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  1. Resellers across Mumbai are having PS5 training session this week. Maybe PS5 launch is not far away now.
  2. UPDATE as of 11/26/2020 @ 3:53PM: It turns out that the banned is not triggered by activating the PS Plus Collection but rather from a defense mechanism of the PlayStation Network that protects the console and the account from being hacked or abused. Nmia 尼未亞 says “When there is more than 50 different accounts logged in to a console, and makes purchases from PS store of other region, the system will detect and determine it as being hacked. The account will be banned for 2 months, while the console will be permanently banned. Currently it is being negotiated at the customer service if there is any turnaround to the situation, but joint purchasing is indeed violating the rules and regulations, and the mechanism existed to protect the hacked account from being further abused.” I think it’s nothing to worry about.
  3. Sony banning PS5 owners for exploiting ps plus collection.
  4. Postcards, Map, Stickers, Digital goodies & Tshirt. Tshirt is available only if you order it by Nov 27.
  5. You will get the GOG code along with physical items.
  6. Most of them must be pursuing their studies or working abroad.
  7. He's not been sacked. He will be back once fans are allowed back into the stadium.
  8. Considering the covid situation, grey option also looks unlikely. Plus expect to pay premium if it's available via grey.
  9. After reading the article it's looking likely it will launch here in January. The same way how PS4 was launched in January 2014.
  10. I am not going to pick it up at launch. Will wait for next year’s Big Billion Day Sale. Also would like to see the hardware reliability for the initial first year. I picked up the launch PS4 console when it launched in India and had to get it replaced twice due to disc eject issue which many of the launch edition console faced. Once I got the replacement free as it was in Warranty and the other time I had to pay 50% off the Mrp. So I am definitely going to wait this time.
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