Clear. Have probably tried it for 2 hours, plus watched 100 youtube videos and read a million comments on reddit. Nothing has helped. And this stupid f**king challenge stops 2 trophies. 


    Is there anything I can do to clear this? Or is anyone willing to clear these for me (I don't know if that's possible anyways)? 

    Even I struggled for a bit to clear these three challenges specially Energy Surge challenge. In the end I followed the text guide from Powerpyx and was finally able to beat it.



  9. 53 minutes ago, ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ said:

    Anyone facing this issue

    "could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription"

    It's the new system update causing that issue both on PS4 & PS5.

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